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  Mar / 19 / 2017  

Generic Allegra Overview for Users


Allegra is the brand name for the active ingredient Fexofenadine, an antihistamine.  It was first made to replace the antihistamine Terfenadine which was shown to have potentially-hazardous side effects.  Because Allegra doesn’t pass through the brain-blood barrier, it does not give the sedating side effects associated with most allergy drugs.  When Allegra was approved by the FDA in 2006, it was so effective in treating allergies that it became a huge-selling allergy drug worldwide.  In 2011, the allergy drug was approved for OTC sales which means you can now purchase Allegra without a prescription.  Through internet pharmacies, you can order Allegra online including cheap generic Allegra.

How to take Allegra

Each time you order Allegra online, make sure you read the instructions on how to take this medicine.  The dosage of Allegra will vary depending on your age and the form of the medicine you are taking.  Typically, cheap generic Allegra tablets are taken in strengths of 60 mg twice per day OR 180 mg once per day. Elderly patients should usually start taking Allegra in dosages of 60 mg taken once per day. If there are no serious side effects and further allergy treatment is needed, then the dosage may be increased to the usual adult dosage.  Allegra should not be taken by children less than 12 years old without first speaking to an allergy specialist.

What Does Allegra Look Like?

You can find cheap generic Allegra from various manufacturers. Thus, this medicine can look differently each time you order it. There are also many forms of Allegra: oral suspension, tablets, dissolving tablets, and formulations with decongestions.  Every time you order Allegra online, make sure you are ordering the right form and dosage that you need.

What are the Side Effects of Allegra?

Allegra does not usually cause drowsiness as a side effect. However, some users may still become drowsy while taking Allegra so do not perform any hazardous activities, like driving, until you know how the medicine will affect you. Common side effects from generic Allegra are headaches, dyspepsia, dizzy spells, feeling nervous, and unusual dreams. If you have any unusual or worrisome side effects while taking generic Allegra, you should consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Is there a difference between Allegra and Generic Allegra?

It is possible to find cheap generic Allegra at a much lesser cost than brand-name Allegra.  Because of this, many people think that there is a difference between the allergy drugs.  Really, both Allegra and generic Allegra contain the exact same active ingredient and are equally effective.  In fact, the cheap generic Allegra forms must undergo FDA testing in order to prove it is the biochemical equivalent to brand-name Allegra.  Because generic allergy drugs are made by other companies though and do not so much money on advertising, they are usually much cheaper.  You can purchase generic Allegra online for considerable savings.

Do You Need a Prescription for Allegra?

In the past, you needed a prescription from your doctor in order to get Allegra.  However, because the FDA in 2011 relaxed the regulations on Allegra, you can now get Allegra without a prescription.  Brand-name Allegra can be found in pharmacies without a prescription and you can purchase Allegra in cheap generic form online.

Who Should Not take Allegra?

Do not take Allegra if you are under the age of 12, have severe kidney problems, or liver problems without first consulting your doctor.  It may also not be safe to take Allegra if you are using certain medications.  Always tell your pharmacist or doctor what other medications/drugs you are using before you take Allegra.  Do not take an antacid within a few hours of taking your dosage of Allegra because it can interfere with the way that the medicine is absorbed.

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