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Nicotinic acid
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This reparation has another name – Generic Niacin and is available in many online shops. This is a vitamin B 3 that naturally is produced in plants and animals. People consume it through food and through special vitamin supplements in tablets. Usually, these nutritional supplements are added to meals. This specific preparation is used to prevent or eliminate the deficit of naturally produced niacin in one’s organism. It also acts as a cholesterol and triglycerides reducer. These are harmful excessive fats in the blood that may form clots and block veins and arteries. Too much cholesterol in blood is extremely dangerous. This factor is one of the most common reasons of heart attacks. This powerful and effective drug helps prevent a new one. Also, doctors sometimes prescribe it as a part of treatment of coronary artery disease that is known as atherosclerosis. There are also some other medical conditions that specialists may cure by means of the discussed preparations
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Niacin (Nicotinic acid 2 mg)
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More facts about Generic Niacin (Nicotinic acid 2 mg):

Generic Niacin (Nicotinic acid 2 mg) guide:

Generic Niacin 2 mg is crystalline white powder that easily dissolves in water. It is an efficient substance that helps prevent forming of fat clots in blood. As a result a risk of heart attack lowers because the level of cholesterol drops down. Every patient should remember that taking Nicotinic Acid is a part of complex treatment that also includes diet, sports, and other medicine. I you keep consuming fat food, even the most powerful and effective supplements are not able to help you. It is extremely important to follow all doctor’s recommendations to reduce the risk of blood clots and heart attacks. Niacin as a additional supplement is also used to balance the natural niacin in the organism if there is a shortage of it. Most commonly it is used as vitamin B3 nutrition together with meals. Natural sources of this nutrient are fish, potatoes, nuts, green vegetables, meat, poultry, and liver. If it is not enough, you can buy Generic Nicotinic Acid online right after visiting your doctor.

Generic Niacin Dosage

Generic Niacin Dosage

It is necessary to visit a doctor to get precise instructions for dosage according to your personal health condition. Each illness demands its own portion and every person should know its own dose:
- for adults with Hyperlipoproteinemia type IV the initial dose is 100mg with food or after it three times per day; maintenance dose is 1-2g three times per day; it is not recommended to use more than 6 mg of the preparation in one day; the same dosage is related to Hyperlipoproteinemia type V;
- for adults with Pellagra a usual dosage of the drug is 50-100 mg taken orally 3-4 times per day; do not use more than 500 mg each day;
- for adults with Niacin deficit the most common portion is 50-100 mg taken orally once a day with or without food; the maximum dose for one day must be no more than 100 mg;
Also, depending on the health disorder the usage period differs for different patients and only a specialist is able to establish it properly. If a child has a shortage of niacin, the dosage is prescribed concerning the age of a patient.

How to use Niacin (Generic Nicotinic acid)?

How to use Niacin (Generic Nicotinic acid)?

The preparation is made to use orally according to doctor’s recommendations. Use only fresh water (no gas) to help swallowing and never drink alcohol right after taking the drug. It may react with the substance and cause serious problems. If you use other medicine, tell about it your health provider to avoid unpleasant reactions. It is important to use pills exactly at the same time each day. If you miss one and realize it soon, immediately take it; if too much time has passed – miss it and take the next one in its time.

If for some reason you or your family members accidently use the preparation in a high dosage call for medical help right away. Be very careful with this preparation, it is very powerful and should never be abused. Finally, do not use the preparation longer than recommended by your doctor.

How to keep the preparation

How to keep the preparation

It is very important to keep this particular medicine as all other pharmaceutical products properly. Improper place can decrease a shelf life of the drug and spoil it. In this case it would become dangerous for using. Find cool, dry, and dark place for the supplement. It should be out of children’s and pet’s reach. It happens that when you order Generic Niacin 2mg online there are some leftovers when the course of treatment is finished. Do not throw them away. Government provides special programs that gather pharmaceutical products that are not needed anymore and utilize them safely for people and surrounding.

