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Medical Articles  
  Jan / 19 / 2017  

Generic Avapro against hypertension

  Generic Avapro against hypertension Generic Avapro against hypertension  

The amount of people, suffering from hypertension (who doesn’t know, it’s a high blood pressure), is thought to be approximately 1,5 billion by 2025. In fact, in the USA, about 80 million people are diagnosed with hypertension.

Interesting facts about hypertension
1. During hypertension the blood pressure’s usually higher than 140/90 mmHg.
2. The diagnosis of hypertension could be made if at least one reading’s high: systolic, which is given first, (the pressure, while the heart’s pumping blood around patient’s body); or diastolic, which is given second, (the pressure, while the heart’s relaxing and refilling with blood).
3. Contemporary lifestyle factors are usually responsible for the growing burden of this disease: salt-rich diets, tobacco & alcohol use, fatty foods, physical inactivity.
4. This illness may also be secondary because of other conditions: it may be the kidney disease, for instance - and may be associated with any medical products.
5. Hypertension doesn’t cause any symptoms but in lingering period may lead to some complications, which are caused by the narrowing of patient’s blood vessels.
6. Pharmacists diagnose this illness over the number of visits by means of sphygmomanometer that involves applying the inflatable cuff to an upper arm.
7. One or more medical products from the number of different medical classes can be used for the treating.
8. Lifestyle measures are often used at first for treating this disease. They include stress reduction, salt restriction, moderation of alcohol, some dietary changes.

Causes of hypertension

As intense exercise, acute stress, and some other factors may briefly cause abnormal blood pressure in those people, whose blood pressure’s absolutely normal, the diagnosis of this illness requires many readings showing the hypertension over the time.  Having hypertension for a short period of time is completely normal physiological reaction to many outside situations. 

Anybody, who gets such kind of reading, while testing their blood pressure, must wait a few minutes and then repeat the test again. If patient’s reading remains at the same level or even increases, he should look for emergency medical treating (call the ambulance or ask somebody to drive him to the nearest hospital immediately).

Blood pressure’s varying during the day: it’s lowering while sleeping and rising while awakening. In fact, it often increases in response to the physical activity, excitement, and anxiety. Blood pressure rises steadily with the age, because arteries become narrower & stiffer because of plaque build-up.

Heart & vascular illnesses contribute to increasing blood pressure among older adults, so the high systolic reading’s the main risk factor for the cardiovascular disease among adults older 50 y.o. 

Certain illnesses and medical products may cause hypertension, and below there is a list of common risk factors, which provoke hypertension:
- size – obesity is dangerous for people; it may provoke hypertension and some cardiovascular conditions;
- age – as people are getting older, they’re at much greater risk of hypertension. The prevalence of hypertension’s higher in people older 60 y.o.;
- sex – females & males have different risk levels. The lifetime risk’s the same for all, but men are proved to be more prone to high blood pressure at the younger age, while women have much higher hypertension rate at the older ages;
- race – the American & African adults are at much greater risk than Hispanic American & white adults;
- lifestyle - physical inactivity, excessive alcohol, great intake of salt, low dietary potassium lead to the increased hypertension risk.
Other risk factors may include patient’s family history of this illness, and poorly managed chronic stress.

Medical Treating

There are a great number of medical products, treating hypertension. The most widespread & effective product is thought to be Generic Avapro (also known as Generic Irbesartan). 

What is Generic Avapro?

Generic Irbesartan belongs to the group of medical products called angiotensin II the receptor antagonists. It “protects” blood vessels from the narrowing, which lowers patient’s blood pressure and also improves his blood flow. Generic Avapro’s used for treating hypertension. It’s often taken simultaneously with other medications for reducing blood pressure.

How should patient take Generic Irbesartan?

Patient must take this medicine exactly as it’s prescribed by patient’s pharmacist. He must follow all the directions on his prescription label. Patient’s pharmacist can occasionally change his dose in order to make sure he gets the best results. It’s forbidden to take this medical product in smaller/larger doses or longer than it’s prescribed.

This medicine is taken without/with food. Patient’s blood pressure should be checked often. In fact, if patient’s being treated from hypertension, he must keep using this product even if he feels well. Hypertension often hasn’t any symptoms. Patients may need to take such products during all his life. Product must be stored at the room temperature, far away from heat & moisture.

Dosing information

Below patient may familiarize with this product’s dosing information. 

The Usual Adult Dose in Treating Hypertension:
The initial dose: average 150 mg orally 1 time per day without/with food.
The maintenance dose: average from 150 mg to 300 mg 1 time per day orally.

The Usual Pediatric Dose in Treating Hypertension:
For patients at the age of 6-12 y.o.: The initial dose: average 75 mg 1 time per day. The maintenance dose: average from 75 to 150 mg 1 time per day.
For patients at the age of 13-18 y.o.: The initial dose: average 150 mg 1 time per day. The maintenance dose: average from 150 mg to 300 mg 1 time per day.

Buying Generic Irbesartan

Nowadays the cheapest and quickest way to buy Generic Avapro is to purchase it online by means of online medstores. Ordering Generic Avapro there will save patient’s time & money.



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