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Generic Robaxin is a pharmaceutical product from the type of muscle relaxants. When painful feelings occur, this preparation blocks nerve impulses that travel from injured spot to the brain. There is not a great variety of conditions that may be treated by this particular medicine. Its active ingredient is called Methocarbamol. In a complex with other drugs and physical therapy, this medication relieves skeletal muscles issues pain or/and injury. The discussed medicine effectively and positively affects musculoskeletal system due to its sedative qualities. Another his action is to reduce and eliminate spasm in muscles. The precise mechanism of action has not been studied yet but it is known that methocarbamol depresses Central Nervous System and due to this ability, patients get relief from pain. No direct action on nerve fiber has been detected. Two main reasons to use this preparation are as follows: painful muscular spasms (applied together with relaxation and physical therapy) and as additional drug in treatment of tetanus. Every person who decides to buy Generic Robaxin should visit the doctor first and get his precise recommendations for usage.
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skeletal muscle conditions such as pain or injury
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Robaxin (Methocarbamol 500 mg)
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Generic Robaxin (Methocarbamol 500 mg) guide:

Methocarbamol is known as depressant of the Central Nervous System that has relaxant and sedative characteristics applied to musculoskeletal system. This preparation is intended for intravenous and intramuscular administration. It is pyrogen-free sterile solution that means that it doesn’t contain any bacteria that may cause fever or other negative consequences. This substance is produced in a form of injection and as pills that should be taken according to doctor’s prescription, following each single detail. It may be also used for other purposes not listed in this medication guide as your doctor considers using it. Tests and studies show that methocarbamol has low narcotic effects and does not cause addiction if taken properly without overdosing and abusing. Do not take it without doctor’s permission to avoid possible side effects and severe allergy occurrence.

Methocarbamol looks like a white powder. It is easy soluble in next substances: water, chloroform, propylene glycol and alcohol with heating. It doesn’t mean though that this preparation should be taken with any of these except water. In a form of pills it looks like round filmcoated tablets of orange color that contain 500 mg or 750 of the active ingredient. Other components are these: corn starch, magnesium stearate, hydroxypropyl cellulose, saccharin sodium, propylene glycol and others. The detailed information of its inactive ingredients you can find on the drug package.




To treat muscular pain that is the main purpose of this preparation, it is necessary to not only use Generic Robaxin, but also keep relaxation regime and physical therapy, prescribed by your doctor. Only these three things in complex can fix the problem and eliminate your negative painful feelings. It helps relax muscles and takes away discomfort when they are injured. It is not approved to treat musculoskeletal conditions in patients under age 16 with this particular medication.

The active ingredient of the preparation may affect the results of few medical tests, making them incorrect or false. Tell all your doctors that you visit (if you have other health issues and consult different specialists at the same time) that you consume Generic Robaxin.


Dosage and usage

It is necessary to use such preparation properly. The dose and duration of treatment must be determined by the specialist only based on results of your clinical tests and reactions on active and inactive ingredients of the medication. It is important to read the instruction list added to the drug container before starting using it. If you have any questions about its side effects, contradictions or effectiveness, discuss it with your personal health care provider.
Patients should remember that it is not recommended to use this substance in more or less amount from the prescribed one. If you increase the dose, it will not help you recover faster, but it may call outside effects’ approach. In some cases, the doctor may suggest using lower dose after first 2-3 days of treatment course. Keep following all his instructions about the amount of pills or injection measures for each single day.
Most frequently, Methocarbamol is used 3 or 4 times per day by mouth with food or after a meal. In most cases, it is combined with other pain relieving methods, rest and physiotherapy. Tell your doctor if you do not feel any difference in your condition or this conditions worsens.


Side effects

Side effects

There are some possible side effects that you should know about before you decide to order Generic Robaxin. Patients may have headache, fever, anaphylactic reaction (that may be fatal), and angioneurotic edema. Such cardiovascular issues as hypotension, thrombophlebitis, bradycardia, flushing, and syncope may appear. This preparation is able to cause leucopenia. Digestive system deprivations (nausea, vomiting, cholestatic jaundice and dyspepsia) is another possible negative consequence of using this pharmaceutical product. It may affect nervous system and call out confusion, diplopia, dizziness, amnesia, drowsiness, insomnia, sedation, vertigo and slight muscular incoordination. If any of these reactions in addition to allergies and hypersensitivity reactions occur, immediately visit your doctor.

Remember that older people are usually more sensitive to side effects of this medication. They may easily get confused, have vertigo or excessive sleepiness. In such conditions, they may fall and break their bones or get injured in another way.




You should not order Methocarbamol and take it if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. IF you suffer from myasthenia (progressive weakness in muscles), do not forget to inform your health care provider about it. Because this drug may decrease your concentration and reaction, avoid driving a vehicle and doing other things that can become dangerous for you or others under the effect of the discussed medicine.
It has not been studied what effect this preparation has on the unborn children in mother’s womb. If you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant, talk to your doctor first. It may be better to cease using the medication to avoid causing damage to the embryo. The same may relate to the breast-feeding because it is not proven that the substance does not get into milk and is safe for babies.
You should tell your doctor about other health issues you have or have recently had. It is especially important to mention problems with liver because this preparation may affect it negatively and make your condition even worse. Do not drink alcohol before, during or after taking the daily portion of medication.




It is important to keep any pharmaceutical product in a proper place. It must be dark, cool and dry to prevent the preparation from spoiling. The place should be also out of children’s reach. Do not pass your preparation to other people. Do not throw leftovers to the garbage bin.


How to buy Generic Robaxin online?

How to buy Generic Robaxin online?

This particular preparation may not be available in many regular drug stores. It may also be a problem to get it in small countries and cities. The best option for every person who wants to buy Methocarbamol is to order it online. If you have no one to help you and you suffer from pain in your muscles, it can be a problem to walk or drive around the city looking for the medication that you need. Online services save your time, money and health because you do not have to leave your comfortable place to make an order.

Online purchasing gives you an opportunity to monitor different websites and compare prices. Many online drug stores have sales and pleasant bonuses for their customer that you may use for your benefit. If you have any questions, contact the online consultant who will provide you with all needed information.


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Methocarbamol shipping by Rxshop

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