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Buy Generic Sinemet Levodopa Online for Parkinson’s Disease Care

Drug description:
Generic Sinemet is a name of the medication identical to the branded drug based on two active ingredients Carbidopa and Levodopa. The different name and the price are due to the fact that the medication is made by another pharmaceutical company. Levodopa is an effective antiparkinsonian medication that is used both individually and in combination with other medications to enhance its effect through the slowing down of its metabolism. Carbidopa is the substance that allows using lower dosages of Levodopa but receiving the optimal antiparkinsonian effect. If Levodopa is not effective for you, you can ask your doctor about the possibility of using Carbidopa + Levodopa instead.
Brand name:
Generic name:
Carbidopa and Levodopa
- Parkinson’s disease and syndrome;
- Symptomatic Parkinsonism.
- Helps to reduce the manifestation of Parkinson’s disease;
- Improved Motor Symptoms;
- Reduction in Tremors;
- Decreased Rigidity;
- Enhanced Mobility;
- Better Balance;
- Enhanced Ability to Perform Daily Activities;
- Improved Quality of Life;
- Effective in Various Stages of Parkinson's Disease;
- Reduced Side Effects;
- Possible Slowing of Disease Progression.
Sundopa, Carbidopa + Levodopa, Carbidopa.
Sinemet (Carbidopa and Levodopa 25/250 mg)
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Order Sinemet (Carbidopa and Levodopa 25/250 mg)

Dosage:25/250 mg
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Generic Sinemet (Carbidopa and Levodopa 25/250 mg) Medication guide:

More facts about Generic Sinemet (Carbidopa and Levodopa 25/250 mg):

What is the medication called Sinemet and when is it used?

Sinemet is a brand name of a combination medication based on two active substances Levodopa and Carbidopa. These are two substances used together for the therapy of the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Unfortunately, they cannot completely cure the disease as it is incurable to date but they can greatly reduce the manifestation of it.

The first substance used in the medication, Levodopa, was discovered in the 1950s. After the discovery that the Parkinson’s disease is associated with the lowered dopamine levels in certain parts of the brain, scientists started working on the medications that could compensate this deficit. After many years of studies, it was discovered that the use of dihydroxyphenylalanine, a natural amino acid, an intermediate product of the biosynthesis of dopamine, norepinephrine, epinephrine, and melanin can be of great help. This is the substance on which Levodopa is based.

Another substance, Carbidopa, has another role, it slows down the peripheral metabolism of the first preparation making it possible for the larger dose of the substance penetrate the blood-brain barrier and provide the more potent effect.

Your doctor can tell you to buy Sinemet if you are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease or syndrome.

What is the medication marketed as Generic Sinemet? Why is it cheaper?

Generic medications with the same active substances as the branded preparations have the same effect and indications for use. They are no way inferior to the branded medications but cost much cheaper. Generics are started to be manufactured when the exclusive patent of the drug creator’s expires so their makers do not pay for the research but rather enjoy someone else’s discoveries. This practice is used to make the medications affordable for people from the developing countries while the majority of medical preparations are discovered or synthesized in the developed countries where all medications are quite expensive. Besides, the owners of the well-known and advertised brand medications set the high prices even if they already returned the investment in the research because they are able to do so for the countries where people have the possibility to pay more money for drugs. But if you don’t have enough money to use the branded medication or simply do not see the point of paying more money for the recognized name on the package of pills, you can buy Generic Sinemet instead. However, make sure to read this medication guide carefully and consult your doctor before you start using the pills even though you can get them without a prescription from this webpage.

When should the medication not be used?

Even if you have the indication for Carbidopa + Levodopa use, the medication can be still prohibited for you in case you suffer from hypersensitivity to the medication’s components, i.e. have allergic or other severe adverse reactions from the medication use; suffer from glaucoma, severe heart failure, severe cardiac arrhythmia, severe psychosis, have any questionable undiagnosed skin diseases or history of melanoma, and if you are contraindicated to use sympathomimetic medications.

Besides these conditions, the preparation is also prohibited to be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women and in the combination with certain medications.

Contraindicated or undesirable drug combinations

You should not buy Carbidopa + Levodopa and start using the pills if you currently use MAO inhibitors. If you plan to start using the medication, you should stop using type A MAO inhibitors at least 14 days before the therapy start. The medication can be used with some B type MAO inhibitors prescribed in low doses and only if your doctor approves.

