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What is Valsartan? How to Treat with Generic Valsartan.

Drug description:
Generic Valsartan is a common name used to identify medications with the same active substance which are marketed under a variety of different trade names. The names familiar for Americans are Diovan and Valsartan. The medications are used to treat hypertension, congestive heart failure symptoms, and as a prevention of myocardial infarction. They are allowed to be used in pediatrics for children aged 6 or more years. In the following medication guide you can find detailed information on the drug indications for use, dosages, contraindications, adverse reactions, mechanism of action, and other.
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Valsarran, Valzaar
Valsartan (Valsartan 80 mg)
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Generic Valsartan (Valsartan 80 mg) guide:

More facts about Generic Valsartan (Valsartan 80 mg):

What is Generic Valsartan? Is it different from the brand-name medication?

What is Generic Valsartan? Is it different from the brand-name medication?

Generic Valsartan is a collective name, a term used to identify all drugs that are based on the active substance Valsartan. They all have different registered trade names, including Valsartan, Diovan, and others yet have the same composition and effect.

The active substance through which the effect of the drug is achieved is an angiotensin II receptor blocker. It is very effective in hypertension and some other cardiovascular conditions. The drug has been repeatedly recognized as one of the most effective and safe medications from the class and has become a bestseller since 2008. It is also the most studied medication used for hypertension treatment. Overall, more than 140 volunteers participated in the tests of the medication.

When is Generic Valsartan used?

Though the instruction for the medication lists a number of conditions in which it should be used, including essential hypertension, congestive heart failure, and prevention of repeated myocardial infarction, we strongly advise you to consult your doctor before you buy Valsartan. You need to get a proper diagnosis and a consultation of a cardiologist or at least physician to be sure that the condition that you have won’t be negatively influenced by the drug as there are various types of the same conditions that require different treatment.

How to use the medication when you order Generic Valsartan online?

How to use the medication when you order Generic Valsartan online?

Valsartan is a name of the substance and a trade name used by certain drug manufacturers. All drugs that list this particular substance as the active ingredient have the same formula and dosages per pill. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you buy Generic Valsartan or a brand medication, you should take the pills in the same manner. In this article we provide information on the dosages that is available also in the instruction that comes with the pills.

Use in adults:
- The treatment of hypertension is started with 80 mg a day in a single intake. The dosage can be increased to 160 mg in a single intake in 2-4 weeks after the therapy start if the desirable blood lowering effect is not achieved and the drug use doesn’t cause any adverse effects. The maximum daily dosage is 320 mg a day but it is better to find the minimum effective dosage and stick to it;
- For the treatment of congestive heart failure of the category for which the drug is safe and effective, the initial therapeutic dosage is 40 mg taken two times a day. If the desired effect is not achieved, the dosage can be gradually increased upon the examination of your doctor. The maximum daily dosage is 160 mg taken two times a day;
- The prophylaxis of repeated myocardial infarction is started not sooner than 12 hours after the acute infarction. The initial dosage is 20 mg taken twice a day. If no side effects occur during the treatment, after a week of the therapy, the daily dosage can be increased to 40 mg taken twice a day. The maximum daily dosage is 160 mg taken two times a day;

Use in children:
- A pediatrician can prescribe your kid to take the medication; in this case, you should buy Valsartan or its generic, in its regular formulation but you would need to crush the pills to create suspension with the right dosage. The medication is suitable for hypertension therapy in children older than 6 years. The dosage is 1.3 mg per kilogram of the body weight taken once a day. Subsequently, if the pediatrician who prescribed the drug thinks that it would be safe, the dosage can be increased to 2.7 mg per kilogram of the body weight administered once a day.

Dosage adjustments of Valsartan

People with impaired kidney function and creatinine clearance higher than 30 ml per minute should consult their doctors as they may need to take lower dosages of Valsartan.

How does the medication act?

How does the medication act?

Before you order Valsartan and start taking the pills, you may want to know how the drug renders its effect. For complete information please read the instruction that accompanies the pills. Here you can find a simplified and shortened explanation of the active substance effect.

Valsartan suppresses the effects rendered by the natural substance angiotensin II which narrows the blood vessels and arteries and causes the blood pressure increase. The suppression occurs through the blocking of angiotensin II receptors type 1 and aldosterone, hormone responsible for sodium and water reabsorption.

The effect of reduced myocardium hypertrophy is achieved through the regulation of the blood pressure.  Valsartan facilitates the heart work through the reduction of the initial stretching of the cardiac muscle cells prior to contraction and increase of the volume of blood being pumped by the heart. The medication also reduces swelling and stops pathological proliferation of cells which can lead to tumors formation.

What are possible adverse effects of Valsartan use?

Before you order Generic Valsartan, consult your physician about what side effects occurrence should indicate that you need to stop using the pills or seek immediate medical assistance. The thing is that some of the effects can be harmless and will go away by themselves while others can potentially lead to serious health harm.

The most frequent side effects that occur during the medication use include general weakness, fatigue, common cold-like symptoms, headache, dizziness, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and others. More dangerous side effects include arrhythmia, numbness of limbs, and labored breathing.

Who should not use the medication?

Who should not use the medication?

Do not buy Generic Valsartan when you are pregnant or breastfeeding. The drug should not be used also if you have hypersensitivity to its components or severe liver or kidney failure.
Caution should be exercised when the drug is used in stenosis (abnormal narrowing) of the kidney arteries, dehydration, low-sodium diet, bile duct impassability, and mild to moderate kidney failure.

What drugs are incompatible with Valsartan?

Before you buy Valsartan and start the therapy, make sure to inform your doctor about all pharmaceutical products that you use, including supplements, vitamins, and others. In this section of the article we are listing the most dangerous combinations of drugs that include Valsartan. However, there may be more drugs incompatible with the medication in your case which is why a consultation of a specialist is advised.

- Hyperkalemia can develop as a result of use of Valsartan at the same time with potassium-sparing diuretics or any substances that either contain potassium or can elevate its levels in the blood;
- Valsartan promotes build-up of Lithium and increases its toxicity;
- The effect of the medication is lowered by the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. This combination can also cause kidney dysfunction;
- The blood lowering effect of the medication is increased in combined use with diuretics;
- If combined with other antihypertensive drugs, Valsartan can cause blood pressure lowering below norm.

What should you do in an overdose with Valsartan?

What should you do in an overdose with Valsartan?

Do not be misguided by the fact that you can order Generic Valsartan without a prescription. You should not take increased dosages of the medication if your doctor doesn’t tell you to do so. An overdose can cause hypotension, fainting and violated heart rhythm. If you realized that you overdosed sooner than 2 hours after you took an increased dose, try vomiting. If the symptoms occur, go to the emergency room as you will probably need symptomatic treatment in a hospital.

Where to buy Generic Valsartan?

The best way to get the drug cheap and without a prescription is to order it from our online pharmacy. We sell qualitative brand and generic medications at affordable prices and are able to sell them without checking your Rx as our warehouses are situated in the countries where these drugs are sold over-the-counter unlike in the U.S. Do not worry - it is a legal practice that millions of Americans use every year.

Valsartan shipping options

Valsartan shipping options

Rxstore ships internationally including USPS shipping to the U.S. All orders come with tracking numbers regardless of the type of delivery you choose. However, if you need the drug urgently, you should opt for express shipping which is more expensive than the standard shipping. Find out more about our pricing, discounts, and other offers from the FAQ section of our website.

Free prescription

Our doctor prescribes Valsartan online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

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