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What is Mirapex? How to Treat with Generic Pramipexol.

Drug description:
Another name for Generic Mirapex is Pramipexol. This preparation has the same action as dopamine that is naturally produced in the organism, in brain. It works as a neurotransmitter, regulating movement and emotional responses. Lack of dopamine in organism leads to such health condition as Parkinson’s disease. Doctors prescribe the discussed medication to replace the deficiency of this natural chemical and make the state of patients’ health less painful. The preparation is available in tabs of 1 mg amount of active ingredient in each. It is manufactured for oral administration. Those who want to purchase this medicine online should not have doctor’s prescription. It is necessary to follow all given directions in the instruction for use. This will help you get as much effect from the medication as it can provide. Take to notice, that all information in this article is given for educational purposes. If you decide to buy Generic Mirapex, you should visit the specialist first and discuss all details with him. Using such kind of medicine by your own judgment may lead to serious health problems such as severe allergy, poisoning, and complete intolerance. May be used for other purposes.
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Generic name:
- Regulates movement, emotional responses.
Furfuryl Acetate
Mirapex (Pramipexol 1 mg)
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Generic Mirapex (Pramipexol 1 mg) guide:

More facts about Generic Mirapex (Pramipexol 1 mg):

You can buy Pramipexolin a form of tabs and use it orally on a daily basis. The preparation may contain from 0.125 mg to 1.5 mg of its active ingredient (pramipexoldihydrocloride monohydrate). It has also such inactive components as corn starch, mannitol, povidone, magnesium stearate, and colloidal silicon dioxide. If you are allergic to any of these ingredients, tell your doctor about it. If you are not sure, ask your health care provider to do some appropriate tests to detect your reaction on them.

The discussed preparation is applied to treat next Parkinson’s disease’s signs: tremors, muscle spasms, stiffness, and damaged muscle control. Another illness that can be treated with this agonist of dopamine receptors is restless legs syndrome – a part of nervous system disorder that causes urgent movement of legs. It is also considered a sleep disorder because it occurs during sleeping time.



Every patient should understand that all pharmaceutical products are safe if taken properly and can be extremely dangerous if abused. It is not recommended to order Pramipexol online if you do not have the doctor’s prescription (in regular drug stores they will not sell it to you). The described preparation has some severe side effects (see Side Effects paragraph) and it is necessary to be under doctor’s control to prevent detrimental consequences for organism. Do not use higher dose or lower dose than that prescribed by the specialist. In case of increasing dosage you may suffer from allergies or poisoning; in case of decreasing dosage you may not feel any positive changes in your health condition.

Read the Contradictions paragraph and talk discuss with your doctor any point from it that relates to you.

Usage and dosage

Usage and dosage

Make sure that you know exactly how to use the preparation before you order Mirapex online or in the regular drug store. Follow every detail from your prescription label. Do not use extended-release Mirapex ER together with Generic Mirapex; they have different initial doses and should not be mixed together. Do not use the medication longer than you should; this ill treatment may bring more damage than use.

It is not essential if you take the Pramipexol 1 mg, tabs with or without food; unless you have stomach upset, irritation or heartburn. In this case, consume it with the meal. Do not break the pill (chew or crush), swallow the whole tablet at once. When treating restless legs syndrome, take to notice any unusual and negative changes (such as having it in the morning) and report them to your health care provider. Do not stop consumption abruptly because it may call out negative withdrawal signs.

The dose of the discussed medication depends on the disease that needs to be treated. If used for treatment of Parkinson’s disease, the initial dose is 0.125 mg taken orally three times per day. In the process, of course, the dose will be gradually increased to 1 mg three times per day (changes should occur every week after monitoring its efficiency and patient’s condition). The maximum portion per one day is 4.5 mg divided into three.

In case of treatment of restless legs syndrome, the initial dose is 0.125 mg of the substance once per day, taken two hours before going to bed. In the process of curing doctor may suggest increasing the portion for 0.125 mg every week. Follow every detail of your doctor’s recommendations to avoid negative consequences.

Side effects

Side effects

Depending on personal tolerance/intolerance and proper/improper usage, this particular preparation (as any other pharmaceutical product) may call out negative consequences. They may appear from the side of the central nervous system and cause excessive sleepiness, hallucinations, insomnia, and dyskinesia. If you stop abruptly to consume the medicine, it may cause neuroleptic malignant syndrome – a rare and life-threatening disease. From the side of the digestive system, patient may have constipation and nausea. The side effect from the side of cardio-vascular system is arterial hypotension at the beginning of treatment. It is important to understand that all these ill symptoms are possible and do not necessary approach while using the particular drug. If any negative feelings are detected, talk to your health care provider.

Call for medical interference if you have allergic reaction with difficult breathing, hives, and swelling of face or throat. The doctor may suggest stopping the treatment if next signs are detected: sudden fallings asleep, nausea, increased sweating, drowsiness, fainting, chest pain, dark urine, and hallucinations.

Do not cease consuming abruptly by your own judgment. Talk to your health care provider first. This is not the complete list of ill effects; discuss others with your doctor.



Do not consume Mirapex if you have hypersensitivity to its active ingredient pramipexol. It is not studied if this substance is safe for children. The adequate studies of its safety for pregnant women and for those who nurse their children. It is assumed that the preparation in these cases can be used only if the positive effect of the drug will be more numerous than the negative ones. Talk to your doctor if you belong to any of two groups. Follow his directions precisely.

Tell your doctor if you have to use other medications at the same time with Pramipexol because they may cause unpredictable effects when interacting.  Be careful using the preparation if you have problems with kidneys. Do not operate the vehicle or machinery tools while using the discussed medicine.


It is recommended to keep any pharmaceutical product in dry, cool, dark place where it will not be exposed to the sunlight. Make sure that small children do not have excess to the preparation. Keep it in its original container to avoid confusing it with another medications. Do not consume any medicine after its shelf life is over.

How to buy Generic Mirapex?

How to buy Generic Mirapex?

You may have problems with buying the described pharmaceutical product in regular drug stores in your city. In some countries, it is not available at all. If originals are more or less present on the shelves of the stores, their generic versions (that have some benefits such as lower price) are almost unreachable for consumers. The best option for people who have to buy Pramipexol because of their health condition is to order it online.

It usually takes not more than 15 minutes to find multiple websites that have this preparation in their storage. Then, it is recommended to compare price and sales propositions of each of them, searching for the one that suits you the best. Making an order is also not a long process. All you have to do is to fill the form and pay using Wire Transfer or E-Check depending on your country. For more information, contact online consultants.

Generic Mirapex shipping by Rxshop

Generic Mirapex shipping by Rxshop

If you are looking for some reliable company to get your order, use Rxshop services for your benefit. Everything that you decide to order will be delivered fast and safely. There are various delivery options depending on the destination of the package. For foreign customers there is worldwide shipping available. People who live in the United States will get their order by means of USA shipping via USPS. Most our clients also use shipping with track option to be able to follow their package on its way to them. Every single order can be tracked on or another postal services of your choice. If you have any questions contact us and professional consultants will help you and provide with all efficient information.

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