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  Feb / 26 / 2017  

Generic Armod: Experience of Application

  Generic Armod: Experience of Application Generic Armod: Experience of Application  

Generic Armod 150 mg is positioned as preparation to treat narcolepsy and sleepiness. It is also used for ADHD syndrome and stimulation cognitive functions. According to the latest researches, Generic Armodafinil 150 mg is also effective to treat depressive, bipolar, worried disorders. In short, Armodafinil main prediction is treating narcolepsy. Nevertheless, just 2% of users take stimulants medically. The rest 98% prefer using medications off-label.

Acting Mechanism of Armodafinil

The acting mechanism of the preparation is still in work. This is a usual thing for stimulants. It was thought that Generic Armod and relative components deal with many different neutrally mediated systems: adrenergic, serotonergic, glutamatergic and others. It is great as the preparation is out of addiction. It is not the reason of euphoria, hallucinations and other unavailable cooperative effects. Antidepressant characteristics are strongly pronounced.

Armodafinil and Modafinil: What is the Difference?

Chemically, Modafinil is a unique combination of R-Modafinil and S-Modafinil. In short, they are molecules similar by their content but different by configuration. So, they act in different way like left and right hand. As it was found out, R-Modafinil has strong pharmacology effect. S- variant mostly does nothing. So, Armodafinil is R- stereoisomer of Modafinil. It is more effective and 2-3 times stronger. The effect is long and stable.

As a matter of fact, Armodafinil is not just a useless generic from Modafinil that makes you pay more money. This is a new preparation, completely different from the previous unideal form.

Clinical Experience

Do you believe that Generic Armod 150 mg is more powerful and effective than older brother? Armodafinil is usually produced in the dose of 150 mg. Modafinil is sold in the dose of 200 mg. This is not the only one difference between them. Do you remember caffeine?

The results of many different researches approved that Armodafinil is more effective and safe than other natural and medical stimulants. These two preparations were effective to any extent. Nevertheless, caffeine needed heavy dose to reach the best result. This is old but not effective method for today. If you are afraid of such possible side effects as headache, sickness and high pressure, it is better to use safe stimulants of new generation. Remember that nothing can help you, but right dose and systematic treatment. Make treatment pauses and sleep well.

Under Your Control

It does not matter whether you are going to take stimulants off-label or under the doctor’s control. You need reading instruction in one or another way. You should be maximally correct. Speaking about Generic Armodafinil 150 mg, the instructions must be followed clearly and intelligibly. At first, define why and what term you are going to take stimulants.

What concrete task do you have? Do you need to work actively for a month? Do you need to work for weekend? It can happen that you need to make a good successful career to work 16 hours per day. The choice is always yours. Taking preparations uncontrolled for a long time, you put your health at big risk. Think of structured treatment. You can take Generic Armodafinil 150 mg for 2-4 months and take a break for the next month. There is nothing better than structured treatment.

It is really necessary to take some rest from stimulants, nootropics and other brain boosters. Of course, it can happen that you need to take stimulants much longer that it is allowed. You may choose other medications of weak effectiveness like caffeine. Of course, this variant is not a meaningful replacement of traditional Armodafinil and relative medications. Thus, you have to do in different way: 2-3 days of taking medications and 3-4 days for rest.

This plan also works. Have you ever thought of big doses? Of course, the most of patients think that they have to take big dose if they want to reach immediate stimulant effect. For example, you decided to take 300 mg of Armodafinil per day. If you need more preparation to get desired effect, you have is right time to stop and ask for help. So, try to reduce dose or push stop button.

Stop Stimulants Attack

How do you feel without stimulants? Do you think it is too slowly and uncomfortable? Of course, you are used to feel energetic, highly workable, motivated with Armodafinil. Nevertheless, you have to stop. Modern stimulants are safe. They do not build up a tolerance. Nevertheless, the first three days without stimulants will be difficult for you psychical condition.

You may feel sleepiness, bad concentration and wrong motivation. Do not worry! Everything is going to be ok in two-three days. It takes a couple of days to restore. Never forget that pills are not the key to your success. They help but they do not do your job. Be wise and control yourself. To conclude, it is better to decide what problems you are going to solve with stimulants.

Think of different variants! There are many unique combinations that help to restore your nervous system without health problems. Pay attention to modern effective preparations. They work slight but purposeful. Forget about caffeine, Phenotropil and other out-of-date stimulants. It is better to avoid stresses and overloading in your professional life. Stimulants are also recommended to use with antidepressants to amplify their effect.

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