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  Mar / 10 / 2017  

Generic Artvigil For Defense

  Generic Artvigil For Defense Generic Artvigil For Defense  

Society rules, nervous way of life and work difficulties make people to live in stress. This is the key reason of many disorders and serious diseases that are not dangerous at first sight. Suffering from chronic sleepiness, you will never fell danger, will you? It is time to start learning problematic diseases one by one to find the highly effective treatment. As it was said, the best defense is offence!

Narcolepsy As It Is

What is narcolepsy? Narcolepsy is qualified by chronic pathological daytime sleepiness, often, all together with cataplexy syndrome, or atonia. Actually, narcolepsy is characterized with different symptoms and conditions. The brightest of them are: sleep paralysis, hypnopompic and hypnagogic hallucinations.

In short, the disease is diagnosed by means of polysomnography and other kinds of effective research equipment. As a rule, narcolepsy is prescribed to treat with Generic Armodafinil 150 mg and other stimulant medications, all together with antidepressants and vitamin therapy. Who knows the reason of narcolepsy? Nobody knows. This is the disease of men and women of different ages and health conditions.

Symptoms and Characteristics

The main symptoms are:

Pathologic daytime sleepiness
Cataplexy Hypnagogic and hypnopompic hallucinations
Night Paralysis.

More than 10% of patients notice the symptoms of disease altogether. Speaking about the disorders of night sleep, some patients suffer from hypersomnia (increased of sleep time). The symptoms arise for teenagers or young people without any preceding diseases. Nevertheless, narcolepsy can be the result of stress or sleep deprivation period. It is sad, but narcolepsy is life term disease.

Pathologic Daytime Sleepiness

PDS can enter your life suddenly, any time. The amount of attacks during the day can be different. They last from several minutes to several hours. You cannot manage the situation. The monotonous surrounding has also big influence over the daytime sleepiness: reading, watching TV, boring meeting.

Also, patients, who are in narcolepsy, can fall asleep in different surrounding, driving car, talking, writing, eating, or doing something important. Sleeping attacks are deep sleeping condition during the day. You can feel brave and active after your awakening. It is not a problem to fall asleep in few minutes. What a curious situation!  What is the result of sleepiness? The slight troubles are low workability and productiveness, weak concentration, bad motivation, depression, low life quality and big risks of getting traumas.


Muscle weakness and sleep paralysis are the result of emotional boost, like anger, fear or surprise. You can feel weakness separately for hands or legs or altogether. Cataplexy also make big influence on other body parts, like face muscles, eyes, faltering speech. Cataplexy is a disease for 3/4 of all patients. As you can see, the third part of all patients is in danger.

Sleep Paralysis

Patients loose ability to make any movements while they are sleeping or awaking. Of course, this condition lasts for several minutes. What do you feel? Of course, you are scared of your inability to move. The sleep paralysis is a trouble for 1/4 of all patients, including kids and adults.

Hypnagogic and Hypnopompic Hallucinations

The most realistic hallucinations, sound and speech illusion, you may feel in the period of falling asleep (hypnagogic), or in the period of awakening (hypnopompic). It looks like dreaming. Hypnagogic conditions are characterized for 1/3 of patients, including kids and adults of different age.

Medical Treatment

Generic Armodafinil 150 mg is widely recommended treatment for narcoleptic patients. They are combined with antidepressants and vitamin complexes. It is useful to know that episodic paralysis and light forms of PDS do not need special medical treatment. The rest of cases demand stimulant preparations. It is recommended to keep sleep hygiene and sleep timetable at night and during the day. Your day sleep lasts no more than 0 minutes every day. 

Generic Artvigil is the newest preparation, stimulant to prolong awakening. This preparation is very useful for PDS patients of different complicated levels. As a rule, Armodafinil is prescribed in the dose of 150–250 mg in the morning. If there is special need, the daily dose can be increased to 450 mg of preparation. If the preparation effect is not enough, you can take additional dose in 150 mg at noon.

Never forget about the potential risk of sleep disorders. It is not prescribed to take Generic Artvigil 150 mg at night. Of course, Armodafinil is strong preparation that causes unavailable effects, especially, if you take wrong dose. The most popular side effects from stimulants are sickness and headache. The preparation reduces the effectiveness of perioral contraceptives. There is also a possibility to have rash. Of course, having troubles and undesired after-effects, it is important to stop taking medications and start with the minimum dose.

Key Moments

Narcolepsy is difficult to diagnose. It can be reasoned by autoimmune disease, destroying of hypocretins containing neurons in the lateral part of hypothalamus. The most often symptoms of narcolepsy are pathologic daytime sleepiness (PDS), cataplexy, hypnogogic and hypnopompic hallucinations and sleep paralysis. They can happen one by one in the definite period of time, or altogether.

To put the right diagnosis it is recommended to use polysomnography. Armodafinil demonstrates high effectiveness to treat PDS and other narcoleptic syndromes. It is also used off-label to boost brain activity for healthy patients. The medication is mostly effective to correct different pathologic disorders as overweight, schizophrenia, sleep paralysis, depression, clinical depression, hallucinations, hyperactivity syndrome. Generic Artvigil is available to buy uncontrolled. You can buy it in one click and take control over your health.

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