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Modafinil (Modalert 200mg) - a smart drug for wakefulness and cognition

Drug description:
Generic Modalert is a collective term used for all drugs with the exact same composition and effect as the branded medicine Modalert. These drugs are made by other companies who cannot use the same name but they are able to use the same formula. The medications are used for narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder, obstructive sleep apnea, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, chronic fatigue, jet lag, as a cognitive function enhancer, in depression or sleep deprivation, in Parkinson’s disease, and so on. The medications are safe and harmless if used correctly. Find out more about them from the article below.
Brand name:
Generic name:
Provigil, Modapro, Vigicer, Vigil, Modavigil, Alertex, Modasomil, Nuvigil, Modafinil, Moderateafinil, Modiodal, Alertec, BravaMax, Carim, Provake, Modatec, Modiwake, Resotyl, Stavigile, Vigia, Aspendos
Modafinil (Modalert 200 mg)
Modafinil (Modalert 200 mg)
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Dosage:200 mg
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Generic Modafinil (Modalert 200 mg) Medication guide:

More facts about Generic Modafinil (Modalert 200 mg):

Basic facts about and indications

What is the medication sold as Modalert?

Modalert is the most widely known name for the medication based on Modafinil. It is a brand registered and owned by a certain pharmaceutical company who has the exclusive right to use this name yet not the formula. The formula of the Modafinil is available to other pharmaceutical companies too but they make their drugs and sell them under different names. To be sure that you get the same medicine if you see another name on the package you need to check the active component’s name which should be Modafinil and is indicated below the trademark.

Generic Modalert Modafinil 200 Mg

The medication’s active ingredient and optimal formula development were finalized in 1994. Then the Modafinil was marketed only by the inventor of the medication. It was first allowed to be used for narcolepsy management exclusively but multiple years of research, it had been also approved for shift work sleep disorder and somnolence management in obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome. Besides, the Modafinil has also been tested for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Parkinson’s disease, depression, and many other conditions which treatment can benefit from its wakefulness-promoting and cognitive function enhancing properties. However, even though Modafinil is still not approved for these conditions and of course is not officially advised to be used as a wakefulness-promoting agent in healthy individuals, it has been extensively used all over the world off-label. The reason for that is that the Modafinil is very effective in the reduced productivity, inability to concentrate, chronic fatigue, lack of normal sleep, weather sensitivity and so on. It makes an individual energetic and productive without rendering any side effects or making any harm to the body. In fact, the preparation is even safer and less harmful than coffee as it doesn’t irritate the stomach, elevate the blood pressure or activate the nervous system in an unnatural way. If you think that you could use such benefits of the medical product, you can buy Modalert without a prescription from our online pharmacy if the medicine is not contraindicated for you.

Modalert Modafinil Chemical Formula: C15H15NO2S

Generic Modalert Modafinil Chemical Formula. Order Modalert

What is the preparation sold as Generic Modalert and why is it so cheap?

Generic Modalert is not different from the branded Modafinil in composition, effect, and safety. It is made with the use of the same formula and ingredients. The only differences are the price which is several times lower and the name on the box of pills. These discrepancies arise from the fact that the same preparation is made by numerous pharmaceutical companies from around the world. It is now possible because the exclusive right of the drug developer for the making and marketing of the preparation has already expired. The idea of generics is that exactly the same medications are available at much lower prices to make them accessible for people from the developing countries and all clusters of people from the developed countries.

The manufacturing and distribution of generics had been initiated and encouraged by the World Health Organization because the majority of the new medications are developed in the industrialized countries where the average income per capita is much higher than in the developing and underdeveloped countries and therefore, the manufacturers of drugs price their products respectively while people from the less rich countries couldn’t purchase these drugs.

You don’t need to worry about the quality and the effectiveness of the pills when you purchase Modalert. If the medication we offer you to buy didn’t pass the extensive testing and certification process, it would never be available for selling.

When can I use Generic Modalert?

When can I use Generic Modalert?

You can enjoy the pills’ effect even if you don’t have any condition that makes you sleepy during the day. Although the main indications for the preparation use are narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome, and shift work sleep disorder, it can be also beneficial for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, chronic fatigue, jet lag, seasonal violation of sleep-wake cycle, and so on.

Smart drug

Modalert Smart drug

The preparation does wonders to people who feel sluggish and lacking energy all day long. It helps to focus on important tasks, think and act faster, overcome creator’s block, stay motivated and productive even if you hadn’t had enough night sleep, and so on.

