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Generic Modafinil Modalert Reviews (Total 59)

Generic Modalert (Modafinil 200mg)
Order online Generic Modalert  in Pharmacy online Price for 120 pills:

Modalert Reviews:

Feb / 19 / 2017 alexander harris   new york, ny
  This product really works. helped my focus and energy.

I can now get much more done in my day. its crazy how it happened.

I am now able to focus specifically on my takes and make it happen.

Highly recommended :)
Dec / 18 / 2016 Sophia Addison   USA, Seattle
  I had an issue with a processing company that is why I had to follow up a few days after placing my order to make sure it is in process. Thanks God, the order arrived in good condition.
Nov / 29 / 2016 Kraig Butler   USA,Homeland
  I will be not the first to say that Modalert is a genuine drug in terms of the price and the way it works. I have been using it for the last year every night shift (4 days a week) and I recommend it.
Nov / 23 / 2016 Kate Midletown   USA, Santa Barbara
  I am interested in Modalert by SunPharma, and I have a question.What will you do if my order is lost at the post? Will you charge me once more for it?
Nov / 22 / 2016 Tom Quinsly   USA, Astoria
  I use Modalert as a substitute of brand Nuvigil, I work on night shifts. It is effective and during 1 year I have not noticed any bad effects.
Nov / 01 / 2016 James Travis   USA, Bricktown
  I have been ordering at rxshop quite for long. SunPharma Modalert is working good for me. Every time I receive the pills in good packaging. I can surely recommend this company - the price, the delivery time and ordering process is very good.
Oct / 28 / 2016 Kate Smith   USA, California
  Just received my 2nd order from rxshop today. Quick delivery (arrived in 6 workin days) discreet packaging, ordered pills are exactly what they say. Would recommend to my friends! Many thanks for excellent service!
Oct / 25 / 2016 John Larson   USA, New York
  Ordered Modalert by SunPharma several times. The delivery was on time. I am generally satisfied with the service.
Dec / 13 / 2015 Roy Faverty   USA, Colorado is a great service. It is relatively fast and the products are from internationally recognized pharmaceutical firms that produce excellent generics. I having been using their service for several years now. The fact I accommodate certain drugs rather rapidly my narcoleptic like disorder uses far more than a normal dose so buying these drugs in the USA becomes impossibly expensive under our Medicare Drug D Plan. Normal delivery is 10-20 days (including a bit of a stall in Customs).It is not like going to your local pharmacist here in the State, but it is very, very good, you just need to plan ahead when your order should take place.
Jun / 17 / 2015 Anne Wyatt   USA, Akron Ohio
  Good product I give it a 10
Apr / 16 / 2015 Clark Butler   USA, Indiana
  I ordered from this company a number of months ago and received modalert rather than the Sun modafinil I ordered. Andrew, a staff member, corrected the mistake and sent the Sun brand. In the meantime I used the moderlet already sent and have found it to be as good as the Sun modifinil product. I do not take it for recreation, but to treat bipolar II depression. It is very effective. I have a medical prescription for it, but have found can afford to fill the prescription thanks to this company.
Mar / 12 / 2015 Nathan Graves   USA
  This will be the third time ordering modafinil from this reputable supplier. I have not had any issue receiving my previous orders.

I am a college student and this helps with study sessions as well as in the classroom to sharpen my attentiveness.

Thanks so much RX!
Oct / 24 / 2014 Marlyn K.   U.S.A.
  I've been using Modalert (Generic Modafinil) & it's been a life saver. I have severe sleep apnea (I stop breathing up to 140x/night) & have a rare form of narcolepsy. I go from fully awake to deep sleep in under 2 seconds (like shutting off a light).

I was prescribed 300mg/day Modafinil,& in the USA that's a big problem: after insurance my cost's $1,540 for 30 100mg tabs! Our gov't (which's been slowly, steadily injecting itself into every aspect of our lives since 9/11) made it not just a prescribed med, it classified it a narcotic!(the ONLY one to do this) I think they're afraid it helps people not just to stay away it helps them to think faster & clearer, something they don't want.

