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Levitra is the second erectile dysfunction medication to get the FDA approval for use in men who are suffering from this condition. It was introduced onto the market in 2003 and it has since been one of the most popular ED medications. It works by inhibiting PDE5 and allowing men with ED to achieve erections and maintain them. The main difference between Levitra and Viagra is that Levitra lasts for longer and allows men to plan their sexual activities more comfortably. In addition to this, Levitra also tends to cause headaches to a lesser extent than Viagra.
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Levitra (Vardenafil 20 mg)
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More facts about Generic Levitra (Vardenafil 20 mg):

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What type of a medication is Generic Levitra?

Levitra is the first medication after Viagra to get the FDA approval for the use by men who are unable to achieve erections due to erectile dysfunction. It was first sold in 2003 and over the years it has become one of the most commonly used PDE5 inhibitors in the world. Levitra works in a similar fashion as Levitra, enhancing the blood flow into the penis which is required for healthy erections. However, due to some differences, Levitra lasts somewhat longer than Viagra, which can sometimes mean a lot for men who decide to buy Levitra instead of Viagra. Another difference between the two is that Levitra does not cause headaches as often as Viagra and that is another reason why many men opt to order Levitra and use it as their preferred ED medication.

How does generic Levitra work?

Levitra contains an active ingredient called Vardenafil which is a PDE5 inhibitor. This means that generic Levitra results in benefits due to its ability to impede the functioning of this enzyme. This is important as PDE5 is found to be the reason why erectile dysfunction occurs in most cases. Namely, PDE5 is found to be responsible for preventing cGMP in relaxing the smooth muscles in the male organ. When cGMP is not allowed to function properly, the muscles in the penis prevent the blood from entering the penis in the amount necessary for the hydraulic effect to take place and result in erections. Therefore, as Levitra inhibits PDE5, cGMP is able to function properly and lead to healthy erections. You should keep in mind that sexual arousal is still needed as cGMP will not start working unless stimulated by nitric oxide which is active only when the man is aroused sexually.

Generic Levitra contraindications

Levitra is a prescription medication, which means that you need to have a prescription from the doctor in order to buy Levitra. The reason for this is that it lowers the blood pressure which can adversely affect certain conditions. Also, just like any medication, Levitra needs to be metabolized which is the reason why people with kidney and liver diseases need to inform the doctor about these conditions before they are prescribed with Levitra. The other medical conditions that need to be reported include: retinitis pigmentosa, heart diseases, low or high blood pressure, seizure disorders, blood cell and bleeding disorders, stomach ulcers, deformities of the penis, personal or family history of Long QT syndrome as well as recent history of cardiac events such as congestive heart failure, heart attacks or strokes. While these conditions do not mean that you will not be able to buy Levitra and use it, it is necessary that you talk to your doctor in order to find out if you will be safe taking Levitra. The only two cases in which the use of Levitra is not an option is if you are allergic to it or if you are taking any medications that contain nitrites or nitrates.

How should Generic Levitra be used?

Levitra is a medication that is taken when needed. This means that there is no schedule when using Levitra, as you take it only when you intend to engage in sexual activities. It is needed to take Levitra an hour before the planned sexual intercourse as it takes at least an hour for Levitra to start having effects. You should never take more than one dose of Levitra per day, as this increases the chances of experiencing side effects and can be harmful for your health. Do not drink alcohol or grapefruit juice when using Levitra. Also, it is highly inadvisable to use Levitra concomitantly with other ED medications.

Levitra side effects

Levitra is usually very well tolerated and it is most likely that you are not going to experience any side effects when using it. The most common side effects, though, include such as back pain, headaches, flushing, dizziness and upset stomach. These are mild and they are not a cause for worry. However, if you do experience any of the following serious side effects of Levitra, make sure you talk to your doctor at once: convulsions, priapism (prolonged, painful erections), vision and hearing changes, lightheadedness, short breath, ringing in the ears, irregular heartbeat, chest pains and swelling of the extremities. These are extremely rare, but they require immediate consultations with your physician.

Drugs that might interact with Generic Levitra

These are some of the medications that might interact with Levitra and if you wish to learn more about other medications that might do the same, you should talk to your doctor or the pharmacist. These are just some of the most common ones: isoniazid, conivaptan, imatinib, antidepressants, antifungal medications, certain antibiotics, high blood pressure medications, heart medications, hearth rhythm medications, HIV/AIDS medications.

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