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Medical Articles  
  Feb / 25 / 2017  

Generic Modalert helps to treat Alzheimers disease

  Generic Modalert helps to treat Alzheimers disease Generic Modalert helps to treat Alzheimers disease  

Everyone has heard about the Alzheimer's disease. Actually, in general we know that is affects old people and has something to do with memory. Unfortunately it is a way more serious than that. It would be a good idea to be familiar with this illness, its symptoms, appropriate treatment, and ways to avoid it in one’s life. 

General Information

Alzheimer's disease belongs to sicknesses that progress with time and works as a wrecking ball for people’s mental functioning. This disorder is one of the most common kinds of dementia. Alois Alzheimer was the one who first recognized the symptoms of this particular illness and described them. Statistics states that there are about 44 million patients in the world who live with the Alzheimer's disease; as for the United States this number is 5.3 million.

One third of people in America suffer from this sickness. According to scientific prognosis in 2050 there will be 16 million Alzheimer’s patients. This is information for thinking. Everyone may be in danger. Maybe after reading this you will change some of your day-to-day habits and start living an active way of life to prevent falling into such type of dementia.  

The Alzheimer's disease affects certain brain cells; they degenerate and parish. Lack of these cells leads to memory decline and other important mental functions’ deprivations. This is a destructive form of dementia because it badly affects patients’ lives. They find it difficult and sometimes impossible to recognize usual things and even their relatives and friends. It is a high risk to let such people go out alone.

They may get lost forgetting their name, address and other personal information. Eventually, you may even find that their personality itself has been changed. To improve mental abilities of such patients, doctors sometimes prescribe preparations that stimulate brain activity such as Generic Modafinil 200 mg. This medicine helps them maintain independence for a little bit longer. It is not an easy problem at all. Over 40% of caretakers report that they live in a constant high level of distress.

Causes and Risk Factors

The Alzheimer’s disease changes human’s brain. Lack of healthy cells in it leads to tangles and plaques forming. Tangles are twisted fibers that block ways for nutrients to travel from cell to cell. Plaques are sticky clumps of proteins that do not break down as usual but build up between nerve cells.

These two phenomena damage the brain, affecting all mental processes in it. Patients with the Alzheimer’s disorder even end up with a reduced size of this organ. Defected nerve cells decrease the amount of neurotransmitters that serve as messengers between nerves.  It also affects a person’s movement.

On early stages taking Generic Modalert positively alerts processes in Central Nervous System helping patients maintain without help for a while.  Although scientist haven’t studied the process of the Alzheimer’s appearance but they know some main factors that may lead to this illness. All people must be familiar with them to be able to avoid getting sick. By now the disease is being linked with next factors: 

1. Age. In most cases people after age 65 immediately go to the risk group.  
2. Gender. It was noticed that women are in greater danger to become affected by the Alzheimer’s than men.
3. Genetics. People whose parents or siblings suffer from such disorder belong to the risk group. It is not necessary that they will end up with dementia; it means that they are endangered.  
4. Head injury. Scientists report connection between major head injuries in accidents with later dementia, including the Alzheimer’s disease.
5. Other. Among other risk factors we find high blood pressure, high cholesterol level and even Down syndrome. 

Possible Treatment

Scientists keep doing researches on the Alzheimer’s disease curing. Unfortunately, there is no way to completely withdraw this illness from the patient’s life but there are methods (medical and non-medical) to reduce the activity of its symptoms. The treatment includes many different methods. 

Pharmaceutical products. Modern preparations may effectively increase memory and cognitive abilities on the temporary bases. It may seem unimportant for healthy people, but those who struggle with dementia of their relatives will definitely appreciate such help. One of the most efficient supplements for the Alzheimer’s is Generic Modafinil 200 mg a smart drug for memory improvement. It is also called Generic Modalert. There are some other drugs that the doctor may prescribe, and all of them will work together for the benefit of the patient. 

Supportive surrounding. It is significant to take care about people with the Alzheimer’s disease. It includes creating a comfortable atmosphere and environment at their place that will make moving around and finding necessary things easier. It is also needed to be understanding and patient. Prepare to repeat the same information over and over and help your relative with the simple tasks that even kids can perform. Try to take the patient for a walk every day, spend some time with him or her and show them benevolence. Extra stress may make symptoms even worse. 

Exercises. This is a vital part of the Alzheimer’s therapy. Patients must walk (only being accompanied), lift hands and legs, and do simple exercises every day. Activity improves mood, strengthens heart, muscles and joints. It also makes people sleep better that in its turn provides enough rest for the brain.  You may also consider massage as one of possible ways to increase blood stream to inner organs of the person with the Alzheimer’s disease.  

Proper nutrition. Those who suffer from dementia usually can no longer provide themselves with food. Sometimes they are not able to prepare meals and sometimes they just forget about eating. Caretakers must provide them with a constant care and control. Be sure that your elative has a proper diet that includes protein powders, fruits, vegetables, enough drink, and vitamins. 

The Alzheimer’s disease is a difficult trial for both sick and his family. There are several organizations that help people live with this problem. If you come close to the age of the risk group you should improve your health to prevent the development of the dementia.

First of all, do exercises at least 150 minutes per week. Stay in touch with people around you. Communication is a good way to avoid Alzheimer’s. If you find it difficult to memorize information consider using Generic Modalert for a while; it will improve your mental abilities. Include omega-3 products into your diet. And find yourself an interesting hobby that will help you stay mentally and physically healthy.

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