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  Mar / 03 / 2017  

Be effective with generics

  Be effective with generics Be effective with generics  

General Information

Generic Armodafinil 150 mg is a legal version of a brand name product called Nuvigil. It has all possible features of the original, such as active ingredient, dosage, safety, strength, usage instructions, and manufacturing conditions. Thus, the production is under constant serious control of a government. Generic medicine can be available for users only after the brand name’s license is expired. It may sometimes take up to twenty years to get the permission for its production. Because of this, such drug is not only safe, but cheaper as well.

Food and Drug Administration has approved Generic replica of Nuvigil.  This pharmaceutical product has an active ingredient Armodafinil that has a positive impact on special nerve cells situated in the brain. Being affected these cells promote mental functioning allowing people think faster, concentrate easier, and be effective in their activity. The usual daily dosage is one pill in the morning or one hour before going to work or college. 

The time of using must be the same each day. If you have missed taking a pill, do not double next portion at any rate. Ask your doctor to determine the duration of treatment. Do not stop using it without telling your health consultant.  The described drug is available in pills of 150 mg each. This is an oral preparation and has to be used by mouth only. Each box contains the precise instruction.

Every patient should read it carefully before taking the drug and precisely keep all recommendations. It is highly recommended to visit a doctor for personal dosage identification and prescription. If you buy this stimulator online, make sure that the drug-store is reliable and doesn’t sell fake products. 

Diseases Treated

This is a smart drug and its action spreads to all disorders that have something to do with mental abilities and the brain. Mostly, it is used to treat sleep and awakening problems and also states of consciousness connected to insomnia or night shift work. This is a long list that contains narcolepsy, sleep apnea, depression, night shift work disorder, excessive sleepiness, bipolar disorder, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, and many others. For some of them this preparation is a primary supplement; for others – a secondary one that decreases some vivid symptoms. 

Customer’s Feedback

Millions of people around the world have some kind of sleep and awakening disorder. Still, they have to go to work every day. This fact persuades them to buy brain stimulators that will help them be effective. Generic Artvigil has many users and thousands of positive comments online. Usually, the following categories of people use this preparation: night shift workers, narcoleptics, housewives and people with the excessive sleepiness. Most of them report positive changes in their lives after taking pills.

They say that they have enough energy to accomplish their daily chores and working and studying issues.  Sometimes unpleasant symptoms may appear while the organism is getting used to the preparation. Usually, they vanish in a week.  Some patients divide a daily dose of one pill into two halves, taking them in the morning and at noon. But you should not take it as recommendation. Your organism may react in unexpected way with hair loss, allergy, or some other problems. 

Possible side effects

Generic Armodafinil 150 mg has next possible negative side effects: headache, dizziness, loss of appetite, nausea, diarrhea, and heartburn. Although, listed in the instruction, they rarely appear. It depends on your health state and personal reception of the preparation. Sometimes these symptoms are almost unnoticeable. When taken improperly, this powerful stimulator may cause next serious side effects: swelling of eyes, lips, tongue, or other parts of body, chest pain, depression, and extreme anxiety. If you detect few of them in your life, visit the doctor immediately. 


Keep Generic Artvigil in its original box in a dry cool place out of reach of children. If you have some leftovers do not put them into the garbage; think about pets or children that may get an access to the pills eat them and get harmed. There are useful medical take-back programs that allow customers get rid of unneeded preparations in a proper way. You can find all information on the official website of the FDA.  Before buying this drug, tell your doctor if you have next health issues:
- allergenic reaction to any medicine;
- using alcohol in big amounts;
- taking any other pharmaceutical product at the moment (the smart drug may be not connectable with this particular medicine);
- pregnancy, breast-feeding, or planning to get pregnant;
- Cardio-vascular diseases.

Remember that you are responsible for your own health and for your family’s health. Do not let anyone, child or adult, to use your preparation.
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