Thanks to Rxshop I get top quality generic medication at an affordable price. Each tablet comes individually vac-sealed, far better than if I got it from a US drug store. RxShop's service is outstanding & I have NO concerns ordering.
Oct / 20 / 2014 joeboot   usa
  Give all the money you can. You can trust! I guarantee.
try to pay all in first buy it is the best option
Oct / 15 / 2014 Mark   USA New York City
  great product and quick easy delivery. I am impressed but I found site and thought it was a gamble to order. pleasantly surprised!
Oct / 10 / 2014 Suzanne Lee   United States, United States, Martinsburg
  I have been proscribed Modifinil from my physician and my insurance will not pay so the price is astronomical .... I have ordered from this RX and of course the price was right and quality was great.. Thank you.
Oct / 05 / 2014 Nicolas   France
  Hi, Do you ship Modalert to France? Thanks
Oct / 11 / 2014 Doctor comment
Yes, we do ship Modalert to France.
Aug / 23 / 2014 carol stewart   Scotland uk
  Do you ship to the UK? If so how long does it take?
Aug / 24 / 2014 Doctor comment
Yes, we do ship to UK. Usually it takes 9-11 days to deliver the order to UK.
Aug / 03 / 2014 Terrence   Melbourne, Australia
  I was wondering if you have sent to Australia with any problems?
Aug / 05 / 2014 Doctor comment
We ship Modalert to Australia with no problems.
Jul / 24 / 2014 Ferreira   Brazil, Belo Horizonte
  Do you ship Modalert to Brazil? Is it risk to be seized?
Thank you!
Jul / 30 / 2014 Doctor comment
We do ship to Brazil with no problems, via Standard Shipping (14-20 days) only.
Jun / 27 / 2014 Chad   USA Columbus,Ohio
  I use modafinil for I have severe sleep apnea and chronic daytime sleepiness and it works great .
May / 02 / 2014 Maralee K.   AUS
  For over a year I've needed a medication that in the US is criminally overpriced. (The manufacturers of both the original & the generics've been in Federal Court 2 yrs now for price fixing). Even with insurance my co-pay = $1500/mo.

After researching dozens of online pharmacies I found It was the only one that met my conditions: 1)They post the name of the drug's manufacturer, 2) there'is a physician reviewing why one is ordering, & 3) their prices were excellent.

I now get a 3 month supply of my meds for a fraction of that 1 month's co-pay. I receive high quality medication that, when sent for testing showed it was exactly what it should be. Plus, the meds from come packaged far better than those I'd gotten from my US pharmacy (the 1 time I got it there).

I highly recommend to any seeking genuine AND affordable meds.

Apr / 25 / 2014 tommo   Bangkok
  Hi, do u ship to Thailand and if so how long? Thanks.
Apr / 25 / 2014 Doctor comment

 We do ship Modalert to Thailand. It can take 12-18 days to deliver your order.

Mar / 21 / 2014 nada stijovic   usa, madera
  works well and ships quickly
Jan / 10 / 2014 James   Australia

Do you ship Modalert to Australia?

Jan / 13 / 2014 Doctor comment

 We do ship Modalert to Australia with no problems.

Dec / 06 / 2013 Subin Oh   South Korea
  hi, do you ship to South Korea?
Dec / 07 / 2013 Doctor comment

Yes, we do ship to South Korea.

Nov / 08 / 2013 Valerie   USA, California
  Thank you again RXShop for your expedient shipping, your excellent customer service, and, above all, the freshness and quality of your products. I am very grateful and I appreciate all you do to accommodate your customers the best way you can, which is always above and beyond satisfactory.
Oct / 25 / 2013 Lezli Gill   USA, California, Jamestown
  Thank you RXShop this modalert sure helps me during my 12 hr night shift at work. I am alert and totally awake all 12 hours.
Oct / 25 / 2013 Lezli Gill   USA, California, Jamestown
  This is the third time ordering moderalert. I work night shift and thus works wonderfully for me. I take vtjus about 4pm before I go to work at 6:30pm and am alert and not a bit tired while at work. I get home from working 12 hour shift about 7:30 am and I am able to get the rest I need until I awake to do it again. Thank you RX Shop.
Oct / 21 / 2013 Thomass O'Connor   Australia
  I use Modalert during shift change while working offshore and it really helps me stay aware, alert and focused during this period.
Sep / 04 / 2013 Stacy   USA, Seattle
  Just writing to say "thank you" for your excellent product and customer service! First time ordering from this site and my experience has exceeded all expectations. Ordering and payment verification was very smooth. Product shipped and arrived at my door in less than 5 days total (including weekend and a US holiday)! Product quality excellent. Thank you!
Jul / 30 / 2013 John   Australia
Just wondering if you ship Modafinil to Australia and how long it will normally take?

Cheers John
Aug / 02 / 2013 Doctor comment

 Yes, we ship Modafinil to Australia. Standard Shipping takes 14-20 days and Express Shipping 7-12 days.

