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What is Lasix? How to Treat with Generic Furosemide.

Drug description:
Generic Lasix is a term used by people who look for a cheaper version of the branded medication Lasix. The generic is the same drug simply made by another company and sold cheaper. The active substance of both drugs is Furosemide, a diuretic agent that is used in congestive heart failure, kidney failure, liver diseases, elevated arterial pressure, and other conditions that are associated with swelling. The pills can be used for the therapy of children with the body mass more than ten kilograms. Find out when the medication can be used and when it can be harmful from our complete guide.
Brand name:
Generic name:
- Effective Edema Reduction;
- Management of Hypertension;
- Rapid Onset of Action;
- Strong Diuretic Effect;
- Its rapid effect makes it useful in acute settings, such as pulmonary edema;
- Heart Failure Management;
- Potassium Levels Monitoring;
- Reduced Hospitalization for Heart Failure Patients;
- Treatment of Hypercalcemia;
- Reduces swelling and washes out excessive fluids from the body, normalizes the high blood pressure.
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Lasix (Furosemide 40 mg)
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Generic Lasix (Furosemide 40 mg) Medication guide:

More facts about Generic Lasix (Furosemide 40 mg):

What is the drug that is sold under the name Lasix?

What is the drug that is sold under the name Lasix?

Lasix is the brand name owned by the pharmaceutical company Aventis. The same medication is known worldwide as Furosemide by the name of the active substance of the medication. It means that it is not produced only by Aventis but also by other drug manufacturers. This allows you to buy Lasix cheaper than the branded medication if you look for the so-called generics of the medication. It is possible because the medication was developed back in 1962 and the exclusive right of the company that first made it to continue making the medication without sharing the formula had already expired. The medication is used as an anti-swelling agent and as a hypotensive agent (blood pressure-lowering).

The medication is a loop diuretic that acts quite fast. Besides, it has a relatively potent and short-lived effect. The effectiveness of the medication depends on the fact whether it enters the tubules at the points of the lumens by anion transport mechanism. The diuretic effect occurs as a result of inhibiting the reabsorption of sodium chloride in this segment of the Henle loop.

The start of the diuretic action is within one hour after the pills intake. The average duration of the effect is from three to six hours. When taken orally, the medication is quickly absorbed from the stomach and the amount of the active substance in the body is around fifty-seventy percents. The medication penetrates the placenta and the breast milk.

The secondary effects of enhanced sodium excretion are due to the amplified urinary excretion (due to osmotically bound water) and increased distal tubular secretion of potassium. The washing out of calcium and magnesium ions also increases.

Furosemide causes a dose-dependent stimulation of renin-angiotensin-aldosterone. In heart failure, the medication use leads to an acute reduction in cardiac preload by narrowing the capacitive venous vessels. This early vascular effect is prostaglandin-alternating and involves an adequate kidney function with activation of renin-angiotensin and unharmed synthesis of prostaglandins. In addition, due to its natriuretic effect, Furosemide decreases vascular reactivity relative to catecholamines, increased in patients with arterial hypertension.

The antihypertensive efficacy of furosemide is explained by increased sodium washing out, reduced blood volume and decreased response of smooth muscle vessels to vasoconstrictor stimulation.

The onset of a diuretic effect is observed within fifteen minutes after the administration of a dose of the medication.

The dose-dependent enhancement of diuresis and natriuresis was observed during the clinical trials in healthy volunteers who received the medication in the dosages between 10 and 100 mg. The duration of the medication effect in healthy volunteers is around three hours after the use of the medication.

The medication is washed out from the body with urine and feces. The medication has a two-phase half-life that takes about two hours. In people with impaired liver or kidney function, the half-life time can be increased.

When is the use of the medication appointed?

Your doctor can appoint you the therapy with this preparation if you are diagnosed with congestive heart failure, kidney failure, acute kidney failure (including during pregnancy and labor), liver diseases, or arterial hypertension. However, you should know that you need to buy Generic Lasix for these conditions only if they are accompanied by swelling caused by water retention in the body.

Please note that Generic Furosemide can be used in injections and oral pills. It is important to clarify with your doctor what formulation you need to take before you order the pills from this webpage.

Can I buy Generic Lasix instead of the branded medication?

When you are prescribed to use Lasix, you can without any doubts opt for a generic instead. The reason for that is these medications are absolutely the same. They are simply made by different manufacturers and the generic is cheaper because it has a less promoted and known name. But please be attentive, especially if you order Lasix from an online drugstore: make sure the name of the active agent, dosage per pill, and the formulation not to order the vials for injections when you need pills or vice versa.

We guarantee you that the generic medicines you buy from our online med store are of the highest quality and render identical effect to the more expensive branded medications. You can always check our reputation looking for our customers’ reviews. Besides, you can always count on the free consultation of our pharmacists.

