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Medical Articles  
  Feb / 24 / 2017  

Generic Waklert treats narcolepsy fast

  Generic Waklert treats narcolepsy fast Generic Waklert treats narcolepsy fast  

In modern time of increased stress and enormous tension, more and more people suffer from different types of physical and mental disorders that appear because of our rapid way of life. Most common of them are insomnia (inability to fall asleep) and the opposite one – narcolepsy – inability to stay awake. These two problems may be very much connected, making organism’s functioning problematic.

 According to the statistics, above 50% (!) of inhabitants of the world have sleep disorders and about 15% suffer from insomnia. This is an enormous number that makes sleep deprivation a global issue necessary to deal with.  Although narcolepsy is not that wide-spread, it still remains a big problem for medicine and its specialists. Scientists work diligently, trying to find proper ways for its solving.

One of the most vivid developments in this area is Generic Armodafinil that has also another name – Generic Waklert – an efficient medicine that eliminates sleepiness and helps alerting mental functions of the organism. Such effective tool is able to completely change the quality of one’s life, returning it to its normal way of functioning.  But what is narcolepsy, how can it be detected and what are the main tendencies in its treatment? Let’s try to make it all clearer and maybe someone will realize that this is the problem he struggles with. 


Narcolepsy is a disease connected with neurological disorders that makes it difficult to control one’s sleepiness and wakefulness. It belongs to impairs of the Central Nervous System. A persons who has this problem usually struggles with low concentration, ineffectiveness at work and slow ability to deal with issues that occur. In more serious cases patients may suddenly fall asleep at their workplace.

In very rare cases they loose control over their body. Multiple reports and tests show that this illness progresses in age from 5 to 50, but the climax of this development usually shows itself in age 30, predominantly in males.   It is hard to say how this detrimental illness develops. Scientists suggest lack of orexins (a brain hormone that is responsible for falling asleep and wakening) and peptides as one of its reasons.

Narcolepsy may be also caused on the genetic level or by abuse of some medicine or drug. It also appears from a long staying of bacteria in the organism, brain damage and as a result of brain inflammation. Those, who have such problem, usually obtain obesity and pancreases and reproduction glands’ disorders. Narcoleptic sleep is not deep and although people usually feel energetic after short nap, it cannot provide sufficient rest for the body and brain and a feeling of tiredness will soon turn back. 

Symptoms of Narcolepsy

There are following symptoms that help detect the problem in patients:
- Increased sleepiness during the day and uncontrolled falling asleep. At first a person’s speech becomes slow and unclear, then he drops his head as his consciousness turns off. For people around it may seem that their co-worker just sleeps, but this is not quite true – such nap is a result of serious nervous disorder. It is interesting that in such state people sometimes keep walking and carrying stuff in their hands.
- Catalepsy – sudden weakness in muscles that makes body unmovable. It may occur during strong positive or negative emotions (laughter, anger, surprise or crying) and lasts from few seconds to 2-3 minutes.
- Hallucinations – vivid acoustic dreams or visions that appear in the state when a person has not yet fell asleep, but is already dreaming. It could be called “dreams in reality”.  
- Paralysis during sleep. After people wake up from narcoleptic sleep they may fail controlling their body for few seconds. While consciousness is already alerted and recognizes the surrounding, a person cannot move or talk. 

Having at least one of these symptoms, people should immediately visit a doctor and start an efficient treatment. Specialists will help you overcome the problem by prescribing not-harmful but efficient drugs, such as Generic Waklert or any other stimulator that alerts all body systems to a normal state of functioning. It also has to be mentioned that students, changing shifts workers and people who often travel around the world (having a jet-leg) belong to the risk group. 

Narcolepsy Treatment

Specialists usually detect narcolepsy by means of electroencephalography. Unfortunately, this troublesome disease is incurable. Doctors can only reduce its affect on people’s life and work, using a complex program that includes different kinds of effective stimulants. One of the most commonly used stimulant that helps to overcome sleepiness during the day is Generic Waklert – an efficient preparation made in Mumbai, India.

There is nothing scaring in the word “generic”. It only means that this particular medication has the same effect, content and qualities that brand drugs and are as safe as those are, but they can be sold strictly after the brand company’s patent is expired. Generic drugs are less expensive; however, they don’t loose in quality. Its benefit is that this drug (150mg) is probably the safest psycho-stimulant in medicine and doesn’t cause addiction that is extremely important. Its users almost never report any side effects.

Only a small percentage of patients report headache, diarrhea or stomach upset after taking this particular preparation. But still, it is necessary to consult the specialist before starting the treatment with Generic Armodafinil, as it is also called. This powerful stimulant demands prescription and specialist’s control during its using. In narcolepsy’s treatment doctors also pay attention to increasing the quality of sleep and calming down the CNS of the patient.

It means that the complex treatment is needed. Beside medical intervention with drugs, the disease also demands psychotherapy. But it cannot be used as the only way to deal with the problem, for it will not help. Only by regular taking of effective and non-harmful medicines, emotional calmness and doctor’s help the patient will be able to take control over his illness.

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