The preparation is not advised to be combined with the following medications and substances:
- Blood pressure lowering medications. In the combination of these drugs, the hypotension can develop so the correction of the blood pressure medicines can be required.
- Tricyclic antidepressants. According to clinical trials, there is a chance of hypertension and dyskinesia development in these preparations combinations.
- The combination with anesthetics can cause arrhythmia.
- Anticholinergics can act in synergy with the medication for the reduction of tremor but in some cases, they can only worsen the uncontrolled movements. In high doses, they can also lower the positive effect of Levodopa through the prevention of its absorption.
- The therapeutic efficiency of Levodopa can be lowered also by Phenothiazines, benzodiazepines, isoniazid, butyrophenones, Phenytoin, iron medications, anticonvulsants, and papaverine.

The diet high in protein can cause the lower the amount of the active substance that is active in the body.

The combined therapy with selegiline can cause the occurrence of pronounced orthostatic hypotension.

Sympathomimetic medications can enhance the cardiovascular adverse effects of Levodopa.

Metoclopramide increases the level of Levodopa in the blood plasma.

The bioavailability of Levodopa can be increased in the combination of the preparation with inhibitors of catechol-o-methyltransferase (e.g. tolcapone, entacapone).

What adverse reactions can you expect from the use of Sinemet?

When you buy Generic Carbidopa + Levodopa, you should be ready that the medication can be unsuitable for you because it would cause adverse reactions.

The negative symptoms caused by the medication are commonly associated with the neuropharmacological activity of dopamine. Usually, they disappear with the reduction of the daily dosage. The most common adverse effects are dyskinesia (abnormal sudden involuntary movements in different muscle groups). The spasms of muscles and blepharospasm (the twitch of the eyelid) indicate that the daily dosages must be lowered.

The other serious adverse reactions can be mental state changes, including paranoid thinking and psychosis, depression with or without suicidal tendencies. Some cases of pathologically increased libido and hypersexuality were reported, but they also tend to fade away in the reduction of the dosages or the withdrawal of the drug. In any case, if you start suffering from any adverse reactions from the medication use even from the effects not listed here, inform your doctor immediately.

How to use Carbidopa + Levodopa?

The optimal daily dosage is selected individually with the careful increase of the dosage. Depending on the severity of the disease, from two weeks up to six months can be needed for the achievement of the optimal treatment effect.

The patients who haven’t used Levodopa separately should start the treatment with a half of the pill taken once or twice a day. If necessary, another half of the pill can be added daily or every next day till the achievement of the optimal effect.

The therapeutic effect of the medication can be observed on the first day of the therapy. The complete effective dosage of the preparation is achieved within seven days as opposed to the weeks or even months of the use of Levodopa individually.

Patients who used Levodopa should stop the therapy with the drug at least 12 or 24 hours for extended release pills before the treatment start with Generic Sinemet. The daily dosage is recommended to be taken in the morning without another intake in the evening. The dosage of Levodopa from the combination medication should be equal to 20% of the previously used daily Levodopa dosage.

For people who receive less than 1500mg of Levodopa a day, the starting dosage is 75-100 mg of Carbidopa and 300-400 mg of Levodopa split into 3-4 intakes. Patients who receive more than 1500 mg of Levodopa a day are recommended to start the treatment with 1 pill taken 3-4 times a day.

In case larger dosages of Levodopa are required, the dose can be raised by a half of the pill or a whole pill every day till the maximum of 8 pills a day.

If the therapy is planned to be started after the therapy with other inhibitors of decarboxylase, the use of preparation should be stopped at least 12 hours prior to the start of the therapy with Carbidopa + Levodopa. The treatment must begin with the dose of Levodopa equal to the amount of Levodopa in the previously used medication.

This information is taken from the official instruction but we highly advise before you order Sinemet to get a recommendation from your health care provider who knows your disease history.

In case you took an increased dosage of the medication, induce vomiting and seek medical assistance as the adverse effects of the large doses of the medication can cause severe health damage.

Where to buy Sinemet?

The medication is a prescription drug in several countries. In others, it can be bought over-the-counter and much cheaper. We offer you to order Generic Sinemet at an attractive price and without Rx in just a few mouse clicks.

Shipping of Sinemet

If you wonder whether we ship worldwide, yes, we do! We offer two types of shipping – standard and express both with tracking numbers.

Free prescription

Our doctor prescribes Carbidopa and Levodopa online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging

All orders of Carbidopa and Levodopa arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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