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Every person at least once during the lifetime needs to take antibiotics for some reason. This type of drugs belongs to the group of the most frequently prescribed preparations. Such fact comes out from its primary and major function – killing or damaging dangerous bacteria in the organism. There is an enormous variety of diseases that can be treated by means of antibacterial medications. If you suspect some illness that is caused by this kind of pathogens it is better to visit your health provider for further instruction and obtaining proper diagnosis.

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General Information

It is interesting that the very first antibiotic (penicillin) has been discovered accidently and today there are more than one hundred various preparations of this type that are used for curing minor and more serious inflectional diseases. The name antibiotic means that the medicine is meant and can be used only for treating infections caused by bacteria and are not able to help in case of viral infections.

Notice that most antibiotics usually have two names – a brand name and a generic one. This term means that the pharmaceutical product is completely the same and has all similar features: effectiveness, dosage, action, active ingredient, recommendations and even side effects. For example, Generic Asacol is a perfect replica of Asacol, having the same strength and effect on bacteria.

Each antibiotic can be applied to certain types of infection. If you suffer from any illness of this kind, visit a doctor because only a specialist can determine a perfect preparation that will help you.


Anti Bacterial Precautions

If used properly, following all precise recommendations of your doctor, this type of drugs is usually safe and shows very few side effects. When being abused or taken for too long it may cause serious health problems. Everyone who has need to take antibiotics must be very careful. Avoid using them by your own judgment. Let the doctor decide what is better for your individual organism. If you have problems with liver or kidneys, you will need a personal carefully determined dosage. The same precaution must be taken to notice by pregnant and breast-feeding patients, children, people with excessive weight or old individuals.

Only a professional is able to detect and prescribe the correct dosage and proper antibacterial preparation; you cannot do this by yourself if you are not a doctor. Using wrong drug may cause detrimental damage for your organism that may not even be reversed. If you have cough, flu, sore throat, cold and acute sinusitis antibiotics will not help. The effect will be rather negative than positive. Taking these preparations in vain will make bacteria tolerant to antibiotics and later it would be almost impossible to influence them.

Diseases that May be Treated by Antibiotics

Here is the list of common illnesses that are usually treated by means of antibiotics. If you suffer from any of those indicated, still visit the doctor first. You may be mistaken about your health condition or it may be caused by more serious disorders. Take care of your own body because no one else will do this for you. So, common diseases that are treated by antibiotics are as follows:
- Bronchitis. Bronchitis is an inflammation of tubes that carry air to lungs called bronchi. These tubes get infected by bacteria and swell. Like every inflammation its main symptom is high temperature and fever. Such antibiotic preparations as Zithromax and Amoxil are usually included into treatment of this disease.
- URTI (Upper Respiratory Tract Infection). This name refers to acute infections of nose, throat, sinuses and ears. Statistics reports that 3,000 people died from this illness in 2014. Using antibacterial preparations to treat URTI is a subject of discussions among scientists because not all specialists consider it a good idea.
- Acne. This skin inflammation appears when hair follicles are clogged by oil from skin and cells of dead skin. This disorder spoils the appearance and people try to do everything possible to get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon. Antibiotics reduce inflammation and help eliminating obvious skin damages. Among others such preparations as minocycline and tetracycline are included into complex treatment.
- Conjunctivitis. This hard term refers to the inflammation of membrane that surrounds the eyelid. One of its causes are bacteria (gonorrhea or chlamydia) that invades the tissue. Antibiotics that treat conjunctivitis are usually produced in drops, pills or ointments.
- Urinary tract infection. This painful illness is caused by bacteria that invade urethra from anus and get to the bladder calling out inflammation. Generic Prulifloxacin is antibiotic that fights these bacteria. Make sure that you complete the process of treatment to the last tablet. If you finish taking the preparation right after you feel better, it may hurt your organism and the problem will turn back.

What is Asacol?

Generic Asacol has an active ingredient called mesalamine. It attacks negative substances that cause inflammation in organism. Ulcerative colitis (inflammation of bowl) is treated by this preparation. It is prescribed for children from 5 years old and adults. Being a powerful antibiotic this drug is several precautions for usage.

People who have allergy to aspirin or mesalanime, you should not take this pharmaceutical product. Tell your doctor if you have heart, kidney or liver diseases or pyloric stenosis. This precaution will help determine if using the drug is safe for your organism. In the opposite case this preparation may cause stomach pain, fever, headache, cramping, and diarrhea with blood.

Recommendations For Taking Antibiotics:
- follow precisely the doctor's prescription. Antibacterial preparations are strong and serious medications and no one must abuse them. Remember, only specialists have enough knowledge and efficient methods to determine your personal sufficient portion of a supplement;
- do not crush or chew the drug, swallow it whole with one glass  water;
- ask your doctor whether you should eat before taking the preparation or not;
- get in touch with the specialist if you feel severe stomach pain or fever after using the drug. Although, side effects do not show up in most cases, it is better to be aware of them and react immediately if any detected;
- Usually one pill once per day is enough for an adult with healthy internal organs but it is not recommended to take antibacterial medicine longer than for a week;
- do not take extra pill if you have missed to take scheduled portion; if you have recalled using it not long after the determined hour, take it as soon as possible;
- in case of overdose call emergency right away. Do not play jokes with your own health.

What is Pruquin?

Genric Prulifloxacin or Generic Pruqiun as it is also called is an antibacterial preparation that treats simple and complicated lower urinary inflammations. Also, it may be a part of curing process of bronchitis. It is effective in the late stages of illnesses and fights bacteria with the same power than on early stages. Its effect lasts up to 11 hours and usually one tablet per day is reasonable dosage for an adult. It is easily available in online drug stores; you may even get a bonus buying this medicine online.

This pharmaceutical product has the same recommendations for usage as all other antibiotics and should be taken very carefully following doctor's instructions. Side effects are congenial to Generic Mesalamine 400 mg and usually appear only in case of improper usage of the preparation.

It is clear that antibacterial medications are extremely important in treatment of illnesses caused by different types of bacteria. But if you do not want to hurt your organism visit a doctor for a check up and get a prescription that will suit you personally.

You may find something that you suffer from in the list of medical conditions that can be found above. If you do, then antibiotic supplement is just what you need. Read carefully the article, all recommendations and precautions and in a short period of time you will be fit as a fiddle again.

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