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Medical Articles  
  Jan / 27 / 2017  

Off-label use and important facts on Modalert

  Off-label use and important facts on Modalert Off-label use and important facts on Modalert  


Generic Modalert is thought to be in the common ( so called "off-label") use by the truckers, college students, and other patients who want to be awake when usually they should sleep. Generic Modalert reportedly is also being prescribed for many other problems including multiple sclerosis, fatigue, depression, and ADHD. Some of such "off-label" uses can prove legitimate when others can be abuses of this product.


Normal Adult Dose for the Narcolepsy’s Treating 200 mg in oral way in the morning (1 time per day) Explanation:
- While OSA, this product isn’t a treating for underlying obstruction.
- If long-lasting positive airway pressure is the treating of choice for the excessive sleepiness, the maximal effort for treating with the CPAP for the adequate period must be made in advance to and while treatment with this product. Use: Treating for improvement wakefulness in patients suffering by excessive sleepiness connected with the OSA and narcolepsy.

Normal Adult Dose for Hypopnea Syndrome/OSA 200 mg in oral way in the morning (1 time per day) Explanation: it’s absolutely the same as for narcolepsy’s treatment  Use: Treating for improvement wakefulness in patients suffering by excessive sleepiness connected with the Hypopnea Syndrome and OSA.

Normal Adult Dose for SWSD 200 mg in oral way one hour before patient’s work shift (1 time per day) Use: Treating for improvement wakefulness in patients suffering by excessive sleepiness connected with the SWSD.

Side effects

Generic Modalert may cause certain side effects. Patient must immediately tell his pharmacist if any of symptoms specified below are severe or don’t go away: dizziness, headache, drowsiness, difficulty staying asleep/falling asleep, diarrhea, nausea, gas, heartburn, constipation, unusual tastes, uncontrollable shaking of patient’s body parts, reducing of appetite, excessive thirst, dry mouth, flushing, numbness, burning, or tingling of patient’s skin, nosebleed, difficulty moving, tight muscles, back pain, sweating, eye pain, confusion, difficulty seeing. 


Patient must keep Generic Modalert in the special container, tightly closed, and obligatory out of children’s reach. Patient should store it at the room temperature and far away from an excess moisture and heat. It’s advised to store Generic Modalert in the safe place so nobody else may take it on purpose or accidentally. Patient should keep track of the amount of tablets, which are left, so patient will know whether any are missing.


Generally Generic Modalert’s used while treating certain sleep disorders. Below patient may read about the most common disorders, namely about narcolepsy, SWSD and OSA.


Narcolepsy is defined as the classic excessive daytime sleepiness’s tetrad, sleep paralysis, hypnagogic hallucinations, cataplexy. Narcolepsy is seemed to result from the genetic predisposition, abnormal immune modulation, and abnormal neurotransmitter sensitivity and functioning.

Demonstrations of the narcolepsy are next ones:
- cataplexy (loss of the muscle tone);
- EDS;
- sleep paralysis;
- hypnagogic hallucinations.

Features of the EDS:
- it’s present for minimum 3 months to confirm the diagnosis;
- it’s the narcolepsy’s primary symptom;
- sleepiness may be constant and severe, with the falling asleep paroxysms without any warnings (e.g., sleep attacks);
- severe EDS usually leads to the involuntary somnolence while certain activities like talking, driving, or eating.

Features of the cataplexy:
- most subtle forms are existing with only fractional loss of tone (knee buckling and head nod);
- if it’s generalized and severe, cataplexy can cause the fall;
- it’s usually triggered by certain emotions (e.g., anger and laughter);
- extraocular and respiratory movements are preserved.

Features of the sleep paralysis:
- quite rarely, patient is unable to move upon falling asleep with consciousness intact;
- patient is usually unable to move after awakening;
- extraocular and respiratory muscles may be spared;
- paralysis is accompanied by the hallucinations;
- paralysis may be relieved by the sensory stimuli (e.g., speaking or touching the patient);
- less frequently paralysis occurs when patient sleeps in the uncomfortable position.

Common features for the narcolepsy:
- obesity;
- trouble night’s sleeping;
- the tendency of taking refreshing short naps during the working day; they can be accompanied by the dreams;
- nocturnal compulsive behaviors (e.g., nocturnal smoking or sleep-related eating disorder).


SWSD’s the trouble sleeping because patient work rotating shifts or nights. Patient also may have such problem if he has trouble staying alert or awake when he’s supposed to work his shift. Patient may be unable to sleep throughout the day, and he can not feel rested and refreshed with the sleep he does get.

SWSD involves the problem with patient’s body's internal clock, or the circadian rhythm. Dark and light help patient’s body know when he should be active and alert and when he should be rest. Light is the cue of being awake, while dark tells patient’s body to sleep. In fact, when patient work at night, but sleep during the daytime, his body's internal clock usually needs to reset in order to let him sleep during the daytime. Quite often it’s difficult to do.

Such sleep disorder is usually the problem for patients who work nights long. But patients who work the early morning shift, which is starting at four a.m., may also have some sleep problems. The rotating shift work can also be hard. During such shifts, on some days patient works day shift and on others – the night shift. Getting good sleep isn’t a problem for anybody who works during nights. Many patients who work during nights get much restful sleep during daytime.

Some patients are the "night owls," so they adjust to night’s working well. Many patients have trouble sleeping only 1 time in a while, mainly if they’re getting used to their new work shift. Nevertheless patient must talk to his pharmacist if he has trouble sleeping or he has trouble staying alert, while he’s supposed to be absolutely awake. Patient could have some sleep problem. Or he may have other medical problem, which causes insomnia.


OSA’s the sleep disorder, which involves the significant decline or cessation in the airflow in presence of the breathing effort. It’s the most typical sleep-disordered breathing, which is characterized by the recurrent episodes of the upper airway collapse while sleeping. These episodes may be associated with the recurrent arousals or oxyhemoglobin desaturations from sleeping. OSA, which is associated with the excessive daytime sleepiness usually is called OSA syndrome. Generally, symptoms of the OSA begin perniciously and often are present for many years before patient’s referred for the evaluation.

Nocturnal symptoms include:
- restless sleep and insomnia with the patients experiencing too frequent arousals and turning or tossing during the night’s sleep;
- witnessed apneas, which interrupt snoring and then end with the snort;
- snoring, usually habitual and loud, and bothersome to other people;
- nocturia;
- choking and gasping sensations, which arouse patient from sleep, although in a quite low proportion to the amount of apneas patient experiences. 

Daytime symptoms include:
- morning headache;
- nonrestorative sleep ;
- excessive daytime sleepiness which usually begins during the quiet activities (e.g., watching - television or reading); 
- hypertension;
- sore throat or dry;
- cognitive deficits;
- daytime tiredness or fatigue;
- decreased vigilance;
- the severity worsens, and patient begins to feel a bit sleepy during daily activities which often require alertness (e.g., driving, school, or work);
- intellectual and memory impairment (concentration, short-term memory);
- mood and personality changes, including anxiety and depression;
- morning confusion;
- gastroesophageal reflux;
- sexual dysfunction, including decreased libido and impotence.


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