After getting your order do not throw away the package. It contains extra information including side effects, recommendations, shelf life and production information that you may need in future. Also, the original blister is a perfect package that is specifically made for this drug. If you put it into another box, you may forget or confuse its name.

Generic Drug Contraindications

Generic Drug Contraindications

It is important to have a check-up at clinic before getting doctor’s prescription and deciding to order the preparation online or offline. Any of your health conditions may become a serious obstacle for taking it. But if your orgasm allows it, this pharmaceutical product will become your helper in fight with breast cancer and its further spreading.

There are some contraindications about health conditions of the preparation usage that may become an obstacle for taking it. Read the description and components list carefully and discuss all details with your doctor before you decide to order Generic Niacin online or in a regular drug store. Take to notice next health conditions that may harden your problems:
- pregnancy. Never use this particular preparation or drugs of the same kind if you are pregnant; it may cause fatal damage to the unborn baby. Consult the doctor for detailed instructions. If you are not sure, you may need to have a pregnancy test to know it exactly.
- eyes diseases. If you have cataract or any other eyes illnesses history, do not forget to mention it to your health provider.
- high cholesterol or triglycerides or presence of fat in your blood
- receiving chemotherapy or radiation. Only your doctor can make a proper decision in this case.
- hypersensitivity or allergies to any of the preparation’s ingredients;
- history of deep vein thrombosis (when clots block deep vein; may be life-threatening)
- pulmonary embolus (when blood clots block artery in lungs)

Possible side effects

Due to the mechanism of its action, side effects of the preparation may appear only after months or years of taking it. If you start feeling bad after a long time of usage, visit the doctor. It may be connected with other factors, but it may as well be a consequence of the long effect of organism of the drug’s components. There are minor and major side effects of this generic medicine and its original. To minor side effects belong as follows: problems with periods (missed, absent or irregular), redness of skin, swelling of appendages, getting or losing weight, troubles with breathing, decreased amount of urine during urination. These minor side effects usually do not demand medical interference. They may be caused when the organism gets used to the supplement and after a short period of time these health problems will vanish. Talk to your doctor for some medicine prescription if any of above disturbs you.

There are also major side effects that may appear during the course of treatment by this specific preparation. They are: blurred vision, cataract, sweating, fever, confusion, vaginal bleeding, and yellowness of eyes or skin. If any of these are detected, immediately seek medical attention. For more detailed list of Niacin side effects refer the additional instruction that is added to the preparation. It also may become a reason of other kind of tumors’ appearance.

Where to buy Niacin (Nicotinic acid) online?

Where to buy Niacin (Nicotinic acid) online?

The question that appears before people is where they should buy it. Working hard day by day many people do not have time to drive around the city trying to find certain things. It takes to much energy, time and fuel. It is very easy to buy generics online. That is why online drug stores are the best problem solution in modern world. The simple process of buying will make you Order Generic Niacin 2 mg online right away. All that you need is a reliable website. If you have questions, our online consultant will give you all the answers and will help you chose the best option of shipping to your country. Online shopping will save you a lot of time, energy, nerves and even money. You will be able to monitor your order online and the package will be delivered to your door.

Generic Niacin (Nicotinic acid) shipping by Rxshop

Generic Niacin (Nicotinic acid) shipping by Rxshop

Usually, people who try buying preparations or other products online for the first time always ask the same question: how will they be able to get their order? This is not a problem today with hundreds of companies that offer fast and beneficial shipping to their customers. Our company offers two kinds of shipping: standard shipping that travels 14-25 days and fast shipping that takes 7-12 days to be delivered. You can choose either of them depending on terms of your treatment beginning. Another question that frequently appears is safety of the delivery. We guarantee that your order will get to you safe, unbroken and ready for usage. The shelf life of every drug is carefully checked before sending it to our customers and only those who are fresh are being packed. We take care about our clients and reputation.

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