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  Mar / 12 / 2017  

Treat cognitive or sleeping disorders with Modalert pills

  Treat cognitive or sleeping disorders with Modalert pills Treat cognitive or sleeping disorders with Modalert pills  

One of the most powerful stimulants of all times Modafinil is available under few different names such as Alertec, Provigil, Modapro, and several others but the most popular is its precise replica – Generic Modalert produced in India. What is generic? This word simply means that the medicine doesn’t carry a name of the famous brand on the box. Because such products go without branding and expensive commercial companies they cost much less than their originals (not because they are bad or fake).

There are millions of people who prefer buying generic drugs instead of brand name preparations having tried both and seen no difference. The only thing that is not the same is the price. For comparison, one 200 mg pill of generic drug’s price averages $1; a brand name pill of the same value costs from $10 to $20. This is a huge difference for pockets of most people.  Besides, both original and generic products receive the approval of the Food and Drug Administration. It means that they are equally safe and effective.

The Description of the Product

Generic Modafinil 200 mg is an eugeroic or a wakefulness promoter (agent) that is used for treating many cognitive and sleeping disorders. The list is long and includes narcolepsy, sleep apnea, night work shift disorder, and excessive sleepiness at the daytime. Many people need it every day – from diligent students to workers with constant overload and deadlines. Everyone who has problem with staying focused when needed may feel better taking this powerful stimulator. Scientists do not know the exact way of its action yet but different tests and users’ reports prove its positive affect on cognitive abilities of people.

For example, the Department of Neurology at the Ohio State University had a research led in 2000. They took 72 people with different levels of multiple sclerosis and gave some of them a placebo with no effect and others modafinil of two different dosages for nine weeks course. Patients under observation showed the opposite results. People who had been taking a useless drug had no obvious improvement of their condition while others with the smart drug usage reported feeling a way less tired and more energetic.

There was no great difference between two dosages. Later the U.S. Air Force approved modafinil to be taken by its pilots on special missions when they need to stay awake and highly concentrated for the long period of time. This decision shows how powerful and safe at the same time is this preparation. If government chooses it for its employees, it definitely suits you. The discussed pharmaceutical product has modafinil as its active ingredient.

What does it mean to be FDA-Approved?

To be approved by the Food and Drug Administration the preparation has to pass a long way of testing and monitoring.  Usually it takes up to 10 years to get the approval.  The very first thing about this process is that it must pass at least three and a half years period of laboratory testing. Only after that an application to the FDA may be sent.  After getting the approval from the Administration for further observation, the drug must pass through three testing phases that study its effectiveness and safety.

The scientists need from 20 to 80 healthy volunteers to complete phase one that lasts for one year. During this time they check safety and make a profile. Phase two involves more patients (100-300) and takes two years for testing its effectiveness. The final third phase involves 1,000-3,000 people and takes from one to four years of monitoring. After completing these stages, the company must send another request to the FDA that usually takes another two years. Basing of the results of such prolonged research the FDA approves or not the preparation for treating certain diseases. But if it does, you may be sure that this is a solid assurance and recommendation for usage.

Usage Recommendations

The usual healthy and safe dose for adult is a 100 mg pill taken once a day in the morning. What to do with the Generic Modafinil 200 mg then? You can easily split it into two halves using its break line. But it is proven that even such double dose is not damaging to human’s organism; however, it is not recommended to take more that 300 mg per day. To avoid any negative side effects it is better to follow the instructed dosage of 100 mg of the preparation a day.

Some people practice splitting this dose into two and taking them twice a day in the morning and at noon, but there is no difference and no need to do such procedure. Why is it important to take a pill one hour before going to work or study? This is because the medicine needs time to get to your brain by blood and start its labor there. Usually, people feel difference in their mental conditions already after twenty minutes after using the medicine. So, you should count the time of taking to make it efficient for yourself.

Side Effects

Comparing to many other drugs, Generic Modalert has a small amount of side effects. In most cases they never show up. Still, you should know about them. Here is the list of this preparation’s side effects: pain in the back, headache, dizziness, nausea, nervousness, upset stomach, and sometimes problems with going to sleep. Many users though say that it may be just a way of the organism to get used to new substance. In a week the negative symptom may vanish. But if you have noticed that these factors disturb you more and more and that they become more intensive with time, talk to your doctor.

You may have personal intolerance to its components. One of the best features of this particular preparation is its safety from becoming addicted. This is amazing quality because some previous smart drugs such as Adderall and Ritalin have developed dependence in many patients. It doesn’t contain any ingredient that calls out addiction and is completely safe. You will be able to abandon the drug easily after finishing your treatment course.

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