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Medical Articles  
  Jan / 26 / 2017  

Generic Modalert - Content of a Proposition

  Generic Modalert - Content of a Proposition Generic Modalert - Content of a Proposition  

Generic Modalert is prescription medicine for patients, suffering from narcolepsy. It helps people to concentrate, improving memory and cognitive functions. This drug takes the honorable position in the line of nootropic preparations. It is also used to treat ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), for improving perception by way of stimulating brain neurotransmitters.

Pharmacological Group

Generic Modalert belongs to stimulants, psycho stimulants, nootropics. Pharmacological action: correction of narcolepsy, sleep apnea and other sleep problems. The preparation is also popular as Provigil, Modafinil, Modapro, Alertec and other generics.


The dosage is 100-200 mg or 4 mg for every mass kilogram. The preparation is taken in case of targeted sleep disorders or after sleep to feel brave and active at night. To correct clinical processes of daytime sleepiness caused by narcolepsy or obstructive apnea the recommended dosages are 200-400 mg per day. The dose can be divided into two parts - in the morning and noon. If it is needed to increase workability and physical abilities, it is prescribed to take 100-400 mg. The preparation is usually takes 2-3 hours before sport competitions. If you are afraid of side effects, they mostly depend on wrong dosage.

Memory and Intellectual Processes

It was founded that memory and cognitive functions of healthy patients can be increased by taking 100-200 mg of Generic Modalert. It is also said about visual-spatial planning and response time. The short term memory and information processing are increased after taking of 200 mg of Modalert. Patients, who suffer from cognitive disorders, are prescribed to take about 400 mg of the preparation, divided into 3 days. There is no effect by one-time taking of 200 mg of the preparations.


Actually, researchers say that appetite disorders are usual thing that can happen for 16% of patients. This side effect can be the main reason of losing weight during the therapy period.


This kind of medication cannot activate the neuronal metabolic mechanisms that are typical for drug addiction processes. So, preparation has low addiction barrier comparing with other nootropics. Modalert and generics can help to weaken withdrawal symptoms for alcoholics, gamers and meth addicted patients. Nootropics work for improving cognitive functions without visible addicting symptoms.

Side Effects

All possible side effects are tightly connected with the process of stimulation of the central nervous system. They are nervousness, sleepless condition, shiver, impulse, gastrointestinal problems such as sickness, vomit, stomach-ache, anorexia and headache. The occasions of hypertension, hart rhythm disorders, allergic reaction, random actions disorders are possible to happen in case of wrong dosage.

Modalert as Cognitive Stimulant

Smart drugs can be the problem of a modern society. There is no concrete medical reaction for this problematic situation. Before making the conclusion it is better to find out the working mechanism of nootropic preparations and reasons to order Generic Modalert. There are many facts, proving that stimulant preparations are effective and safe to keep the right dosage. This medication is effectively used to stimulate cognitive functions. It increases people’s ability to plan, take decisions, learn and be creative. These functions are in great demand in the modern business society.

It is known that stimulants are safe for healthy patients from the medical point of view. You can take stimulants for different reasons according to medical prescriptions. You know, there is nothing better than controlled medicines. Finally, Generic Modalert was approved as the first smart drug in the world that is safe. Never forget that it is not just a good stimulant, but biologically active supplement that cannot be used uncontrolled. 200 mg is enough to be awaked the whole night. 

Modalert as Narcolepsy Remedy

Narcolepsy is central nervous system disorder that is characterized by serious sleep disorders. As a rule, narcolepsy is characterized with serious sleep disorders. They have 4 main characteristics:

Daytime sleepiness and sudden sleepiness episodes;
Cataplexy (asthenia episodes);
Sleep paralysis;
Hypnagogic and hypnopompic hallucinations.

Narcolepsy rate is 5-7 for 10 000 people. Usually, narcolepsy is a typical disease for 20-50 aged patients, mostly for men. The inherited characteristics are possible.

Treatment Course

It is sad, but narcolepsy cannot be treated. Nevertheless, correct therapy can improve the quality of life of ill patients. Medication therapy consists in taking stimulant preparations. They are able to increase daytime sleepiness combined with special preparations to remove catalepsy symptoms and prevent decubitus paralysis. These medications must be taken by doctor’s prescription and control.

Sleep hygiene is very important. The patients are recommended to sleep at night and 1-3 times during the day for 30-60 minutes. The main problem for patients suffered from narcolepsy is choosing the right profession. It must be far from dangerous mechanisms and reagents. It must be also free from the hard tiredness and high concentration. The right dosage of stimulants corrects the progress of a disease for better. 

Modalert as ADHD Remedy

ADHD disease is happening in different way for different patients. Nevertheless, everyone has typical symptoms, such as inattention, hyperactivity and impulsiveness.


Inattention is characterized by difficulties to concentrate on one subject. It is difficult for people to carry out one or another action for long. It is also difficult to concentrate on something special. Patients, especially young patients are restless. They are difficult to gain tasks. This is a typical situation to start many actions, tasks and be inable to finish at least one of them.


Patients cannot stay calm and inactive. They must be always in motion, speak to someone and think aloud. These symptoms are easy to find out. People used waving legs, knock with the pen and walk around the room here and there. They are always impulsive and concentrated about something.


Sometimes, it looks like people, especially kids, do not used to think before giving an answer. They answer the first thing that comes to mind. It is a usual thing for them to make remark on something or cross the road without looking left and right. ADHD is accompanied with depression, anxiety, disorganization of behavior.

ADHD Correction Therapy

To make correction therapy effective, it is important to expend common efforts: doctors, relatives and friends. Speaking about kids, one of many different treating methods is Davis’ method. This is the case, when therapy is not aimed to suppress the learning style of a personality, unusual abilities. The patients are taught to learn the focus mechanism.

This is a great chance to develop skills and personal abilities. Of course, the base of ADHD correction is medical preparations. They are stimulants. Generic Modalert and other Modafinil contained stimulants are new safe medications that are predicted reduce hyperactivity symptoms. Nevertheless, it is not about uncontrolled usage of medications. The doctor’s consultation is recommended. The dosage is individual, recommended according to patient’s condition, side effects, individual features.

Ordering Form

It is not difficult to buy Generic Modalert and use it to correct one or another problem. The sales rate of this drug is about $700 million all over the world. There is a theory that the biggest part of sales are made for work and leisure, not for treatment facilities. So-called smart drugs are not difficult to order online. Nevertheless, they have different legal statuses in different countries.

For example, you can buy Modalert without prescription in Great Britain, USA and others. This is not a problem for people who have clinical indications to order stimulants legally. Anyway, having sleeping or cognitive problems, stress, depression, caused by manager’s work or serious problem with work or health, you have right to ask for medical assistance. Go easy on stimulants to avoid side effects and addiction. The line of safe preparations continues its growing and development in number and useful qualities. Choose one of them.

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