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Medical Articles  
  Mar / 19 / 2017  

Overview of Clarinex for Users


Desloratadine, better known by its brand name Clarinex, is used for treating the symptoms of allergies. Like Claritin, Clarinex is a popular allergy treatment because it does not cause drowsiness. The reason many patients choose Clarinex is because the medicine is often covered by health insurance.

Clarinex contains the active ingredient Desloratadine, a type of antihistamine. Histamine is the natural bodily chemical which is responsible for most allergy symptoms. It is released when our bodies think that they are under threat from a certain harmful substance. In the case of allergies, the substance (allergen) is actually harmless. Clarinex blocks histamine and prevents allergy symptoms from occurring. 

Clarinex Dosage Information

The standard recommended dosage for users 12 years and older is one 5 mg tablet taken once daily or 2 teaspoons taken once daily. For children 6-11 years old, the recommended dosage is 1 teaspoon or one 2.5mg dissolving tablet taken once daily. For children aged 1-5 years, the recommended dosage of Clarinex is ½ teaspoon taken once daily. If you have kidney or liver impairment, you should consult your pharmacist or allergy clinic about the right dosage for you.

How to take Clarinex

Clarinex is a daily treatment for preventing allergies.  It should not be used for treating severe allergy attacks once they have occurred.  If you have severe allergies and have been prescribed a medicine for emergency allergy treatment, you should still use this medicine. Clarinex comes in several different forms including liquids, tablets and dissolving tablets. Always carefully read the instructions on the packaging about how to take Clarinex. You can take Clarinex tablets without regards to foods. The dissolving Clarinex tablets should be placed under your tongue and completely disintegrate before you swallow.  Always precisely measure liquid forms of Clarinex with a dosing spoon or a medicinal dropper. To get the best results from once daily allergy drugs, you should take them at the same time every day.

What Does Clarinex Treat?

Clarinex can be used to treat various types of allergies including dust allergies, food allergy rash, and seasonal allergens.  In patients of at least 2 years, Clarinex can be used for treating seasonal allergies.  In patients of at least 6 months, Clarinex can be used for treating perennial and chronic idiopathic allergies (including reducing allergy hives).

What are the Side Effects of Clarinex?

Clarinex is a popular allergy treatment because it does not usually cause drowsiness like most other allergy drugs.  However, you may have any of these unserious side effects: sore throat, sore muscles, dyspepsia, lack of appetite, loose bowels, vertigo, insomnia, bloody nose, or decreased salivation. Though it is not likely to rare, you should immediately contact your allergy specialist if you have any of these side effects: increased/thumping heart beats, darker colored urine, or jaundice. It is also possible to have a rare allergic reaction to Clarinex or any of its inactive ingredients.

What to Know before you take Clarinex

If you have hepatic or renal disease, you should talk to your allergy specialist or pharmacist before taking Clarinex. It may not be safe for you. It is advised against consuming large amounts of alcohol while taking Clarinex because this can increase the severity of side effects. Even though Clarinex usually does not cause drowsiness, you should be cautious not to perform dangerous tasks (like driving) until you know how the allergy treatment will affect you.

Can You take Clarinex while Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

Clarinex may not be the best medicine to treat allergy symptoms while you are pregnant or breastfeeding. It is listed as FDA pregnancy category C which means it could cause harm to an unborn child. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, talk to your allergy specialist before taking Clarinex. There may be a better solution for you during pregnancy/breastfeeding like an allergy diet or other safer medicines.

Which is Better, Claritin or Clarinex?

Clinical studies have shown that both Claritin and Clarinex are equally effective in treating dust allergies, dust mite allergy, food allergy rash, and other allergens. The main difference is that Claritin is usually not covered by insurance whereas Clarinex is covered by many insurance companies. However, both allergy drugs can be bought cheaply in their generic drug forms.



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