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There are acne that are just too persistent and severe for regular treatments and antibiotics to help, and itís in these extreme cases of acne that doctors recommend patients to buy isotretinoin. First marketed as Accutane, Isotretinoin has several other uses in treatment, especially as a chemotherapy treatment in several kinds of severe cancers. The effects of the drug are tied to itís effects on vitamin A and itís compounds, and has severe side effects, making consultation with your doctor mandatory before you start using it.
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Generic Accutane (Isotretinoin 5 mg) guide:

When dealing with acne it is always best to try the standard methods first - washing the face with filtered water and soap, applying light alcohol based skin nourishing cremes and similar methods used by millions of teens around the world to deal with their acne problem. However, there are acne that are just plain resistant to regular skin purification methods, including medical ones - cystic acne can’t be dealt with by general antibiotics either, they’re just way too persistent.

Once you’ve exhausted the regular methods of dealing with the acne problem, it’s time to move on to more extreme measures. Isotretinoin is a capsule that is used by doctors who are trying to get rid of severe acne problems that have proven to be resistant to other methods of removal. It’s also used to treat certain other skin conditions and is used as a part of chemotherapy for several types of cancer.

The chemistry behind the processes involving drug Isotretinoin are pretty complex, but they involve increasing levels of Vitamine A in your system and inhibiting certain natural substances that cause acne in your body.

Self-medicating with this drug is not recommended at all, because the doses required will vary over time, and the drug itself has a lot of side effects to be taken into consideration before you start using it.

IMPORTANT: Before you buy Isotretinoin you must be aware of the fact that it is NOT to be taken by patients who are pregnant or who may become pregnant. The drug involves very high risk of spontanious abortion or causing the abnormal fetus developement. It’s not just the pregnancy - breast feeding is also to be avoided for at least a month after discontinuing Isotretinoin use. In the USA it is required for a woman to do two sets of pregnancy tests before she’s allowed to start taking Isotretinoin, as well as to be on at least two different types of birth control during the therapy and for a month after it. If one of the methods of birth control are pills, you should be aware that some pills do not go well with Isotretinoin, and actually cancel their positive effects out, leaving only the negative effects - your doctor should have all the information you need on the subject. Also, you should be aware that even the most modern birth control methods are not 100% safe, and that potential pregnancy during the treatment carries extremely high risk of abortion and birth defects if not deal with medically very swiftly.

You should also refrain from donating blood while you are on isotretinoin, as the substances used in the drug have allergenic properties and can cause problems further down the line. Of course, your doctor should know if you are allergic to the drug yourself.

Isotretinoin itself reacts with a lot of other drigs, medications, even herbal supplements and nutritional supplements, so you should report any medication or therapy you are on at the moment during consultations with your doctor. Things that need special mention are: medications for mental ilnesses, various form of oral steroids, complex antibiotics and vitamin supplements - these have very high risk of interfering with Isotretinoin or causing negative side effects alongside it.

Patients who took isotretinoin also have high tendencies towards depression or various forms of mood changes, including irritability, anger, sleepiness, lack of energy, vertigo and difficulty with concentration. This is why regular visits to the doctor are necessary so he can adjust the dose accordingly.

You can freely order Isotretinoin for the entire duration of your treatment at once, benefiting from various discounts you can find for this drug and it’s generic brands. The pill has a pretty long shelf life, and a typical therapy lasts for only a few months, four to five months the most. Two pills per day, taken with meals, that’s the typical dose. Do not chew or crush the capsules, as that will greatly reduce their effects - swallow them whole.

It takes several weeks for Isotretinoin to start showing effects. The acne could become worse during the beginning of the treatment, but this is a normal effect, as the body’s chemistry adjusts slightly before the drug’s positive effects start showing. It is expected that some of the positive aspects of Isotretinoin therapy can be seen even after the therapy is done, as it doesn’t just treat the symptoms, but improves the overall health of your body.

IMPORTANT: It is possible to overdose on Isotretinoin! If you experience some of the following symptoms, it very well may be that you have overdosed, and you should immediately contact emergency services as well as a local poison control center. Vomiting, flushing, severe headache, stomach pain, loss of coordination - any of those can indicate that you have overdosed on this drug. If you skip a dose by accident, do not double the next dose in the attempt to get things back on the schedule, just take your normal dose next time you are scheduled to.

Following names are generic brand names for Isotretinoin, you can order them from your pharmacy or online under any of the names: Absorica, Accutane, Amnesteem, Myorisan, Claravis, Sotret.

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