Jun / 25 / 2013 Roy Faverty   Boulder County Colorado USA
  RXshop is a superb service and company. They work with you to resolve dosage problems. Delivery is relatively fast and the product costs are reasonable. I take 400 mg of Modafinal per day, however I do not recommend this dosage. I have been on modafinil for many years and have worked closely with my primary care Physician to properly titrate the dosage. Over the period of the last 5-6 years my tritation indicated a creeping dosage increase from 100 mg to 400 mg. However, I am a massive man so don't compare yours dosage to mine, just work with your MD and do a correct titration for you body.

SunPharma is one of my favorite pharma companies so I use modalert. You can trust, they are people of good character with excellent products at fair prices.
They stand behind their products.
Jun / 25 / 2013 Tae   Malaysia
  Hi, I would like to know if you guys have shipped any modalert to Malaysia before? Was there any issue with the customs so far?

Thank you.
Jun / 27 / 2013 Doctor comment

Yes, we do ship to Malaysia with no problems.

May / 31 / 2013 Bernice Baez   USA, Pennsylvia
  I am very happy with my delivery. It came on time and the medication is exactly as i expected. The price for this medication is at least one third less than in the USA.
May / 28 / 2013 holly   Usa Greenfield
  Do u ship overnight? What is the fastest shipping period?
May / 28 / 2013 Doctor comment

 Sorry we do not have overnight delivery. To US we can deliver in 2 weeks, this is the fastest way.

May / 06 / 2013 roman   china
  Do you ship to china? If yes how longs the fastest shipping?
May / 06 / 2013 Doctor comment

 Yes, we ship to China. Standard Shipping takes 14-20 days and Express Shipping 7-12 days.

May / 02 / 2013 Mark Boysen   Nebraska
  I have a question and a long comment on how good you are. I have been prescribed this for years and it is just what it is supposed to be, without the addiction potential of other meds.... I have been on the same dose for a dozen years,. However my sleep apnea and narcolypsy is now worse, as well as depression-- with be on disability soon, but cant get the med now any other way,. I would like to increase for the very first time and would like to know if that is safe... I take 200 now, once a a day and it used to be perfect, now it barely covers my increasing problems. Is it ok to increase, and how much -- I am thinking of taking my first dose at 5-7 am, and another 100 or really 200 at 11 am or so.
I had many of the same questions others have had and because my doc prescribed this years ago and my sleep apnea and narcolypsy is getting worse, this is a godsend. My experience has been great with you guys, without exception, Sun Pharma, altho not the cheapest seems the most high quality, or equal to my script here. I have tried other providers, and you are superior, I must say, I just wish it was a bit faster, as I am homeless and very disability yet, altho, obviously I am given this and depression., I just had to comment on the various kinds-- obviously-- people differ. so this is not gospel, just my opinion. I do have a phd in psych and used to teach I do know a bit
May / 03 / 2013 Doctor comment

Doses up to 400 mg/day, given as a single dose, have been well tolerated, but there is no firm evidence that 400mg dose confers additional benefit beyond that of the 200 mg dose.

It would be perfect you to consult your doctor.

Apr / 30 / 2013 Andreas Balzer   Germany, Dortmund

I\'m using Escitalopram for my depressions. (40mg / day) My question is, if there are any interactions by using Medication with Escitalopram?
May / 01 / 2013 Doctor comment

Medication with Escitalopram has a moderate interaction.

Apr / 08 / 2013 Brad Forester   Overland Park, KS
  Can you ship to Kansas, USA?
Apr / 09 / 2013 Doctor comment

 Yes, we do ship to Kansas, USA.

Feb / 19 / 2013 Jewi jap   Indonesia, medan
  Similar question, do you ship to indonesia? Please reply..thks..
Feb / 19 / 2013 Doctor comment

 Yes, we do ship to Indonesia.

Jan / 30 / 2013 Guilherme   Rio de janeiro, Brazil
  I wanted to buy some modafinil, do you ship to brazil? If yes how longs the fastest shipping?
Feb / 03 / 2013 Doctor comment

We do ship to Brazil, only via Standard Shipping (14-20 days).

Dec / 29 / 2012 ahmadi daeijoon   Iran, esfahan
  Hi, I am from Iran...I am interested in ordering some Medication. Do you guys ship to Iran?
Dec / 29 / 2012 Doctor comment

Yes, we do ship to Iran, only via Standard Shipping.


Nov / 20 / 2012 John Chambers   United Kingdom, London

Do you ship to London?
If so, how long would this take??

