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What is Benoquin? How to Treat with Generic Monobenzone.

Drug description:
Benoquin, as well as other medicines based on Monobenzone, are topical creams used for the treatment of vitiligo. They do not restore the skin color but make it more even making the unaffected skin lighter through the suppression of melanin production. The cream can be used for vitiligo only and only if your doctor approves. It can be used for children aged more than twelve years but is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women. The results of the cream use are noticed within a month to four months of uninterrupted use. Find out more about the medication from the comprehensive guide we prepared for you based on FAQ and the drug instruction.
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Generic name:
Helps to even the skin color in vitiligo making the unaffected areas lighter.
Dermochinona, Depigman, Leucodinine, Aloquin
Benoquin (Monobenzone 20% 20 g)
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Generic Benoquin (Monobenzone 20% 20 g) guide:

What is the Benoquin cream? When is it used?

Benoquin is a brand of the medication Monobenzone produced in a form of a cream for topical application. It is used for the management of vitiligo primarily.

The medication is as well sold under other names as the formula for the medication is not protected the copyright and can be used by various companies. If you buy Benoquin under another name and made by another manufacturer, you can save a half of the price of the medication.

Monobenzone, the active agent of Benoquin, is a medical substance that is used primarily to cope with depigmentation, i.e. the lightening of the skin, or loss of pigment. The condition can be caused by various reasons but the more widespread one which is susceptible to the medication effect is vitiligo, which is the pigmentation disorder expressed in the disappearance of the pigment of melanin in certain areas of the skin. It occurs on the skin, supposedly resulting from the action of some medicinal and chemical substances, neurotrophic, neuroendocrine and autoimmune factors of melanogenesis (formation of melanin, the pigment responsible for skin color), as well as after inflammatory and necrotic processes on the skin. Predisposition to vitiligo can be inherited. To date, nature and true causes of the disease are not fully studied and discovered. Unfortunately, it cannot be completely stopped and only temporarily slowed down.

You can buy Generic Benoquin without a prescription but it would be wiser to consult a doctor first to be sure that your condition is the one treated with this medication.

How does Monobenzone act?

The drug smoothes the skin color of the patient by suppressing the production of melanin. The cream is ineffective for the treatment of hyperpigmentation resulting from the deposition of other pigments. The effect of the medication for the leveling of skin color is based on the elimination of melanocytes and permanent depigmentation. In fact, the medication acts as vitiligo but on the areas that you choose. It cannot get back the natural skin color but can make the areas adjacent to the areas affected by the depigmentation lighter so that the sharp vitiligo spots age wouldn’t be as noticeable. It is advised to use the medication if the affected skin area is more than fifty percent of the total skin area.

What are possible adverse effects of Monobenzone use?

The adverse effects that can be caused by the application of the cream are skin rash, itching, and a slight irritation. They are generally not dangerous but if you suffer from any adverse effects that worry you or provoke significant discomfort, you should inform your doctor as soon as possible.

When you buy Monobenzone and start using it you should remember that it makes the skin more sensitive to the sunlight and especially the UV light. Therefore, while using the medication and sometime after the treatment course, you should avoid direct sun exposure or any UV lamps. In the cases when you cannot avoid direct sun rays exposure, you should maximally cover your skin with clothing or a potent sunscreen.

Do not use the preparation as a cosmetic product. It is designed for the therapy of vitiligo only and only in the cases when a doctor approves its use.

After the application of the cream, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly to avoid getting it into your eyes.

How to use Generic Benoquin?

People who buy Generic Monobenzone to cope with vitiligo should apply and lightly rub in a thin layer of the cream on the high-pigmented skin areas two or three times a day or follow individual doctor’s recommendations.
The pronounced effect of the medication can be observed not sooner than within a month to four months of uninterrupted use. If after the complete treatment course there are no visual changes in the skin color, you should stop using it.
If you achieved the desired effect after the four-mouth therapy course, in some cases your doctor can recommend you to continue using the medication but less frequently, for instance, two times a week. This can be needed to maintain the therapy outcome.

Contraindications for Generic Benoquin use

You must not order Benoquin if you are allergic to it. You can easily detect whether it is so if you start suffering from allergic reactions such as skin rash or swelling on the areas where you apply the drug.
The drug must not be used for the skin areas that are not affected by vitiligo, for instance, you must not use it for the elimination of freckles, birthmarks, moles, suntan, melanoma,  and so on.
There hadn’t been done sufficient tests to detect whether the use of the preparation is harmful to the fetus while the woman is pregnant. Therefore, it is advised to avoid using the cream during pregnancy. If you get pregnant during the course of therapy, consult your doctor. Breastfeeding women are also advised to refrain from using this medication as its unknown whether it penetrates the milk or not.
You must not order Generic Benoquin and use it for children who are younger than twelve years.

Interactions of Generic Benoquin with other medicines

Since the medication is applied externally, there is a very low likelihood that it will negatively interact with other medicines that you use. There are no statistical data on the significant interactions. However, it is advised not to use other ointments or creams while this product is on the skin. If your doctor appoints you another treatment along with Benoquin, you should wait at least thirty minutes to let one product soak in and then use another one.
If you are worried that the cream can negatively interact with the medicines you use, make sure to share your concerns with a healthcare provider to get a qualified consultation before you order Monobenzone cream.

Can you buy Generic instead of the branded?

As you probably know, generic medicines are usually several times cheaper than the branded drugs. But what you may not know that they are no way inferior. Their cheaper price doesn’t indicate the bad quality but rather the fact that their manufacturers use the formula that was developed and tested by another company. Hence, they didn’t spend money on it. But they can legally use the results of the research when the patent of the developer expires which is why there are numerous medications on the market with the same composition and effect that are sold at different prices and under different names. For instance, there are multiple medications with the same composition as Benoquin that are called Dermochinona, Depigman, Leucodinine, Aloquin, and so on. But fortunately, you don’t have to remember them. You can easily find the medication you need if you look for Generic Benoquin. For instance, at this webpage, we offer you to buy the drug made by MAC Labs. All you have to do to get the right cream is check that its active substance is Monobenzone 20%. It is compulsorily indicated on the package and the tube so you can’t go wrong.

Where is it cheaper to buy Benoquin?

As we have already said, it is cheaper to buy the generic version of the drug. But if in your country all medications are overpriced, you can save even more if you order Generic Monobenzone from an online pharmacy situated abroad. We offer you the best quality medicines at the lowest prices. To make sure that our pharmacy is a reliable seller you can always check our customers’ reviews.

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