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What is Alesse? How to Treat with Generic Levonorgestrel.

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The active substance of the branded medication Alesse is manufactured and marketed by various pharmaceutical companies. You can find these birth control pills if you look for Generic Alesse but make sure to clarify what formulation you purchase as there are two types of oral pills regular birth control pills that should be taken daily and emergency pills that are taken only after an unprotected sexual intercourse. Read our guide to know how and when to use the preparation safely.
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Helps to avoid unwanted pregnancy and normalize periods
Levonorgestrel, Ethinyl Estradiol
Alesse (Levonorgestrel 0.75+005 mg)
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More facts about Generic Alesse (Levonorgestrel 0.75+005 mg):

Generic Alesse (Levonorgestrel 0.75+005 mg) guide:

What is the medication sold as Alesse?

Alesse is a brand of oral contraceptives or birth control pills for women. This brand is owned by Pfizer, a large pharmaceutical company but the same medication is also made and distributed by other pharmaceutical concerns but it is registered under other names. These medications can be found if you want to buy Alesse but cheaper - you should look for Generic Alesse to do so.

The active substance of the medication, Levonorgestrel, was discovered in the early 1960s and first used as a birth control medication in 1968.

Levonorgestrel is an artificially made progestin, a steroid female hormone, with a  birth control effect due to gestagenic and antiestrogenic features.

When taken by mouth following the regular dose regimen, the preparation interferes with ovulation and fertilization (getting pregnant). Levonorgestrel agent can as well promote the alterations in the endometrium that make the implantation of a fertilized egg impossible during the birth control means use. Besides, Alesse pills elevate the tenacity of the cervix discharges, which doesn’t allow the sperm to advance. But you must note that the preparation is ineffective if the implantation had happened.

There are different types of the medication. There are pills that are taken daily to prevent unwanted pregnancy, emergency pills taken only after an unprotected sex, and intra-vaginal systems set up by a gynecologist to regulate the uterus function. The preparation is used as a post-sex emergency contraception after an unprotected sex and as a long-term contraception, hormonal imbalance, and prevention of endometrial hyperplasia development in estrogen-replacement therapy but in different forms. If you need to order Alesse, please clarify with your gynecologist what form of the preparation is needed and the consult our pharmacists whether we have a suitable formulation for you or not.

For the prevention of unplanned pregnancy, the emergency preparation must be received as soon as possible and not later than 72 hours after an intercourse if you haven’t used any other contraception. The more time passes after an intercourse, the lower it the efficiency of the pills. The efficiency of the medication is ninety-five percent within first twenty-four hours, eighty-five percent within 24-48 hours, and only 58% if more than 48 hours passed. It is not encouraged to use the pills more frequently than once every four to six months.

What is Generic Alesse?

We have already mentioned that the agent on which this branded medication Alesse is based was discovered in the early 1960s which makes it legal for different pharmaceutical companies make the same medications but sell them under different names. There is a variety of generics based on Levonorgestrel. Some of them are used as a long-term contraception and need to be taken daily while others are used only after an unprotected sex and not more frequently than once in 4-6 months. Therefore, before you buy Generic Alesse, you need to clarify with your gynecologist what formulation is needed for you. Then, if you want to order the pills from our pharmacy, you need to consult our pharmacists to be sure that you are getting the correct medication.

You don’t need to worry that the generic is inferior to the branded medicine. Yes, it is cheaper but not because of the bad quality but because the branded medication is highly overpriced. The cost of the research to come up with the formula had returned multiple times already and the pills should cost much less money. The price of the generic medication is the actual price of the production plus a small margin for the manufacturer to gain the profit.

When should you buy Generic Alesse?

The primary indication for the preparation use is avoidance of an unplanned pregnancy but it is also used as a means to treat idiopathic long and profuse uterine bleeding during menstruation, and prophylaxis of endometrial hyperplasia occurrence during estrogen replacement therapy.

Please note that the medication comes in different formulations which cannot substitute one another. The dosages of the active substance and the manner of its release are different for different conditions. Therefore, you need to obligatorily consult a gynecologist before you buy Levonorgestrel.

If you need the pills to use as an emergency help, you must not order them online as their effect is lowered significantly if they are taken 24 hours after an unprotected sex.

When shouldn’t you buy Levonorgestrel?

