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What is Proventil? How to Treat with Generic Albuterol.

Drug description:
Generic Proventil is not different from the branded drug in terms of compound, indications for use, and efficacy. It simply has a different name on the package because of the different producer and a lower price because its name is not advertised. The inhaler we sell on this webpage is used for the prevention and prophylaxis of bronchospasm in asthma, chronic bronchitis, obstructive pulmonary disease, and emphysema. The medication can be used n children.
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- Helps to quickly stop the bronchospasm and prevent it occurrence.
Formoterol, Foratec, Asthalin, Accuneb, Aerolin, Aschalin, Asmaven, Broncovaleas, Cetsim, Cobutolin, Ecovent, Loftan, Rotahaler, Salbulin, Salbutamol, Salbutard, Sultanol, Venetlin, Ventolin, Volma, Xopenex.
Proventil (Albuterol 100 mcg)
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Generic Proventil (Albuterol 100 mcg) Medication guide:

More facts about Generic Proventil (Albuterol 100 mcg):

What is Proventil?

Proventil is probably one of the most known names of anti-asthma medications. It is a brand name registered by an American pharmaceutical company Schering-Plough for an aerosol inhaler based on the active substance Albuterol. Albuterol is a beta 2 adrenergic receptor stimulant that dilates the bronchi and reduces the bronchospasm in such conditions as asthma, bronchitis, obstructive lung disease, and emphysema of the lungs. The preparation is manufactured and sold by numerous pharmaceutical companies as it is not protected by the exclusive patent. Therefore, you can purchase a cheaper medication from a different company with the same effect when your physician appoints you to buy Proventil.

The medication is produced in different forms. It can be used in a form of intravenous infusions, syrup, tablets, coated tablets, prolonged-release tablets, sustained-release tablets, and inhalers. Other forms of the preparation such as infusions are used in gynecology to prevent premature labor or hyperactivity of the uterus in pregnant women to avoid miscarriage.

As a bronchodilator, i.e. the substance that expands the bronchi when they are spasmodic, for instance, in an acute episode of asthma, the medication renders its effect through the stimulation of beta type two adrenergic receptors and blood vessels. It also suppresses the histamine, i.e. allergy receptors and inhibits the reaction of bronchi to an allergen. Besides, it also facilitates the coughing out of sputum.

The medication also plays a role in metabolic processes within the body which is why it is important to take into account all other conditions and diseases you suffer from when you start using Proventil. For instance, the preparation reduces the concentration of potassium in the blood plasma, affects glycogenolysis and the release of insulin. In patients with bronchial asthma, it can increase blood sugar and accelerate the breakdown of fat, which increases the risk of lactic acidosis.

What is Generic Proventil?

Generic Proventil is a collective term used for all medications identical to the branded medication Proventil made by other companies. This term is used to relieve you from the necessity to remember all other names under which the medication is registered when you want to get the medication cheaper. The cheaper price of the so-called generic is due to the lack of research costs as the manufacturers of the medications use the formula that had been previously developed by another company. They also choose not to widely advertise their medicines and sell them in the countries where there is no monopoly of large brands.

You should not be scared to buy Generic Proventil. Its cheaper price doesn’t indicate the lower quality. As we have already explained, it is due to other factors. On top of that, the medications marketed as generics are comprehensively tested and released onto the market only if they correspond to the original formula, safety standards, and efficacy. We sell the medication made by the known generic-drug making company Cipla that has a well-established reputation around the world. We recommend you not to look further for a cheaper price as you may end up buying an inferior medication, a placebo, or an expired inhaler which won’t be effective. We set the most reasonable prices for the highest quality medications as we value our reputation.

When should you buy Generic Proventil?

The inhaler is used in the conditions associated with the occurrence of the bronchospastic syndrome, such as bronchial asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema. If you are diagnosed with any of these conditions, you can buy Albuterol and start using it in accordance with the instruction but it would be wiser to consult a respiratory therapist, a physician, or an allergist about what your total therapy should include. This inhaler sometimes can replace the combined therapy but in other cases, additional use of corticosteroids and long-acting inhalers is still needed. It is used to stop an acute and severe episode of suffocation caused by a bronchospasm and not as a prophylaxis to maintain the bronchi in normal condition and prevent the occurrence of spasms in them as do long-acting inhalers.

When shouldn’t you buy Generic Proventil?

The active substance of the inhaler is contraindicated for pregnant women (except when it the therapy with it appointed by the obstetrician-gynecologist), during breastfeeding, for children younger than 18 months as a solution for an inhaler (the powder for inhalation and pills are contraindicated for older children too and are allowed to be used since 6 years of age).

You should not buy Generic Albuterol if you are allergic to the inhalers based on it. If you have tachyarrhythmia, severe chronic heart failure, arterial hypertension, thyrotoxicosis, pheochromocytoma, ischemic heart disease, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, myocarditis, heart defects, aortic stenosis, diabetes mellitus, epilepsy, history convulsions, gastrointestinal stenosis you must inform your healthcare provider and ask whether you can use the inhaler as in this conditions it is not advised to be used and even if used it should be administered in reduced dosages and under a control of a healthcare specialist.

