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Prevent heart failure irregular

Cardiovascular System in its action

Cardiovascular system’s job is to pick up and deliver nutrients to all possible parts of our body. It consists of heart (main organ), blood vessels and blood itself (cardio refers to heart and vascular means vessels). Another name for this system is circulatory by its function to circulate blood through the body. This system represents a wide network of vessels that take nutrients, oxygen, hormones and other substances to cells and from them through blood.

According to Arkansas heart hospital in body of an average individual blood travels 60,000 miles through vessels daily. This as a true road of life that keeps people alive. Every “member” of the cardiovascular system is vital and cannot be taken away. Human’s heart is divided into two separate sides. Each of these sides has upper chamber called atrium and ventricle or lower chamber. This is a muscular pumping organ that is considered the most significant in our body. Blood vessels have a hollow space inside through which blood streams to each portion of the body and back. The size of each capillary, vein and artery matches the amount of blood that passes through it. Blood itself is formed by red and white blood cells, plasma and platelets and carries homeostasis. Each adult person has around 5 liters of blood running through his vessels.

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Cardiovascular Diseases

Sometimes the cardiovascular system breaks down and causes serious problems in the organism. The most common are coronary artery disease, arteriosclerosis, arrhythmia, heart failure, heart valve disease, endocarditic, hypertension and many others.


This illness is connected to problems with arteries, blocking them and causing obstacles for the blood flow. On account of it, heart attacks and strokes occur. The mechanism of damaging processes start inside of arteries where endothelium is found. This substance keeps these vessels smooth and toned. Arteriosclerosis ruins this substance. Eventually, plaques caused by cholesterol that enters vessels through the damaged spots form inside the arteries, blocking ways for blood. The most common reasons of the appearance of this detrimental disease are smoking, high level of cholesterol in blood and high blood pressure. Plaques can work in a few ways:
- Cause no symptoms. Sometimes this formations stay in the artery attached to its wall. It grows slowly there to a definite size and stops, causing no harm to the blood torrent.
- Attached to the wall of the vessel the plaque can slowly grow to the size that begins to block the flow of liquid through it. With time when it is too big, it causes serious blockages.
- Rapture suddenly and let blood form clots inside of the vessel. If it happens in the heart, a person gets heart attack. Happening in brain clot leads to a stroke.

Usually arteriosclerosis’ symptoms appear in middle or old age, but there are also exceptions. Different kinds of treatment and methods are used to fight this illness of cardiovascular systems, including such medication as Generic Coumadin or Generic Warfarin 5 mg as it is also called.

Hypertension. Only in the United States alone about 75 million individuals suffer from hypertension that is also known as high blood pressure. This is a reason of deaths more often than all other cardiovascular diseases in general. It s considered hypertension when blood pressure is higher that 140/90, while normal is 120/80. Healthy people may also have it after strong stress or intense exercises; it is an absolutely natural phenomenon that vanishes in a short period of time.

There are many reasons for hypertension to appear and the most common of all is improper life style: fat and salty food consumption, physical inactivity and using tobacco or alcohol. It also may be a symptom of some other detrimental disease: sleep apnea, diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, obesity, etc. It is extremely important (even vital) to visit a health provider and start treatment right away to prevent life threatening conditions.

Hypertension doesn’t always have severe symptoms. Sometimes it is referred to as a silent killer because it rarely shows itself and destroys organism from the inside without painful feelings. The results of this disease can be next: enlarged and weakened heart (leads to heart failure), rapture of vessels in eyes (leads to bleeding, sight loss and complete blindness), narrowing of blood vessels (leads to strokes and heart attacks) and aneurysm (leads to bleeding and even death). As you see, medical interference is highly recommended if you suffer from hypertension. If left untreated it may cause the condition that can never be reversed – death. Specialists will develop a perfect system of treatment for you personally and include preparations that can prevent, fight and eliminate different symptoms and consequences of the issue (Generic Digoxin 250 mcg, for example).

Coronary artery disease

Millions of patients around the entire world suffer from the result of plaques in arteries. Being from nature smooth and flexible these blood vessels may become rigid because of plaques on their inner walls that slow and damage the flow of blood. Eventually, heart suffers from lack of oxygen and may collapse.

The plaque that may develop inside the artery for several years makes walls of the vessel sticky that leads to capturing inflammatory cells, calcium, and lipoproteins travel with blood and join with the plaque. This process makes it bigger and eventually it blocks bloodstream and damages artery drastically. Although our body engineers new blood vessels around the blockage, they usually fail to bring sufficient amount of blood  with oxygen to the heart. Such detrimental disease if untreated or treated improperly leads to heart attacks. That is why it is so important to recognize this disastrous illness by its most common symptoms which are as follows: chest pain, nausea, fatigue, sweating, palpitation, shortness of breath, and weakness and dizziness. If you detect some of them in complex immediately visit the doctor and do the check-up.

The treatment of coronary artery disease consists of two parts that are equally important and helpful: medications and changing of the life style. Pharmaceutical products that help in this situation usually are aspirin, statin, and sometimes stronger and more effective drugs such as Generic Lanoxin and some others. Changing life style includes ceasing alcohol, tobacco, fat food and inactivity. Drinking fresh water, consuming various nutrients and doing exercises improves heath and makes cardiovascular system much stronger.

Heart failure

It occurs when the heart is not capable of pumping sufficient amount of blood through the body. It is caused by most of the conditions that were described about (high blood pressure and coronary artery disease in particular). Some of them cannot be reversed at all but proper treatment may slow down their destroying action and make the heart stronger. The best way to do it is to keep your weight, diet and health under constant control. Do check-ups, eat less salty and fat food, and often check your blood pressure.

Unfortunately, heart failure is a disease that cannot be totally eliminated and its treatment will last to the rest of the patient’s life. The good news is that using a complex of medications (enzyme inhibitors, receptor blockers, diuretics, beta blockers, inotropes, and aldosterone antagonists) doctors successfully keep heart and vessels fit enough to let people live longer. In some more serious cases the specialist may suggest surgery, including coronary bypass surgery, heart valve replacement, heart pumps implanting and (in the most severe cases) heart transplantation.

If you suffer from any of these cardiovascular diseases or you suspect having any of them consider visiting the doctor right away to prevent heart attack, stroke or even death.  Follow all prescriptions and recommendations carefully, paying attention to your diet, exercises and bad habits. Even if your cardiovascular system is in a bad condition, specialists will find the best way to treat your illness with the proper preparations that will make your heart and vessels stronger and capable of functioning for your benefit.

Cardiovascular system is the circulatory system which comprises the heart and blood vessels.

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