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  Mar / 01 / 2017  

Armod pills from lifelong disease

  Armod pills from lifelong disease Armod pills from lifelong disease  

Not all people know that overload may lead to unpredictable and definitely negative changes in their organism.  We care about paying our bills, meeting our needs, buying a new fancy car and visiting some beautiful country on vacations. And because of all this wishes we work day and night to be able to pay for them.

Unfortunately, we often forget to take care about our organism, warning it out every single day. Such attitude cannot lead to any positive consequences. This is one of many reasons (and probably the most common) why people suffer from different kinds of sleep, mood and health disorders. 

Give me time to sleep

Usually, most of us can report that we feel quite sleepy at the daytime. It may be caused by multiple factors of our lifestyle or health state. Of course, if you have had a party last night and today you find it almost impossible to concentrate on your work, it is pretty understandable. It may even last for two or three days before you completely turn back to a normal state. But there are individuals that feel sleepy day by day for month and years.

It is not a tale, it is a problem called narcolepsy.  Narcolepsy is a lifelong disease. If someone suffers from it, he must always take certain drugs that alert consciousness and help mental processes to stay awake; otherwise the patient will not be able to work, study or live a social life at all. Many narcoleptics take Generic Armod as an effective supplement for their brain functioning.

Without such stimulators it may be dangerous to go out of the house. Imagine a person who has narcolepsy and drives a car. His focusing is very low; his consciousness is in a sleepy state and he may suddenly fall asleep. Is it a safe driver? Of course not! That is the reason why you should visit a doctor if you find any symptoms of narcolepsy in your daily life. 

Narcolepsy Overview

Scientists say that one in 2,000 people suffer from some form of this destructive disease. Most of them even don’t suspect it. They just feel extremely tired and find all possible events that could cause this exhaustion. For sure, this is a bothering lifestyle to feel sleepy all the time, but there are even worse consequences of narcolepsy. Sometimes even taking just Generic Armodafinil 150 gm is not enough.

The certain processes in brain refuse functioning in appropriate way and this leads to sleep disorders. Having rest at night, you do not understand why you still get up already tired. It happens because your night sleep is not deep enough to provide sufficient rest for your organism and brain in particular. If no being treated carefully, narcolepsy may cause a sudden sleep attacks and a person’s consciousness just turns off for a while. If such person has a job with excessive level of responsibility, it may become a threat to people around. 

Two types

The exact reasons of narcolepsy’s appearance are not studied yet. Scientists can only say that it is connected with a low level of the chemical that regulates awakening processes in brain and is called the neurotransmitter hypocretin. There are two types of narcolepsy. One of them includes narcolepsy and cataplexy and is known as narcolepsy with cataplexy type. We understand now what is the first thing.

The second part is a disorder that lead to sudden loss of muscle tone. One minute you feel normal and the second one you cannot talk, walk or even stand properly. Cataplexy symptoms are: buckling knees, impaired speech and sometimes even complete paralysis. It usually appears when outliving strong emotions such as anger, happiness or fright.

Now you know that this is not just a casual sleepiness.  Second type is narcolepsy without cataplexy. As you correctly think this is a feeling of constant tiredness but without cataplexy’s symptoms. In this case people may fall asleep for a couple of hours, wake up feeling refreshed and energetic, but after a short period of time the feeling of exhaustion turns back again.  

Common symptoms 

Not all people that have excessive sleepiness during the day necessary have narcolepsy. To distinguish different types of awakening disorders you must spend a lot of time studying each. It is much better to visit a professional neurologist or physiologist and let him diagnose your state. If you feel just slight tiredness in the daytime you should buy Generic Armodafinil 150 mg and use it before going to work or studying. Look at next narcolepsy symptoms and see if you need more profound treatment.

1. Excessive sleepiness during the day. This is a primary sign of narcolepsy. As it was already said above, people do not feel energetic even after having a whole night rest. They may wake up as normal, but after some time they become extremely tired and lose their concentration. Sometimes they may have problems with remembering or recalling information.
2. Sleep paralysis. People with narcolepsy may lose their ability to move when falling asleep or waking up. They just lay motionless for some time – few seconds or minutes. This is one of the most frightening symptoms of this specific sleep disorder.
3. Hallucinations. At sleep onset narcoleptics may have vivid hallucinations. In most cases they are connected with visions of someone’s presents in the room. Rarely hallucinations include sounds and smells. Just few people experience hallucinations having narcolepsy.
4. Memory loss. Because of lack of proper rest our mind may cease to function efficiently. It includes not just concentration deprivation but also memory laps. When narcoleptic needs to recall something or is being asked questions he may find it impossible to answer. It is hard to remember information as well.  
5. Cataplexy. This symptom is found only in the first type of narcolepsy that we have already discussed. Just to remind you, cataplexy is a sudden rigidity of muscles that affects movement and speech. 

People with sleep disorders suffer from ineffective social life. If your consciousness isn’t functioning correctly because of excessive tiredness and sleepiness you may need Generic Armod to wake you up. If stimulators don’t help anymore hurry up and visit a doctor.

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