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  Nov / 13 / 2012  

Important Information About Modalert


Interaction of Modalert with other drugs

Your physician should be aware about any possible drug interactions and should warn you against it. You should not start, stop or change the dosage of any preparation before consulting with your doctor.

Before starting to use Modalert you have to tell your doctor about all the medicines and even herbal products that you use. Especially if you take preparations against high blood pressure or “blood thinners”.

When you received your doctor’s approval, you can order Modalert at our online med store.   

Modalert can impair the process of removal of other drugs from the body by affecting some liver enzymes.

These affected drugs include:

   – antidepressants
   – diazepam
   – propranolol
   – cyclosporine
   – phenytoin
   – triazolam
   – theophylline

MAO inhibitors should not be taken within 2 weeks prior, during, and after treatment with Modalert:

   – isocarboxazid
   – methylene blue
   – tranylcypromine
   – linezolid
   – rasagiline
   – selegiline

A serious drug interaction can occur in some cases. Modalert can also reduce the effectiveness of hormonal birth control pills. And this can cause pregnancy. You ought to discuss with the physician if you need to change the birth control methods on more reliable while taking this preparation and one month after stopping. And you have to inform your doctor if you observed any unusual symptoms, showing that the birth control is not working in the right way. You have to check all the labels on another medicines you use as they may contain ingredients that can increase your heart rate.

Don’t mix Modalert with alcohol. And avoid drinking beverages that contain caffeine, because it can increase the side effects of this preparation. The easiest way to get your medicine is to order Modalert at our online med store.

In the case of overdose with Modalert

If you suspect the overdose, you have to contact your doctor, local poison center or emergency urgently.

The symptoms of overdose may be:

   – restlessness
   – hallucinations
   – fast or irregular heartbeat

Don’t share Modalert with other people. Check your blood pressure while taking this preparation. By the way, changes in the lifestyle can improve your sleep in the case of sleep disorders. You can consult your doctor or physician for more details. You can buy Modalert at our online pharmacy any time you need help in your medical condition.

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