Possible side effects of Generic Proventil

When you order Proventil, as with any other medical product, there is a risk of side effects development during its use. The possible negative reactions to the inhaler use are tachycardia (increased heart rate), headache, involuntary muscle contractions, dizziness, nervous tension, insomnia, nausea, vomiting, increased sweating, and others. These symptoms usually go away within a couple of days of the inhaler use. But if you develop allergic reactions or other dangerous adverse effects such as urticaria, skin rash, angioedema, paradoxical bronchospasm, erythema multiforme, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, arrhythmia, chest pain, hypokalemia, psychoneurological disorders (including psychomotor agitation, disorientation, memory impairment, aggressiveness, panic condition, hallucinations, suicidal attempts , schizophrenia-like disorders, urinary retention, you must discontinue the use of the inhaler and inform your healthcare provider immediately.

Side effects in the overdose of Proventil

If you overdose with the medication, you can start suffering from tachycardia (rapid heart rate), arrhythmia, dizziness, dryness in the mouth, fatigue, headache, lowering or elevation of the blood pressure, tremor, involuntary muscle contractions, seizures, tension, high potassium levels then their drop to the minimum levels, and others.

In case you overdosed and started suffering from these symptoms, you need to seek medical assistance immediately.

How to use Generic Proventil inhaler?

Although you can order Generic Proventil inhaler from our online pharmacy without a prescription, we highly advise you to consult a doctor before you decide to start using the inhaler to be sure that it’s not contraindicated for you and to obtain precise personalized instructions on its use.
In this section, we provide the general instruction for the inhaler use based on the label.

To stop the starting asthma or suffocation episode in adults and children older than 12 years of age, they need to make 1-2 inhalations at once. It is recommended to use one dosage and use the next one or two only if within the 5 minutes after the inhalation the condition isn’t improved.  After that, the inhalations are made in a regular regimen, i.e. by one inhalation every 4-6 hours but not more than 6 times a day.

You can order Albuterol inhaler and use it as a prevention measure if you are doing sports or before a contact with an allergen (for instance, when you are visiting friends who have pets). For this purpose, 10-15 minutes before you plan to start exercising or contact an allergen you should make one or two inhalations.

For the preventive therapy, the supporting dosage for a long-duration therapy is two inhalations made four times a day. The maximum number of inhalations per day is eight which is equal to 800 micrograms of Albuterol a day.

Generic Proventil interactions

If you use any medications or supplements, make sure to inform about that your physician and consult him or her whether they are safe to be used with this inhaler before you order Generic Albuterol.

The active substance of the inhaler accelerates the effect of the stimulants that affect the nervous system and the effect on the heart of thyroid gland hormones.

The risk of toxic effects occurrence is enhanced in combined use of the inhaler with theophylline and ephedrine.

Antidepressants of all groups, corticosteroids, and the medications that inhibit the synthesis of prostaglandins, Levodopa, and inhalation anesthesia combined with the inhaler can increase the risk of heart side effects.

The inhaler used along with beta-blockers, hypertensive medicines, nitrates, and antianginal drugs can lower the effect of the latter.

Where to buy Proventil?

The inhaler is sold at almost any drugstore but provided that you are looking for its generic to save your money on the therapy, the best way to do so is to order Proventil from this web page. We offer the most affordable prices for the best generics with good reputation and from the world-known drug manufacturers so you can rest assured that you will get the best medication.

Shipping of Proventil

We ship all products sold at our online pharmacy worldwide.

Free prescription

Our doctor prescribes Albuterol online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging

All orders of Albuterol arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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Common drug rating: 5.00 / Total votes: 17
Rating: 5 May 9 / 2024 USA, Kennewick
I recommend the company, they supply the inhalers I use daily and I can rely on them.
Rating: 5 Apr 25 / 2024 Australia, Eastgeelong
Can Proventil be used by children?
Doctor comment
Apr 25 / 2024 Doctor comment

Proventil can be prescribed to children under the guidance of a healthcare provider. The dosage and administration instructions may vary based on the child's age and condition. It's essential to follow your doctor's recommendations carefully when giving Proventil to children.

Rating: 5 Apr 17 / 2024 USA, Boonton
How quickly does Proventil start working?
Doctor comment
Apr 18 / 2024 Doctor comment

Proventil usually starts to work within a few minutes of inhalation, providing rapid relief of symptoms during an asthma attack or other bronchospasm episodes. The effects typically last for several hours, but individual responses may vary.

Rating: 5 Mar 11 / 2024 USA, Chula Vista
I take the medicine daily and I am satisfied with Rxshop. Quality inhalers and the price is affordable.
Rating: 5 Jan 30 / 2024 USA, Hingham
I want to try your inhalers, do you offer sample shipments?
Doctor comment
Jan 31 / 2024 Doctor comment

Unfortunately, we do not offer now sample medicines. We can offer you to order a minimum amount of 2 inhalers.

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