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Imitrex (Sumatriptan): Revolutionary Migraine Relief

Drug description:
Imitrex is one of the brands under which the medication Sumatriptan is sold. It is a medication used to cope with migraines. It can be used even during pregnancy if the potential risks are lower than the expected benefit. This is the most effective and popular anti-migraine medication worldwide as it helps even in severe migraines that are not susceptible to other medicines. In our full article we describe the effect of the medication, its principles of action, contraindications for its use, and the recommendations for the use.
Brand name:
Generic name:
- Effective Migraine Relief;
- Sumatriptan typically starts working within 30 minutes to 2 hours, providing relatively quick relief from migraine symptoms;
- By alleviating migraine symptoms, Imitrex can help individuals return to their normal activities more quickly;
- Helps to stop migraine quickly and effectively.
Suminat, Imigran, Sumatran, Sumax.
Imitrex (Sumatriptan 25 mg)
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Generic Imitrex (Sumatriptan 25 mg) Medication guide:

What is Imitrex?

The medication sold currently under the trade name Imitrex among others was developed back in 1989 by a British pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline. It is a medication with the active substance called Sumatriptan that is used to prevent migraines or severe unstoppable headaches. Since a lot of time had passed after the medication development, it is now also available in a form of generic, i.e. the same medicine made by different companies and sold cheaper.

The medication is considered a golden standard among other means used to treat migraines as its safety and efficiency were tested in more than sixty thousand patients and overall three hundred migraine attacks. The satisfaction of patients with this medication reaches a record share of 63% which is significantly more than the satisfaction by other anti-migraine medications.

Now you can choose and buy Imitrex or a generic version of the medication at a fraction of the price. Both medications are available in a form of tablets, nasal spray, and rectal suppositories that are very convenient and preferable to use if the migraine attack is also accompanied by nausea.

How does Imitrex provide its effect?

The medication selectively affects certain serotonin receptors located primarily in the blood vessels of the brain. It excites these receptors, prevents the activation of the trigeminal system and reduces the accumulation of a specific protein that renders simulative effect in the nuclei of the trigeminal nerve; it activates the serotonergic antinociceptive mechanisms of the brainstem. Sumatriptan causes the narrowing of the blood vessels that are widened during a migraine attack. Thus, it stops the development of the attack without rendering a direct analgesic (painkilling) effect.

After the intake of pills, the effect of the medication develops within 30 minutes. If you use the medication in another form, the time of action can differ.

The medication is quickly absorbed from the digestive tract and within forty-five minutes its concentration in the blood plasma is 70% of the maximum achieved concentration. After the medication does its job, it is excreted in urine.

Is Generic Imitrex as effective as the branded medication?

Considering that all generics are produced using the original formula of the medications, yes, they render the same effect as the brand-name drugs. The initial idea of generics introduction was to make the essential medicines affordable to anyone and available anywhere in the world. The key words here are “the essential medicines” so when a drug is an approved generic it must correspond to the original formula otherwise it is not a generic of that medicine. So do not be scared to buy Generic Imitrex instead of the well-known medicine as you will get the same effect but for a lower price without any deception if you opt to get it from your local drugstore or our online pharmacy as we guarantee that we sell the products of only reputable pharmaceutical companies. However, if you choose another online seller, you may end up buying an inferior medication or a placebo so choose wisely.

When you ask a pharmacist for Generic Imitrex, check that the substance indicated below the trade name is Sumatriptan and choose the correct dosage of pills as there are different doses- 25mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg, and it’s always preferable to try using the medication from the lower dose to see how you tolerate it.

When should you buy Generic Imitrex?

You can buy Sumatriptan (the same medicine) if you suffer from frequent migraines as it is the only indication for the pills use.

Whom is Sumatriptan contraindicated?

Imitrex or Sumatriptan is contraindicated to be used if you suffer from side effects from the pills use, in basilar or ophthalmoplegic form of a migraine, myocardial infarction (including the history of it), uncontrolled arterial hypertension, ischemic heart disease, angina, including Prinzmetal angina, occlusive diseases of peripheral vessels, transient impairment of cerebral circulation, stroke, severe liver and/or kidney dysfunction, and simultaneous use of MAO inhibitors and a period of up to two weeks after their use is discontinued.

It is not recommended to buy Generic Sumatriptan and use it if you suffer from epilepsy or any other condition with the lowered threshold of convulsive readiness, elevated blood pressure, during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and if you are aged below 18 or over 65 years.

Possible adverse effect of Imitrex

The negative effects associated with the medication use that can occur are lowered arterial pressure, irregular heartbeat, nausea, vomiting, flushes, dizziness, general weakness, sleepiness, seizures, vision impairment, skin rash and itching, swelling, and others.

Pay attention to the symptoms and if they are severe, stop using the medication and consult a healthcare specialist.

Interactions with Imitrex

When the medication is taken at the same time with ergotamine and ergotamine-containing medicines a spasm of the vessels can develop. If the simultaneous therapy is inevitable, it is needed to take Imitrex not sooner than 24 hours after ergotamine or take ergotamine not sooner than six hours after Imitrex or its generic.

The simultaneous use of Imitrex with MAO inhibitors is contraindicated.

There is a possibility of negative interaction between Sumatriptan with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.

If it happens that you use any other medicines or supplements when you plan to order Imitrex, make sure to read carefully the instructions of all medicines that you use and see if they can be used with this anti-migraine med.

How to take Generic Imitrex?

For the best results, it is needed to take the pill as soon as a migraine starts to onset. The pills must be swallowed entirely without crushing or chewing.

Adults are advised to take 100 mg dose or 50 mg dose which is effective in some patients. If the pain doesn’t go away do not take the medication anymore. If the symptoms are gone or at least lowered but then occurred again, it is possible to take another dose within the next 24 hours under a condition that the interval between the intakes is not less than two hours.

The maximum dose for 24 hours is 300 mg split into several intakes.

If you are not sure what causes migraines in your case before you order Generic Imitrex go to a doctor and get checked properly as the same symptoms can be signs of serious conditions that require urgent treatment. For instance, severe headaches can be a sign of a brain tumor or violated cerebral circulation, and so on.

To enjoy the best results of the therapy, it is needed to it is necessary to eat regularly, stick to a diet, and exclude products that are reach in tyramine (chocolate, cocoa, beans, tomatoes,  cheese, and others), as well as alcoholic drinks (especially red wine, champagne, beer, etc.), lead a healthy lifestyle, play moderate-intensity sports, and in general create a positive emotional surrounding which prevents the onset of migraine attacks.

What should you do if you overdosed?

The symptoms of an overdose are the same as the regular side effects of the medication. In case you started developing them you need to seek urgent medical assistance and stay under supervision for ten hours. In some cases, the measures to lower the symptoms are used at a hospital too.

Where can you buy Imitrex?

You can get the medication at any drugstore but it’s cheaper to order Sumatriptan pills from our online drugstore as we offer the best prices and favorable delivery terms.

Sumatriptan shipping

You can order the pills without any worries because we ship internationally all of our products.

Free prescription

Our doctor prescribes Sumatriptan online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging

All orders of Sumatriptan arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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Imitrex is effective in my case, it starts working in about 10 seconds. I use it for my chronic cluster headaches. 2 pills per day usually relieve my migraines, this medicine improves my life.
Rating: 5 May 4 / 2018 USA, New York
Good item and fast delivery thanks :)
Rating: 5 Jan 23 / 2018 Australia, Griffin
All received ok
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Just like describe. Very good
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