When must not you buy Generic Lasix?

Even if you believe that you need to take this medication, do not hurry to buy Furosemide. First, you need to check with your doctor that you don’t have the contraindications for its use:
- Hypersensitivity to Furosemide or other components of the pills;
- Hypersensitivity to sulfonamides;
- Hypovolemia or dehydration;
- Anuria or renal failure with anuria;
- Renal failure due to poisoning with nephrotoxic or hepatotoxic medicines or renal failure associated with hepatic coma;
- Severe hypokalemia;
- Severe degree of hyponatremia;
- Pre-coma and coma, associated with hepatic encephalopathy.

What negative effects can Generic Furosemide cause?

The medication use can cause the diminishing of the blood pressure below the norm, collapse, tachycardia, arrhythmias, decreased circulating blood volume, dizziness, headache, myasthenia gravis, muscle cramps, paresthesia, apathy, weakness, lethargy, drowsiness, confusion, impaired vision and hearing, decreased appetite, anorexia, dry mouth, thirst, nausea, vomiting, constipation or diarrhea, cholestatic jaundice, pancreatitis (exacerbation), acute urinary retention, interstitial nephritis, hematuria, decreased potency, allergic reactions, and others.Some of these negative effects can be life-threatening, therefore, when you buy Generic Furosemide and start the therapy you need to inform your healthcare provider about all changes in your state of health.

How is Generic Lasix used?

How is Generic Lasix used?

The medication of this formulation is taken orally, usually, before a meal. The dosage regimen is established by a doctor. Here you can see the regular recommendations for information only.

The initial dosage for adults is 20-80 mg. If the effect is insufficient, the dosage can be increased by 20-40 mg every six-eight hours till the adequate diuresis effect is achieved. The single dosage, if necessary, can be raised to 600 mg.
In arterial hypertension, the recommended dosage is 20-40 mg a day. If the blood pressure-lowering effect is insufficient, it is recommended to add other antihypertensive medications to the therapy rather than increase the dosage of Furosemide. If the medication is added to the undergoing therapy with other antihypertensive medications, their dose should be two-fold lowered.

The starting dosage for children is 2 milligrams per kilogram of the body weight. The maximum is 6 milligrams per kilogram, of the body weight. Only children with the body mass over ten kilograms can be administered this formulation of the drug.

The swelling in adults caused by the congestive heart failure is treated with 20-40 mg a day. The dosage can be elevated and split into two-three intakes.

What drug interactions are undesirable?

Before you order Generic Lasix, if you take any other pills, you need to discuss the possibility of their simultaneous use with this diuretic. In this article, we provide the general recommendations about the most undesirable drug combinations but the list is incomplete. For the full list, please read the official instruction or talk with your doctor.

The medication elevates the concentration and respectively the chance of toxic effect of cephalosporins, aminoglycosides, chloramphenicol, ethacrynic acid, cisplatinum, and amphotericin B.

It enhances the effect of diazoxide and theophylline.

The medication diminishes the effect of hypoglycemic (antidiabetic) medicines and allopurinol.

The medication is not advised to be used with Lithium medications as it slows down their washing out the body and elevates the possibility of intoxication.

The medication enhances the blood pressure-lowering effect of other medicines, the effect of depolarizing muscle relaxants, and diminishes the effect of nondepolarizing muscle relaxants.

Pressor amines and Furosemide mutually reduce each other’s efficiency.

Drugs that block tubular secretion increase the concentration of Furosemide in serum.

When the medication is combined with cardiac glycosides the risk of digitalis intoxication due to hypokalemia development rises.

Overdose of Furosemide

The typical symptoms of an overdose are dehydration, electrolyte imbalance (including hypokalemia and hypochloremic alkalosis) due to diuretic effect, cardiac arrhythmias, severe arterial hypotension, orthostatic collapse, acute renal failure, thrombosis, delirium, peripheral paralysis, apathy, and confusion.

The treatment requires immediate discontinuation of the therapy. You must induce vomiting and take activated carbon. Next, if the symptoms are severe, you need to seek medical assistance as you may need symptom-oriented therapy at a hospital.

Where to buy Lasix?

Where to buy Lasix?

The medication is sold both at regular and online pharmacies. The main advantage of online drugstores is that they sell the medication cheaper and also offer generic drugs. We offer you to order Furosemide to get absolutely the same effect as from the branded medication but for a fraction of the price of the branded drug.

Shipping of Lasix

Our online pharmacy specializes in the international selling of medicines and therefore we ship them worldwide.

Free prescription

Our doctor prescribes Furosemide online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging

All orders of Furosemide arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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