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  Mar / 06 / 2017  

Generic Artvigil – safe alternative to coffee

  Generic Artvigil – safe alternative to coffee Generic Artvigil – safe alternative to coffee  

It’s not a secret to anyone that in order to live a full and active life we need to boost our energy. Only a few people are able to be productive, active, focused, and work at full capacity without boosting their wakefulness with coffee. Average American drinks 3.2 cups of coffee per day. But do you know how harmful coffee is?

There are many so-called studies that say coffee is good for metabolism and can even benefit in cancer treatment. In fact, all of the data are distorted. First of all, the coffee we drink isn’t pure. It undergoes different treatments before it hits your cup, and most of these treatments deprive the drink of its healthy properties leaving it a harmful substance that contributes to unhealthy excitation through the elevation of blood pressure. Frequent consumption of coffee is dangerous because it can contribute to the cardiovascular diseases development, gastritis, GERD, or even a stomach ulcer, increase of the stress hormones, and overall inflammation in the body that in a long-term can contribute to cancer development.

So what is the solution and what is a safe alternative to coffee? You can buy Generic Artvigil online and become much more energetic and productive without damaging your body with caffeine.

What is Generic Artvigil?

Generic Artvigil is a collective name for all medications that have the same composition as the brand-name medication known in the U.S. as Nuvigil. The active substance on which the medications are based is called Armodafinil. It was developed by the French pharmaceutical company Cephalon Inc in the early 2000s and approved for the use in the U.S. in 2007.  Generic medications were started to be manufactured a bit later when the exclusive patent of the developer expired. Since then, a number of pharmaceutical companies from around the world have been able to use the formula and register their trademarks for the medication. They cannot use the name registered by the developer as it would violate the copyright. The terms Generic Artvigil, Generic Artvigil, Generic Nuvigil, and Generic Armodafinil are used by online pharmacies and pharmacists to facilitate the search of customers who wish to buy the Armodafinil-based wakefulness-promoting drug at a low price.

Therefore, when you buy Generic Artvigil online you buy the medication based on Armodafinil. The substance inhibits dopamine reuptake and contributes to the increase in extracellular dopamine levels. This is the main mechanism through which the medication offers a wakefulness-promoting and cognitive function enhancing effects. This effect lasts for 12 hours after a standard daily dosage intake and does not cause any long-term changes in the body. The medication is even approved for a life-long use in patients who cannot stay awake during the day because of narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder, and obstructive sleep apnea. In some countries, the drug is used off-label, i.e. for the purposes not indicated in the medication instruction. Such uses include sleepiness because of insufficient night sleep, cognitive function enhancement in increased workload, to improve vigilance in air traffic officers, and so on.

Why is Generic Artvigil safer than coffee?

Unlike caffeine, the medication doesn’t elevate the blood pressure, irritate the stomach, and increase the level of stress hormones. It also doesn’t cause dependency and withdrawal syndrome which is common for coffee and manifests in headaches, tiredness, tremor, anxiety, and so on.

One pill of Generic Artvigil is sufficient to stay fully awake, alerted, focused, and even motivated from 10 to 12 hours while with coffee you would need to have at least 3 cups a day for similar but even smaller effect.

What is the best way to buy Generic Artvigil?

People who have a prescription for a drug can buy it at any drugstore in the U.S. Nevertheless, even they prefer to buy Generic Artvigil online for several reasons. First of all, they don’t need to get an appointment at their doctors every time they need a refill. Secondly, they can buy the drug much cheaper from a foreign online pharmacy such as ours that is able to cut the operation costs and set lower prices than the U.S. drugstores.

For people who want to purchase the drug and use it for off-label uses, online pharmacies are the only solution because in America the drug is sold with a prescription only despite the fact that it is harmless. You don’t need to worry that you may break the law ordering the drug online. Technically, you buy it in the country where it is an over-the-counter drug. Millions of Americans order prescription medications daily and none of them is charged with illegal drug import or possession. You can check the reviews left by our thankful customers who got their drugs on time by mail without any trouble.

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