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  Nov / 09 / 2016  

Generic Xenical designed to fight weight problems

  Generic Xenical designed to fight weight problems Generic Xenical designed to fight weight problems  

Generic Xenical, also known as Generic Orlistat, is a special drug known worldwide as the best cure for different kinds of weight disorders. It is used to help losing the weight, fight obesity, and prevent the person from regaining the weight that they have lost recently. Using this medicine on an everyday basis requires strictly sticking to the calorie-reducing diet.

It is allowed for use only for adults. This drug’s brand name is alli, however buying the generic version is considered to be cheaper and thus more beneficial, because it has the same chemical composition as brand name medication. More information about this kind of treatment is available if you contact the U.S. FDA.


The first and the most important contraindication to this drug is pregnancy. You should never take it during being pregnant, even if you feel like you have to lose some weight – this drug is not healthy for the fetus. Except this, it is forbidden for you to take this drug if you suffer from inability to absorb food and nutrients in a proper way, also called chronic malabsorption syndrome. You have to consult your doctor before you start using the product, and tell about your history of chronical diseases that you have survived before.

It is not recommended to use this medication if you had some of the following struggles: first or second type of diabetes, liver disease, eating disorders, underactive thyroid, pancreatitis or gallstones. Furthermore, you have to be careful with this medication if you are already using some other medicaments for weight loss. Generic Xenical has to be hidden from children, because it is not designed for them and can be harmful for their health. This means anyone until the age of eighteen is officially forbidden to use the drug in order to avoid unpleasant situations and side effects.

The only person that has to use the particular drug is the one who has been prescribed this medication. Sharing it with another people is strongly not recommended, because you never know the medical history of this person – they could have been suffering from the diseases listed above. Generic Xenical is actually just one part of the complex treatment which is including strict diets, giving up bad habits, visits to the doctor, exercising every day, and constant weight control. You have to take notes of fat, carbohydrates, and protein that you consume every day – these substances should be divided between your daily meals.

It should be mentioned that your diet should better not include a lot of fat, because high-fat products combined with your course of medication have a higher chance to result into side effects, so you should be cautious with their amount. Besides, taking this drug makes it harder for your organism to absorb some particular kinds of vitamins, which have a significant meaning for those women who are breastfeeding their babies. So, if you are breastfeeding, you should better ask your doctor about the relevance of taking the medication. You have to be responsible for your treatment and follow the rules that are listed in your prescription label in order to avoid unwanted side effects.

Taking this drug: step by step

You should take Generic Xenical in the exact amounts that are written in your prescription by the doctor; using it in other amounts, larger or smaller, or for a longer time than it is actually recommended, can affect your health in an unpleasant way. This product always comes with instructions, so your task is to examine and follow them. If you still are confused, then asking your doctor questions would be the best way out.

Usually this drug has to be taken three time per day in a 120 mg oral dose, together with every meal – breakfast, dinner and supper, during the meal or after it; the meal should contain some fat, but no more than thirty percent of the overall amount of calories for that meal. There is a rule that if your meal does not contain any fat or you just skipped a meal, then your medication dose should also be skipped. However, you should not misuse skipping doses.

If you are determined to work out a healthy plan for eating, then you may turn to your doctor, dietician or nutrition counselor – they can help you with this. The vitamins or other supplements of this drug are to be taken before going to bed, or two hours before or after taking the main medication. If you miss a dose, you have to take one later, but no more than an hour after having your meal. Otherwise you should better skip your dose and try not to forget about the next ones.


Generic Xenical has to be stored at room temperature and kept away from overheating and moisture. It should be hidden from children and pets in the place unreachable for them. You have to check if the bottle is closed tightly, and if the expiration date on your medication has passed, then you need to throw the bottle away immediately even if there is still some medicine left.

How to order Generic Xenical online

You can save a considerable amount of money if you choose to buy Generic Xenical online instead of overpaying for brand name medication. The most famous manufacturers of generic drugs are Mexico and India; they own a lot of internet pharmacies where you can easily order any generic drug you want. But of course it works only if you have been recommended this drug officially by the doctor in a prescription; otherwise your purchase can be considered illegal and the customs workers may confiscate it.

So you should always be ready to prove legally that you possess a prescription label for this drug and have been diagnosed with weight disorders. Aside from this, you have to do a lot of research in order to pick the most reliable source to buy your generic drug, because some of the internet pharmacies are either illegal or can send a fake drug.

Despite being cheaper than brand name products, generics still cost money, so you should watch out not to lose them for nothing. It is recommended to read the reviews about online pharmacies or ask the more experienced drug users. Usually trustworthy sources have a lot of clients over the years, who are satisfied with the service provided by the companies.

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