Nov / 21 / 2012 Doctor comment

 Yes, we do ship to London. It takes 7-12 days for the order to be delivered to UK. 

Sep / 18 / 2012 Lo?c Geran-Thomas   Guadeloupe, Les Abymes
  Been a customer for months now and I have not had any problems. Really friendly and professional service. Orders reached me in no time and I was able to track to status of my order at all times whether online or with the team. I mainly use modafinil for my ADHD because it is more affordable than Ritalin
Sep / 10 / 2012 Valerie De La Cruz   USA, California
  Very satisfied and happy with my order and the ordering process and I did not experience any problems what so ever. Medication is very fresh and have had no adverse affects. My order also arrived on time and without any problems or delays. Customer service is also very good here at Will continue to purchase here.
Jun / 21 / 2012 Bond   USA, Amarillo
  The order was delivered to my address... Thanks....
Jun / 11 / 2012 Sammy Jo   USA, Nebraska
  I was wondering what the difference was betwen your generic Modulert 200mg for $168.80 nand your Modapro ( Provigil) 200mg for $248.88? since they are both generic are these 2 different meds with different chemical makeup's? thanks
Jun / 11 / 2012 Doctor comment


The difference is in manufacturer. Generic Provigil (Modapro) the manufacturer of the drug is Cipla company. The  manufacturer of Generic Modafinil is Sun Pharma.

The active ingredient of these drugs is Provigil.


May / 09 / 2012 Peter Norbert   Australia
  Hi, I'm from Australia, wanted to get my hands on some modafinil, do you ship to Australia?
Jun / 11 / 2012 Doctor comment

 Yes, we do ship to  Australia with no problems.

Mar / 04 / 2012 Kenneth Orchard   USA, Maryland
  The order was delivered to my address... Thanks.... It's working perfect for my study needs....... I will reorder again....
Feb / 20 / 2012 adious   Singapore
  Hi, I am from Singapore.. I am interested in ordering some Medication. Do you guys ship to Singapore and Malaysia?
Feb / 20 / 2012 Doctor comment

 Yes, we do ship Medication to Singapore and Malaysia.

Jan / 08 / 2012 Alexei   Russia, Moscow
  Who manufacturers this product? Sun Pharma?
Jan / 11 / 2012 Doctor comment

Yes, Sun Pharma is the manufcature of Generic Modafinil.

Nov / 27 / 2011 Raja Lee   USA, CA
  So, concerning this \\\"discrete packaging,\\\" it will only have the shipping address on the package, correct?
Dec / 08 / 2011 Doctor comment

Yes, the package will only have the shipping address.

Oct / 06 / 2011 christina lauver   USA
  I can't stay awake, but when it is time to sleep I can't get to sleep. Would this drug be a solution?
Oct / 08 / 2011 Doctor comment

Yes, is a medication that promotes wakefulness.

You can buy medication and treat excessive sleepiness caused by sleep apnea, narcolepsy, or shift work sleep disorder.

Aug / 23 / 2011 Liz Maj   USA
  Hi, is the Generic Modafinil you sell the Sun Brand from India? How long does it take to be delivered by
EMS to california?
Sep / 15 / 2011 Doctor comment

Yes, the Medication we sell are the Sun Brand from India.

It takes 7-11 days for the order to be delivered to USA.

Jan / 04 / 2011 Allen Forest   United Kingdom, London
  Very professional and friendly service! Thanks for the regular bonus pills and fast shipping!
Allen Forest, your regular satisfied customer.
Oct / 21 / 2010 Dario Simic   Croatia, Zagreb
  The product arrived on time. Thank you!
Aug / 20 / 2010 Roberto   Sao Paulo, Brasil
  Good afternoon,

I am interested in buying some products from the site. The
company makes delivery to Brazil?
Grateful for the attention

Aug / 20 / 2010 Doctor comment

Thank you for you question.

Yes, ships to Brazil and you can buy online this drug

May / 20 / 2010 Jones Moore   USA, Amarillo
  will modafinil help for sleep disorders ?
what dosage should take an adult ?
May / 25 / 2010 Doctor comment

Medication is used to help people who have narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea/hypopnea syndrome (OSAHS), or shift work sleep disorder (SWSD) to stay awake during the day. Modafinil does not cure these conditions and will only work as long as you continue to take it.
For narcolepsy or obstructive sleep apnea/hypopnea syndrome:
* Adults should take 200 milligrams (mg) once a day in the morning.
For shift work sleep disorder:
* Adults should take 200 milligrams (mg) one hour before you begin working.


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