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Medical Articles  
  Jan / 19 / 2017  

Menopause: Definition and Treating

  Menopause: Definition and Treating Menopause: Definition and Treating  

Menopause is known as occurring twelve months after patient’s last menstrual period; it also marks the finishing of the menstrual cycles. Menopause may happen in patient’s 40s/50s. For instance, an average age in the USA is 51 y.o. Menopause is the natural biological process.

Though it usually ends fertility, patient may stay sexual, healthy, and vital. Some women have a feeling of relieving, as they shouldn’t worry about the pregnancy longer. Even so, some physical symptoms, like hot flashes, some emotional symptoms of the menopause often disrupt patient’s sleep, “reduce” his energy or trigger feelings of lossand sadness or an anxiety. Don't hesitate to look for treating the symptoms which bother you. Nowadays many effective treating are absolutely available: from hormone therapy to lifestyle adjustments.


During the years/months leading up to the menopause (perimenopause), woman may experience next symptoms and signs:
- slowed metabolism;
- vaginal dryness;
- weight gain;  
- night sweats;
- sleep problems;
- dry skin & thinning hair;
- irregular periods;
- mood changes;
- loss of the breast fullness;
- hot flashes.

These signs are possible, but quite unusual, to menstruate each month just right up to woman’s last period. More probably, woman will experience some irregularity during her periods.

Skipping periods, while the perimenopause, is expected & normal. Quite often, the menstrual periods may occur every 2/4 months during the perimenopause, especially 1/2 years before the menopause. In spite of irregular periods, the pregnancy’s possible. If woman’s skipped the period but isn’t sure she has started menopausal transition, she can want to determine if she’s pregnant.


Menopause may result because of:
The natural decline of woman’s reproductive hormones: when woman approaches her late 30s, her ovaries start making much less progesterone and estrogen — the hormones, which regulate menstruation — and woman’s fertility declines. In woman’s 40s, her menstrual periods can become shorter or longer, lighter or heavier, and less or more frequent, till eventually by age 51 (on the average) she hasn’t more periods.

Radiation therapy & chemotherapy: these cancer therapies may induce menopause, may cause the symptoms like hot flashes after or during the course of treating. The halt to the menstruation & fertility isn’t usually permanent following chemotherapy, that is why birth control measures would be still desired.

Hysterectomy: the hysterectomy, which removes woman’s uterus but doesn’t remove her ovaries (called “partial hysterectomy”) often cause no immediate menopause. Though woman hasn’t periods longer, her ovaries still release the eggs and produce some progesterone & estrogen.

Primary ovarian insufficiency: something about 1% of women may experience menopause before they’re 40 y.o. (premature menopause). In fact, menopause can result from the primary ovarian insufficiency, during which woman’s ovaries are failing to produce the normal levels of woman’s reproductive hormones, and stemming from the autoimmune disease or genetic factors. 

Medical Treating

There are a great number of medical products, treating menopause. The most widespread & effective product is thought to be Generic Estrace (also known as Generic Estradiol). 


Generic Estrace contains estradiol, the form of estrogen. Generic Estradiol is the female sex hormone, which is produced by ovaries, which regulate many processes in woman’s body. Generic Estrace’s used for the treating of menopause’s symptoms like burning, vaginal dryness, irritation, hot flashes.  Generic Estradiol is often used as a part of cancer treating in men & women.

Important Information

Woman shouldn’t use Generic Estrace if she has:  
- unusual vaginal bleeding;
- liver disease;
- history of the hormone-dependent cancer (e.g. thyroid cancer, breast, ovarian, or uterine);
- blood clot;
- heart stroke/attack;
- bleeding disorder.

Attention! Don’t use General Estradiol while you’re pregnant. This product may increase the risk of developing the condition, which may lead to the uterine cancer. It’s advised to call the pharmacist immediately if woman has any abnormal vaginal bleeding during taking this medical product.

This product shouldn’t be used as a preventing one of heart dementia, disease, or stroke, as this product can actually increase the risk of developing such conditions. In addition, lingering use may increase the risk of blood clot or breast cancer. Woman’s pharmacist must check her progress on the regular basis (minimum 1 time at 3/6 months) in order to determine if woman should continue such kind of treating.


Woman should necessarily tell her pharmacist if she has:
- low/high levels of the calcium in woman’s blood; 
- some risk factors for the coronary artery disease (e.g. family history of the coronary artery disease, diabetes, hypertension, lupus, high cholesterol, smoking, being overweight);
- the history of jaundice, which was caused by the birth control pills or pregnancy;
- heart disease;
- kidney disease; 
- porphyria;
- thyroid disorder;
- asthma;
- migraines;
- seizure disorder (e.g. epilepsy);
- gallbladder disease;
- hysterectomy;
- uterine fibroid tumors or endometriosis.

How should patient take this product?

Woman must take this drug exactly as it’s prescribed for her. She must follow all the directions on her prescription label.  This drug may increase the risk of developing such condition, which may lead to the uterine cancer. Woman’s pharmacist must prescribe the progestin to use while woman’s using this product, in order to lower this risk. Woman must report all the unusual vaginal bleeding.

Buying Generic Estrace

The best way to buy Generic Estrace is to order it online. It’s recommended to do the purchasing by means of online medstores, rather than traveling to local drugstore to buy Generic Estradiol.



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