The effect of the medication is similar to the stimulating effect amphetamines have on the brain. But Modalert or Generic Modafinil doesn’t cause physical addiction or any damage to the brain even in the long-term use.

If you started feeling sluggish even if you have enough night sleep lately, we recommend you to visit a doctor and do all necessary medical tests to be sure that you hadn’t developed any underlying condition that provokes these symptoms before you buy Generic Modafinil. It is important to do so because if you purchase the pills and start taking them you could further neglect the cause of your malaise and contribute to its deterioration.

Classification of the Modalert 200 mg

The Modafinil belongs to the class of products, which are called “eugeroics”. It is a Greek word that means the “good excitation”. The eugeroics render the alert and wakefulness effects, which feel like the natural ones. Unlike caffeine, such stimulants do not affect the cardiovascular system but the wakefulness mechanism in the brain. They basically awaken the brain without agitating or irritating the body systems.

The class of psychostimulants includes the eugeroics. They were approved by FDA as much safer medical products almost without side effects and other dangers for patient’s health, mainly for the cardiovascular system.

Advantages of usage

The Modalert acts as a stimulant and a smart drug, i.e. it makes you energetic but at the same time concentrated, creative, fast-thinking, productive, it can improve your memory, and so on.

Possible contraindications

There are no contraindications for the pills use except for the intolerance of the medication’s ingredients manifested in allergy or severe side effects. However, we recommend you not to buy Modafinil if you are expecting a baby, breastfeeding, or give the pills to a child younger than 18 years of age. These categories of patients require caution in use of any medications. They are in general not advised to use any pills unless there is a life-threatening condition involved.

If you become pregnant while undergoing a therapy with the pills, make sure to discontinue the therapy.


The official instruction provides recommendations on the use of the pills for such conditions as narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder, and obstructive sleep apnea. The appointed dosage for them is 200 mg taken in the morning except for the shift work sleep disorder in which the pill should be taken before the start of the shift.

For other conditions or effects, if you don’t have any of the listed conditions, you can start taking a half of 200 mg pill in the morning. If you tolerate Modafinil well but feel that the 100 mg dosage is insufficient for a day, you can then take 200 mg once a day or split the pill and take 100 mg in the morning and 100 mg at noon.

Use of drug during pregnancy

This smart medication is not advised to be used during pregnancy as in this condition no medications are in general advised to be used unless they are prescribe to maintain the pregnancy.

How to properly use Generic Modalert

If you take a bigger dosage than recommended, the likelihood of adverse effects increases substantially. Most likely you will suffer from insomnia, irritability, restlessness, agitation, and so on. But these are not life-threatening symptoms and if you don’t have tachycardia or panic attacks, you can just wait for the symptoms to go away without any help. If you feel significant discomfort and are scared for your life, seek emergency help.

Should customer take modafinil while his day off or while he has any rest?

It is up to you whether you need a wakefulness-promoting effect of the medication when you are not working or not. It doesn’t have an accumulative effect and isn’t required to be used daily to maintain the efficacy so you can skip the days you believe the wakefulness-promoting or smart drug effect is not needed for you.

Clinical data

According to the clinical tests, the medication is safe, doesn’t cause dependency or any harm to the body even in a long-term use.

Molar mass
273.35 g/mol
Trade names
Modalert, Modafinil, Provigil, Nuvigil others (see below)
License data
USA FDA: Modafinil
Pregnancy category
AUS: B3 / USA: C (Risk not ruled out)
Dependence liability
Psychological: Very low / Physical: Negligible
Addiction liability
Very low to low
Routes of administration
Oral (tablets)
ATC code
Not determined due to the aqueous insolubility
Protein binding
Hepatic (primarily via amide hydrolysis; CYP1A2, CYP2B6,
CYP2C9, CYP2C19, CYP3A4, CYP3A5 involved
Biological half-life
15 hours (R-enantiomer), 4 hours (S-enantiomer)
Urine (80%)

Modafinil side effects?

Usually, the Generic  Modalert doesn’t cause any adverse effect if used properly, i.e. in the correct dosage and in the first half of the day. If you take the pill after 12 PM, you can suffer from sleep disturbance or insomnia. If you take an increased dosage or a standard dosage but the medication is unsuitable for you, you can start suffering from insomnia, agitation, anxiety, nervousness, irritability, headache, upset stomach, and so on. Besides, the Generic Modalert can cause allergic reactions such as swelling, itching, and skin rash. These reactions indicate that you should not use the pills as you are hypersensitive to them.