As a regular contraception, the medication is prohibited to be used by women with allergy to Levonorgestrel, severe liver function impairment, during pregnancy (including suspected), during breastfeeding, and aged younger than 16 years.

As a part of intrauterine therapy system, the medication is prohibited for pregnant women, in acute, chronic, or relapsing inflammatory diseases of the pelvis, genitourinary infectious diseases, post-labor endometritis; recent abortion (including the last three months); cervicitis; increased risk of infections; dysplasia of the cervix; progestogen-dependent cancer tumors, including breast, cervix, uterus, and ovaries cancer; pathological uterine bleeding of unclear cause; abnormalities of the uterus; acute liver  diseases; allergy to Levonorgestrel. Besides, this method cannot be used in women older than 65 years.

The preparation’s oral use is also not advised for women with any diseases of the liver or bile ducts, Crohn’s disease, history of inflammatory diseases of the pelvis organs or ectopic pregnancy, proneness to thrombosis, elevated arterial tension, history of seizures or cramps, and so on.

Consult your gynecologist whether it is safe for you to buy Generic Levonorgestrel pills and start using them if you have any chronic conditions or take any medications.

How to use Generic Levonorgestrel pills?

Here we provide the instruction for the oral birth control pills and emergency birth control in case you had an unprotected sexual intercourse but please consult your healthcare provider before you start the therapy with any formulation of the medication because it is a hormonal drug that requires constant monitoring of your condition by your doctor. If used improperly, the preparation can cause severe adverse reactions or even irreversible harm to your health.

The birth control tablets for daily intake must be started to be used on the first day of the menstruation or on Sunday following the beginning of the menstruation. Within the first weeks of the preparation intake, women are encouraged to use other, barrier birth control such as male or female condoms while their body adjusts to the effect of hormones.

When you started taking the tablets, you must continue using them before you consult your gynecologist and he or she tells you to stop using them. A single pill is taken every day at the same time. If you missed the pill, you must take two pills on the next day and then continue using the pills by one pill every day with an interval of not more than twenty-four hours.

You will continue to menstruate while using the pills. The menstruation during the use of Alesse or Generic Levonorgestrel usually occurs when you take "reminder" pills that have a slightly different composition and are included in the package to make your menstruation regular. You don’t need to remember where these pills are if you follow the instruction correctly or get a consultation of your gynecologist on how to take the pills correctly, i.e. in which sequencing. It is easy to remember as usually this sequencing is quite well marked on the pack of pills or the blister.

To avoid unwanted pregnancy after you had an unprotected sexual intercourse if you are not using any regular birth control pills, you should order Generic Alesse of the emergency formulation and take one 0.75 mg or two pills at once within 24-72 hours after you had sex. Note that it is advised to use the pills in the first 24 hours for 95% results and do not use these emergency pills more than once in four-six months.

What adverse reactions can Generic Alesse cause?

The use of pills can cause the feeling of tiredness, pains in the abdomen, acyclic spotting or bleeding, nausea, vomiting, headache, sensitivity and painfulness of breasts, painful periods, intense period bleeding, postponed menstruation (but no more than 5-7 days; if the menstruation does not occur for more than a week, pregnancy should be excluded). Allergic reactions such as hives, rash, itching, and swelling of the face are possible.
If you suffer from any of these or other adverse reactions while using the pills, inform your gynecologist immediately.

Interactions with other medicines

When you order Levonorgestrel, make sure to consult your gynecologist about the possibility of use of other medications especially if you have any chronic conditions that require the constant use of any meds.

The medication is sooner excreted from the body and can be less effective when combined with inducers of microsomal liver enzymes, amprenavir, tretinoin, barbiturates, phenobarbital, phenytoin and carbamazepine, medications or mixtures that have St. John's Wort in their composition, tetracycline antibiotics, and other medications.

The pills reduce the effectiveness of hypoglycemic and anticoagulant medications.

These are only some of the interactions but there are more of them. Therefore, if you use any medicines or plan to start using them while you will be using Alesse pills or the generic version of the medication, consult a specialist obligatorily.

Where to buy Alesse?

Though Alesse pills are sold without a prescription in the majority of countries, in some of them the pills are quite overpriced. To save on the birth control without compromising the quality of it, you can order Generic Levonorgestrel from our online pharmacy.

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Our online pharmacy will ship your order wherever you live as we deliver our products internationally.

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Our doctor prescribes Levonorgestrel online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

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