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  Mar / 19 / 2017  

Why is generic Finpecia Used?


Finpecia is a generic version of the hair care drug Propecia. Like Propecia, Finpecia contains the active ingredient Finasteride. This ingredient was originally developed for treating enlarged prostate but it was then discovered that it can reverse male pattern hair loss. Finasteride is currently the only FDA approved drug for treating baldness.

Generic Finpecia is used for treating male pattern hair loss. Generic Finpecia was shown to stop hair loss in men.  It also causes hair which was lost due to male pattern baldness to regrow. Finpecia hair care drugs only will cause hair to grow on the vertex and anterior area of the scalp. The active ingredient in generic Finpecia can also be used for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate).

How Does Finpecia Work?

The hormone testosterone naturally occurs in the body and has various functions. A certain enzyme called 5-alpha reductase is responsible for converting testosterone into a more potent form called dihyrotestosterone, or DHT. This conversion will only occur in certain body tissues, including the prostate and scalp area. In these tissues, DHT can cause adverse effects like enlarging prostate size and scalp baldness. Generic Finpecia works by blocking the 5-alpha reductase enzyme so testosterone doesn’t get turned into DHT. Thus, the effects of DHT are reversed.

What Results Can You Expect from Finpecia?

It generally takes about 3 months before patients see results from taking Finpecia hair care drugs. At first, many men notice that their hair actually seems to be thinning or that they are losing more hair. This is a process called shedding and is a sign that Finpecia is working. As new hair growth is stimulated and thicker hair is produced, existing hairs are pushed out of their dormant/unhealthy follicles in order to make room for the new hairs. In order to get results from Finpecia generic hair care drugs, you must take the medicine regularly. If you stop treatment, you will likely lose all hair that was regrown within a year.

How to take Finpecia

Every time you purchase Finpecia, especially if you order Finpecia online, make sure that you read the patient instructions.  Typically, Finpecia is taken once daily in a dosage strength of 1 mg. Studies show that taking Finpecia in larger dosages will not increase the effectiveness of the generic hair care drugs. You may take Finpecia with or without food.

Do You Need a Prescription for Finpecia?

In many countries, you need a prescription to purchase Finpecia. However, because Finpecia is not a controlled substance, you can often get a prescription for it online through a remote consultant pharmacy. All you will need to do in order to purchase Finpecia online is submit your medical history. There are also many places where you can order Finpecia online without a prescription at all.  Note though that these online pharmacies where you buy Finpecia online may be located in other countries. It could be illegal to order hair care drugs online and have them shipped to you. The DEA seizes about 1% of prescription drug orders from abroad.  It is always best to get a prescription before you order Finpecia online.

Is Finpecia Safe to Use?

In adult men, Finpecia is considered very safe and there are no proven serious side effects associated with the hair care drug. Some patients do experience a harmless decrease in libido or sexual function. You should tell your doctor if this occurs. Finpecia could be linked to male breast cancer. Note, however, that this side effect is not proven to be caused by Finpecia and only occurs very rarely. Tell your doctor at once if you notice any changes in  your breasts, such as lumps or nipple discharge.

Where Can I Buy Finpecia?

Not all pharmacies carry Finpecia because it is a generic version of Propecia.  If you want to save money on hair care drugs, then you can buy cheap generic Finpecia at online shops. When you purchase Finpecia online, it is important to realize that it often comes from foreign countries. This means it can take longer for you medicines to reach you. Since you must take Generic Finpecia regularly in order to get results, make sure that you always order Finpecia online in advance.

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