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Diclofenac Gel
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Generic Diclofenac Gel 50 mg is an anti-inflammation agent that prevents spreading of infection into other parts of the organism. Caused by pathogens (bad bacteria that comes from the outside), this health issue has negative influence on the entire body. People with inflammation usually have high temperature, fever, and painful feelings; older persons suffer from the arthritis that is also a kind of inflammation when joints and knuckles of hands, wrists and/or elbows are infected and this is very painful. It is necessary to visit a doctor if you have any kind of inflammation because being left untreated this problem may have severe consequences (even fatal). Usually, specialist recommend a complex treatment that includes this particular gel application and some drugs taken orally. It is necessary to talk to your health care provider to make sure that Diclofenac does not react in combination with other pharmaceutical products you take at the same time. To avoid painful and prolonged negative effects, follow doctor’s prescription or list of recommendations precisely.
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mild to moderate pain, symptoms of osteoarthritis, symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis
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Diclofenac Gel (Jonac 1% 30 g)
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Dosage:1% 30g
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Dosage:1% 50g
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Generic Diclofenac Gel (Jonac 1% 30 g) guide:



This preparation belongs to the group of anti-inflammatory nonsteroidal medications that is prescribed for patients with joint pain in their upper and lower appendages caused by osteoarthritis. In other parts of the body affected by this disease, this particular medicine may not be effective. An active ingredient of this preparation that is also known as Jonac 1%, is Diclofenac. The mechanism of its action in the organism is not known yet. Another way to use it is to treat skin condition called actinic keratosis or other purposes and only the specialist can indicate when to use it. In any case, it must be applied topically on skin. This preparation should be applied externally.

Buying this particular medicine, you should be aware that it is sold in tubes and resembles a gel. This gel has white, white – yellowish or light creamy color and also has specific smell. No matter, what percent of Diclofenac the gel contains its appearance is the same.


Usage and Dosage

Usage and Dosage

It is important to use Generic Diclofenac Gel properly like any other pharmaceutical product to avoid negative consequences and unwanted side effects. Every package contains list of instructions that gives detailed recommendation for usage of the preparation. Follow your doctor’s instructions precisely first. It is necessary to read the added list from the package to know how to keep the preparation and what contradictions and side effects it has. Discuss any of them if they bother you with your health care provider.


It is highly recommended to use this medication taking a low dose first to make sure that no negative reactions appear. If none is noticed, use the dosage that your doctor has prescribed. In case of osteoarthritis, the specialist may also prescribe you other preparations for oral usage. Use them together with gel application. Your doctor knows what medications are safe to use in addition to Jonac 1%: never consume unknown drugs that have not been approved by the specialist.

After applying this gel, it is important to wash hands to remove the remnants from skin and avoid getting the substance to the eyes or mouth. Do not cover the skin area with the preparation on it for ten minutes after application. The substance needs time to absorb through dermis and start its action. Never use the gel on a wounded part of skin, on places with infection, skin rash, eczema or other injury. Also, avoid heating the treated skin area because it may increase the amount of absorbed drug and call out unpleasant side effects. Wait for at least an hour before taking bath or shower to avoid washing the gel away.

Follow the prescription of your doctor in matters of dosage, frequency of application and duration of the treating course precisely. Usually, the patient needs such amount of gel that is enough to cover the treated area gently. This process should be repeated twice a day or as the doctor recommends. Before applying the medication, prepare your skin: clean and dry it.

If you use this preparation to treat knee pain caused by osteoarthritis, place ten drops of gel into your hand and then spread it all over the knee (on the sides, top and back. In this case the process should be repeated four times per day. The package usually contains cards for indication the amount of gel needed. If you have them, use such cards. Squeeze the preparation on one card along the given line.


Side effects

Side effects

Diclofenac has its own possible side effects as all other pharmaceutical products. It is important to get immediate medical help if you notice any sign of allergic reaction during treatment with this substance. Usually, these signs are: difficulties with breathing, hives, swelling of face, throat, lips and tongue. Fortunately, only in rare cases such ill effects have been detected. Another serious side effect of this particular preparation is the risk of  heart attack or other cardio-vascular problems. If you feel burning in heart or severe pain in chest, call the emergency right away.


Other severe side effects that may appear (but usually don’t) are as follows: pain in jaws and shoulders, high pressure, nausea, sweating, signs of stroke (sudden weakness or numbness, troubles with speech severe headache, vision or balance deprivation), skin rash or rapid heart rate.




There are some health conditions and other reasons that do not allow patients to use the particular drug. Jonac 1% has its own contradictions. Do not use this preparation if you have ever suffered from asthma or have allergic reactions to Diclofenac, aspirin or other anti-inflammatory medication. Tell your health care provider about such issues, if you have them. If you suffer from any kind of heart diseases and use the gel for a long time, it may cause a heart attack; talk to your doctor first before starting the treating course.


It is highly recommended not to apply the gel after coronary surgery of any kind; the usage may be fatal in such conditions. Consult the specialist about the other preparations that you use at the moment to avoid severe unpleasant consequences and reactions. If there are no obvious health problems or personal intolerance for the components of the gel, apply it daily without fear, following all given instructions. Take to notice that during the pregnancy and breast-feeding many pharmaceutical products are not recommended for usage.




It is important to save the original package of the drug or ointment that you buy. Doing this you will be able to recognize the date of shelf-life termination and recall other important information. Find some dry, dark and cool place where children cannot reach it. Do not put the gel into the freezer; room temperature is good enough for keeping it. The usual shelf life of this particular medication is two years from the date of producing.



How to buy Generic Diclofenac Gel?

How to buy Generic Diclofenac Gel?

Most patients prefer generic versions of drugs rather than buying extremely expensive originals. Knowing that they have the same effectiveness and safety, people do not want to pay for colorful boxes. The problem is that many regular drug stores do not sell generic preparations. The problem has an easy solution – online shopping. Nothing is simpler than order Jonac 1% 50 mg on some respectful website. All you have to do is next:

- Find ten-fifteen minutes needed for making an order;
- Select the website or online drug-store with the most suitable offer and price;
- Press the Order button;
- Fill the order form with needed information

If you have any questions, online consultants are always there to help you. After you fill the form and pay for your order, all you should do is be patient and wait for the order to come to your door.


Generic Diclofenac Gel Shipping by Rxshop

Generic Diclofenac Gel Shipping by Rxshop

Shipping is probably the easiest part of your ordering process. All you do is waiting and our company will take care about everything else. We offer worldwide shipping and USA shipping via USPS, so it doesn’t matter in what part of the world you live, your order will get to you safe and sound. Another important and useful benefit of ours is shipping with track service that means that every order can be tracked on or another postal services available. Any moment you wish, you can see the spot where your goods are at the moment. Any medical preparation or other possible products can be reship by our company. We deliver our clients’ property right to their houses, offices or another preferable places and do it in shortest terms.

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