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What is Synthroid? How to Treat with Generic Levothyroxine.

Drug description:
Synthroid is the brand of the medication with the active agent Levothyroxine. It is the substance that replenishes the deficit of thyroid hormones and is used in various conditions, for instance, after cancerous tumor of the thyroid removal, goiter treatment and prevention, and so on. The drug can be and even must be used by pregnant women with hypothyroidism and children with congenital thyroid gland dysfunction. Read our complete post about the medication to know more about its properties and careful use.
Brand name:
Generic name:
- Restores Hormonal Balance;
- Improves Symptoms of Hypothyroidism;
- Supports Normal Metabolic Rate;
- Patients often experience an improvement in their overall quality of life, including increased energy levels, improved mood, and better mental function once their thyroid levels are stabilized;
- Prevents Goiter: Synthroid can help prevent the enlargement of the thyroid gland (goiter) by ensuring adequate thyroid hormone levels, reducing the gland's need to overwork;
- Treats Various Forms of Hypothyroidism;
- Safe for Pregnant Women and Elderly: Synthroid is safe for use during pregnancy and by the elderly when dosed appropriately, helping to manage hypothyroidism across different age groups and physiological states;
- Minimal Side Effects;
- Prevents and Treats Certain Types of Thyroid Tumors;
- Helps to replenish the deficit of thyroid hormones, treat goiter and prevent relapses.
Eltroxin, Euthyrox, Laevoxin, Levaxin, Levolet, Levothroid, Levoxine, Levoxyl, Novothyrox, Oroxine, Thyratabs, Thyrax, Thyroxin, Unithroid.
Synthroid (Levothyroxine 25 mcg)
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Generic Synthroid (Levothyroxine 25 mcg) guide:

More facts about Generic Synthroid (Levothyroxine 25 mcg):

Overview of Synthroid drug: when is it used and on what is it based

The medication you may know as Synthroid is a tableted medication Levothyroxine used in the insufficient function of thyroid gland. It is in fact sold under a variety of names with Synthroid being one of the most known in the U.S. and some other countries. It is permissible for other companies to make the same medicine because its formula was developed in the late twentieths of the 20th century. Therefore, it’s no longer protected by the exclusive patent. If you need to use Levothyroxine for your therapy, you can buy Generic Synthroid made by another company to save on the therapy as the less-known brands are sold at the lower prices.

The medications based on Levothyroxine are prescribed for the therapy of hypothyroidism of various genesis (including pregnancy), thyroid hormone deficiency, goitre recurrence (prophylaxis after resection), euthyroid benign goitre, additional thyrotoxicosis therapy with thyreostatic drugs following the achievement of the euthyroid status (not during pregnancy). It can be also used after the removal of thyroid due to cancer as a lifelong substitutive suppressive therapy. As a part of combination treatment, Synthroid and its analogs can be used for Graves' disease and autoimmune thyroiditis. Besides, the medication is used for thyroid function suppression test.

How does Synthroid act?

Synthroid or more precisely, the active agent of the medication promotes the replenishment of thyroid hormone deficiency. In little doses, it renders anabolic action, i.e. contributes to the growth of muscles. In average doses, the drug promotes growth and development and enhances the tissue need for oxygen. Besides, it regulates the metabolism of proteins, fats, and carbs, enhanced functional activity of the cardiovascular system and nervous system. In the large doses, it suppresses the production of thyrotropin-releasing and thyroid-stimulating hormones.

The effect of the medication in hypothyroidism occurs within three-five days of the therapy. Early diffuse hyperplastic goiter decreases or disappears within three to six months of the therapy. In the presence of nodes and late stages of the disease, a significant reduction in thyroid size is achieved in 30% of cases and virtually all patients are prevented from further growth of goiter.

Please, even if you believe that you may have been suffering from hypothyroidism, do not buy Synthroid if your doctor doesn’t appoint you the drug. It is a hormone-replacement medication which can be dangerous when used improperly or in the conditions it is contraindicated to be used.

When is Generic Synthroid use prohibited?

The medication is allowed to be used during pregnancy. In fact, its doses are even elevated during gestation by around 25% although, it’s contraindicated to undergo a combination therapy consisting of Synthroid with thyreostatic agents.

But the drug is contraindicated in hypersensitivity to its components, untreated thyrotoxicosis, acute myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, myocarditis, tachysystolic disorders of the heart rhythm, heart failure, severely elevated blood pressure, uncorrected adrenocortical dysfunction, and in elderly age (over 65 years).