May Modafinil be used in treating of the depression? You can buy Modalert online

Modalert cannot be used as a primary medication to treat depression as it is used to fight sleepiness caused by different disorders or without them, but it can be sometimes used to cope with such symptoms of depression as fatigue, apathy, inability to focus, and so on. Consult your doctor whether you can take the pills if you are diagnosed with the condition and use any medicines to treat it.

If you live in the country where the medication is sold with a prescription from a doctor but you want to use it off-label, you can order Generic Modalert from our online pharmacy as we sell it over-the-counter so to say. As we offer the most attractive prices, you can opt for our med store even if you have a prescription but want to save buying a generic medicine cheap instead of the overpriced branded medication.

Precaution about safe taking of Modafinil

Precaution about safe taking of Modafinil

You should carefully use the pills if you suffer from high blood pressure, especially uncontrolled one, an alcohol/drug addiction, any heart diseases, serious liver disease, or mental illnesses.

In case this product did not worked properly, should the customer look for anything more effective Modafinil?

This medication is the most potent and safest one. You don’t need to look for other options unless you are allergic to Modafinil. If the standard dosage is ineffective for you and you still suffer from at least one sleeping attack, you can gradually increase it till 400 mg maximum day.

Possible allergic reactions

The adverse effects that indicate that you must discontinue the therapy are skin rash, skin itching, swelling of the face or tongue, fever, cold sores on the lips, and so on.

List of drugs that might interact

The official instruction lists possible interactions but does not contraindicate any of them strictly. However, it is still highly advised to consult a therapist before you purchase Modalert and start the therapy if you already use any medicines or plan to start using them soon. It is not advised to take the pills at the same time with other stimulants such as coffee, amphetamines, and illegal drugs, as well as other wakefulness-promoting medications based on Armodafinil or Modafinil. The medications that elevate the blood pressure can also enhance the negative effects of Modalert.

In case of a overdose with Generic Modalert 200 mg

In case you took an increased dosage, you can start suffering from insomnia, anxiety, irritability, headache, elevated blood pressure, rapid heart rate, and so on. In general, the overdose with Modafinil isn’t dangerous, but if you suffer from severe adverse effects that scare you - seek emergency help.

How to properly store?

Keep the pills out of reach of children in a dark and dry place where the average temperature is not higher than 77F (25 C).

Where can people buy Modalert 200 mg?

Where can people buy Modalert 200 mg?

The easiest way to get the Modalert without a prescription and at an attractive price is to order Modafinil online from our online pharmacy. We sell the pills without Rx because in the country we operate from they are sold over-the-counter. Besides, the cheap price is due to our direct contract with the manufacturer.

Modalert 200 mg shipping

We ship all medicines including generic Modalert internationally to USA, UK, Europe and Australia within 12-35 days according to the method of delivery you choose Standart or Express Shipping when finalizing the order. If you want to save on delivery, you can order pills for 199 Dollars or more and we will cover the shipping cost.

Free prescription

Our doctor prescribes Modalert online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging

All orders of Modalert arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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Rating: 5 May 22 / 2024 Australia, Eastgeelong
Can Modalert interact with other medications or substances?
Doctor comment
May 22 / 2024 Doctor comment

Modalert can interact with certain medications and substances, potentially affecting their effectiveness or increasing the risk of side effects. It's essential to inform your healthcare provider about all medications, supplements, and recreational drugs you are taking before starting Modalert. Some medications that may interact with Modalert include certain antidepressants, antifungal medications, and hormonal contraceptives. Additionally, Modalert can affect the metabolism of some drugs, so dosage adjustments may be necessary when taken concurrently.

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I recommend the company. Support helped me to track the parcel, keep doing business this way!
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Can Modafinil be taken with other medications?
Doctor comment
Apr 25 / 2024 Doctor comment

Before taking Modafinil, it's crucial to inform your healthcare provider about all other medications you are taking, including prescription, over-the-counter, and herbal supplements. Modafinil may interact with certain medications, including hormonal contraceptives, anticoagulants, and some antidepressants.

Rating: 5 Apr 6 / 2024 U.S, Oakland
Always getting my med supply from Rxshop. Very satisfied with your services.
Question.If I cannot find a drug on your drug list is anyway isn‘t listed but is available ?
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Apr 6 / 2024 Doctor comment

Yes, you can always request information about any drug you may need and we will check with manufacturing companies.

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