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What is Foradil? How to Treat with Generic Formoterol.

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Generic Foradil is the same medication as the branded drug but made by other company. The inhaler is used for asthma and obstructive lung disease in adults and children older than 6 years. It is not a fast-acting inhaler but a preventive, supportive therapy that should be continued for many months to reduce the severity and frequency of the symptoms occurrence. Find out how to use the inhaler properly without any adverse effects from our med guide provided below.
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Improves the symptoms, prevents the development of bronchospasm and lowers its severity
Foradil (Formoterol 12 mcg)
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Generic Foradil (Formoterol 12 mcg) guide:

What is Foradil?

Generic Foradil is trade name registered and used only by a transnational pharmaceutical company Merck. The medication is produced in a form of inhaler used for asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and other conditions in which breathing is violated due to the obstruction of bronchi. However, the same medication is made by other pharmaceutical companies too. The thing is that the acting agent called Formoterol and the formula of the inhaler is known publicly. It allows other drug makers to produce and sell the same medication but giving them different names, which is why if you want to save on the treatment when your doctor prescribes you to buy Foradil you can purchase a so-called generic version of the medication instead.

The active agent of the inhaler is a selective stimulator of beta 2 -adrenoceptors. In patients with reversible and irreversible airway obstruction, it has a bronchodilator effect. This effect develops rapidly - within 1-3 minutes and remains sufficiently pronounced for twelve hours after the inhalation. It cannot be used for the stopping of an acute asthma attack or suffocation due to other conditions as it a long-acting medication without the pronounced fast effect. It is usually added to the therapy when the therapy with inhaled steroids isn’t sufficient.

In addition, Formoterol prevents the release of histamine and leukotrienes from the mast cells inhibiting the allergic reactions in a contact with an allergen.
After an inhalation, the preparation is quickly absorbed from the bronchial mucosa. Then it enters the blood plasma where it is evenly distributed. Binding of the medication to plasma proteins is 61-64%.

What is the inhaler sold as Generic Foradil at this web page?

As we have already stated before, the formula of the medication isn’t used exclusively by a single pharmaceutical company and it means that the medication can be made and sold under other names by different companies. These medications can be found if you look for a Generic Foradil. It is not an official or registered name but a common term comprehensible by all pharmacists and doctors which means that you need the medication identical to the brand drug Foradil but made by another company. The medication is included in the List of Essential Medicines by the World Health Organization which is why its production and distribution by numerous manufacturers are encouraged and promoted by the WHO. Besides, all generic medications undergo testing for the compliance to the original formula, safety, efficiency, and correspondence to all international healthcare norms and standards. At this webpage, you can buy Generic Foradil or Formoterol made by a well-known Indian pharmaceutical company Cipla that markets its medications all around the world. The generics are the same as the branded medicines but cost several times less money which is why it is more beneficial to opt for them instead of the brand-name medicines.

When should you buy Formoterol?

Before you buy an inhaler based on Formoterol, you need to clarify with your physician or allergist that you need this particular inhaler or another long-acting bronchodilator. Besides, Formoterol is also produced as a combination medication with other substances, usually, steroids. But if you already use a steroid inhaler and now need bronchodilator you should buy Formoterol without any additives.

This aerosol is used for the management of bronchial asthma in people who use inhalation corticosteroids and need the cupping of the symptoms with beta 2 long-acting stimulants and for the relief of symptoms in people with the chronic obstructive lung disease who also need the use of beta 2 long-acting stimulants.

If you have one of these conditions, you can start using the inhaler at your own discretion but in order to not worsen your condition you must consult a specialist, get precise instructions on the inhaler use, and the duration of the therapy, and only then buy Generic Formoterol and start using it.

Who must not use the aerosol based on Formoterol?

The preparation must not be used during lactation (breastfeeding a baby), in an active lung tuberculosis, in kids younger than six years, and in hypersensitivity to the medication, other beta 2 adrenergic stimulants, or lactose. The inhaler use is also contraindicated in tachyarrhythmia, blockade of the third degree, aortic stenosis, hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy, thyrotoxicosis, long QT interval or suspected long QT interval.
Besides, the inhaler is advised to be cautiously used in people with any heart pathology such as coronary heart disease, heart rhythm disturbances, chronic heart failure, and others.

If you are unsure whether you have any of these conditions or not, make sure to consult your healthcare provider before you order Foradil and start the therapy. Do not overlook any chronic conditions as they can exacerbate with the medication use.

With what medications the inhaler based on Formoterol can negatively interact?

When you plan to start the therapy with the inhaler, you must make sure that you don’t use any medications that can negatively interact with it. Here you can find a list of certain negative interactions but we still highly advise you to consult a specialist especially if you take any meds or plan to start using them along with this inhaler.

In the use of the inhaler with any medications that can contribute to the elongation of the QT interval, the risk of this side effect and ventricular arrhythmia increases. For instance, such medications that can cause it are anti-allergy medications such as terfenadine, astemizole, mizolastine, certain antiarrhythmic preparations such as quinidine, erythromycin, and others, and tricyclic antidepressants.
The negative impact on the heart of the aerosol can be enhanced with the use of alcohol, levothyroxine, oxytocin, halogenated hydrocarbons (anesthesia), macrolides or Levodopa.
The concurrent use of other sympathomimetics, like another beta 2 stimulants or ephedrine, can enhance both the desired and undesirable effects of Formoterol.
The hypokalemia can develop in the concurrent use of the inhaler with derivatives of xanthines, steroids, and diuretics.

The medication isn’t encouraged to be used along MAO inhibitors or fourteen days after the discontinuation of the therapy. If you use MAO inhibitors when you order Generic Foradil, make sure to consult your therapist what other medications you can replace this drug with.

Concurrent use of Formoterol with corticosteroids can increase the hyperglycemic effect.
The broncholytic effect of Formoterol aerosol may be amplified by anticholinergic preparations.
Beta blockers can lower the effect of the inhaler and should not be used along with it.

How to use Generic Foradil?

The medication is inhaled through a special device. If you don’t know how to use it, ask your doctor or follow the instruction that accompanies the medication we sell on this web page.
The doses for adults and kids older than twelve years for asthma are one inhalation of 12 micrograms made twice times a day. In case of severe condition, the daily dose can be raised to two inhalations or 24 micrograms made two times a day. The maximally safe daily dosage is four inhalations or 48 micrograms a day. The treatment is a long-duration one and must not be discontinued even if the symptoms go away.
The dosages for adults and kids older than twelve years for the chronic obstructive lung disease are one inhalation or 12 micrograms twice a day. The maximum dosage is one inhalation twice a day and should not be surpassed.
The therapy of children aged from six to twelve years old is made for asthma only. The daily dosage is one 12 microgram inhalation made twice a day. The maximum daily dosage is 24 micrograms.

What adverse effect can the inhaler cause?

When you order Formoterol, you should be ready that it can cause some adverse effects. However, their likelihood is bigger in case you overdose, are allergic to the medication, or overlooked any chronic condition that you have in which the medication isn’t advised to be used.

Within the first days of the therapy, you can start suffering from tremor and rapid heart rate but these symptoms usually go away within a couple of days. Other potential side effects are a headache, anxiety, bronchospasm, nausea, and others. If you have any allergic symptoms such as swelling, rash, or intensification of asthma symptoms – inform your healthcare provider immediately and stop the therapy with the inhaler.

Where to buy Foradil?

You can get the medication from any drugstore but in order to save your money and get the best quality medication, you can order Generic Formoterol from this webpage. If you are still unsure whether this medication is what you need, you can consult our pharmacists for free.

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