Please make sure to consult a specialist before you buy Levothyroxine and if you have any other disorders or conditions, do not forget to discuss the safety of the medication use in them.

Possible adverse effects of Synthroid

The medication use and even its favorable effects can be accompanied by such negative symptoms as irregular heart rate, chest ache, tremor, tachycardia, insomnia, anxiety, weight loss, diarrhea, hair loss, excessive sweating, kidney dysfunction, adrenal insufficiency, allergic reactions, and other.

In separate cases, instead of the weight loss weight gain can occur as a result of improved appetite.

If you think that the use of the medication is associated with heart side effects or allergy, inform your doctor immediately and follow their instructions.

Does Generic Synthroid interact with other medicines?

The medication interacts with various medications. Here we provide the information only about the most dangerous interactions. Please consult your doctor before you buy Generic Levothyroxine and start using it along with any other medications.

The medication use can significantly lower the efficiency of oral hypoglycemic drugs, insulin, and cardiac glycosides.

Generic Synthroid can contribute to the potentiating of the effect of anticoagulants and antidepressants.

The washing out of the medication from the body is accelerated by the simultaneous use of phenobarbital and Phenytoin. This reduces the time of its action.

The efficiency of Synthroid is diminished in the use of estrogen-containing medicines.

The number of thyroid hormones can be changed by the use of amiodarone, chloral hydrate, diazepam, levodopa, dopamine, lovastatin, and other medicines (for the full list, please read the official instruction).

Medication use precautions

When the medication is used in high doses to suppress the thyrotropin-releasing and thyroid-stimulating hormones production, it is important to monitor the levels of them in the blood. If the levels are increased, the dose needs to be adjusted.

If the medication is used for a differential diagnosis test of thyroid suppression, the people who are diagnosed with diabetes should use the elevated doses of the antidiabetic drugs.

When used for the therapy of children in high doses, the medication can cause kidney dysfunction. In kids who suffer from epileptic seizures during the use of the medication, they can become more frequent.

How to use Generic Synthroid?

The best way to use the medication to get the optimal therapeutic results is to follow your doctor’s recommendations. Only a doctor can correctly assess the severity of your condition and make the right diagnosis. Therefore, even though we propose you to order Synthroid without a prescription, we still encourage you to get the medication and start the treatment only after consulting a specialist.

The official instruction says that the drug should be taken on an empty stomach twenty-thirty minutes before a meal. The dose of the medication that should be taken a day must not be split.

For the treatment of hypothyroidism, the dosage in the beginning of the treatment for adults is from 25 to 100 mcg a day. Then, the dose is gradually raised by 25-50 mcg every three weeks till the achievement of the optimal maintenance dose of 125-250 mcg a day.

For the therapy of a malignant tumor of the thyroid, after the surgical removal, the daily dose of the medication is chosen individually and can be up to 300 mcg a day.

In the combination therapy of hypothyroidism, the daily dose of the drug is from 5 to 100 mcg a day.

For the performance of suppression test, the medication is taken in the dose of 200 mcg a day for fourteen days or 3 mg taken one time seven days before the repeated scintigram.

The therapy of euthyroid goiter and prevention of its recurrence after its surgical removal is made in adults with 75-200 mcg a day. In children, the dose is 12.5-150 mcg a day.

The average starting dosage of Synthroid for children is between 12.5 and 50 mcg. The maintenance dose is between 100 and 150 mcg a day. But please note that the correct diagnoses and dosages must be made and chosen by a certified pediatrician before you order Generic Synthroid for your child.

Synthroid overdose

The medication should be used very cautiously as its overdose can lead to death due to thyroid storm. The symptoms that indicate that you need to seek emergency help if you overdosed with the drug and started developing thyroid storm are irregular heartbeat, fast and shallow breathing, fever, excitation, tremor, anxiety, psychosis, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and others.

The danger of the condition that can develop due to an overdose of Synthroid is that it can develop either immediately or after some time, for instance, several days. Therefore, if you know that you overdosed, you need to inform your doctor immediately and follow his or her recommendations. If the symptoms have already started to develop, seek emergency help immediately.

Where can you buy Synthroid?

The medication is available with a prescription only in some countries and in others, it can be bought without RX. We offer you to order Levothyroxine at a low price over-the-counter, i.e. without Rx. We sell only the best quality drugs so you don’t have to worry about its effectiveness. If you have any questions regarding the medication or our service do not hesitate to contact us.

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