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Effective Alcohol Dependence Treatment with Disulfiram Antabuse

Drug description:
Generic Antabuse is an alcohol-abuse preventer (deterrent). It is also known as Disulfiram. Specialists use it to treat alcohol addiction. The mechanism of its action works by effective blocking of the breakdown of alcohol and calling out such disturbing feelings as vertigo, stomach disorders and vomiting when the patient consumes even the smallest amount of alcohol. With time, the organism produces its own intolerance to alcohol and its components, causing disguise to drinks of this kind. Eventually, addicted person loses his affection and turns back to normal life. People who would like to get rid of their detrimental habit must visit the doctor and get his precise instructions for using this particular pharmaceutical product. Sometimes, relatives of alcoholics visit the specialist for consultation. If your relative is alcohol addicted, do not put the preparation secretly to his food or drinks without doctor’s permission and his awareness of such action. This person may drink a big amount of alcoholic beverages and call out severe allergic reaction or side effects that may even be fatal. Every medical decision must be taken by your health care provider only.
Brand name:
Generic name:
- Aversion to Alcohol;
- Supports Sobriety: By discouraging the consumption of alcohol, Antabuse can help individuals maintain their commitment to sobriety. It is most effective as part of a broader treatment program that includes counseling and support groups;
- Psychological Deterrent: Knowing the adverse effects that will occur if alcohol is consumed can serve as a powerful psychological deterrent against the temptation to drink;
- Enhances Treatment Programs: When used in conjunction with therapy and support groups, Disulfiram can enhance the effectiveness of these programs, leading to a more successful long-term recovery;
- Reduces Risk of Relapse;
- Anti Alcohol effect.
Alcobuse, Difiram.
Antabuse (Disulfiram 500 mg)
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Generic Antabuse (Disulfiram 500 mg) Medication guide:

More facts about Generic Antabuse (Disulfiram 500 mg):

The discussed drug has an anti-alcohol effect. It is prescribe for patients that cannot cease drinking too much alcohol and feel bad without its effect. Disulfiram affects the ferment system of metabolism of ethanol in the organism and reduces it to the safe metabolites. As a result, the concentration of toxic metabolite of alcohol (acetaldegide) increases and calls out negative feelings if the alcohol interacts with the preparation. The organism receives the information or reflex that alcohol equals painful feelings and in this way the patient stops drinking alcohol.

The discussed drug is made for oral administration and is prescribed to prevent in treatment of alcoholism. The implants with disulfiram are used for chronic alcoholism therapy. They also provide detox therapy in chronical nickel poisonings.  This preparation may also be used for reasons not mentioned in this medication guide.



Before you make the decision to buy Generic Antabuse, get the doctor’s prescription. It is necessary to take the addicted person to the clinic and let the specialist talk to him or her personally, explaining the mechanism of action and all dangers of using alcohol together with the preparation. If the patient refuses to cooperate, do not give him the medication without informing him (adding it to food or drinks). Discuss the possible options with the therapist and find the one that would be safe for the addicted member of your family. If you are the one who needs help, ask your relatives or friends to remind you about using the medicine without missing doses. If you take care about someone who needs help, take the usage of the preparation under your control. Encourage and support the patient before, during and after the treating course.

Do not accept or give any recommendations from non-specialists even if they sound reasonable. Two alike organisms may show different reactions on the same supplement. To decrease the risk of detrimental consequences, do everything that your doctor tells you to do.

Dosage and usage

Dosage and usage

Use Generic Anabuse as the doctor has recommended. Double check if you remember all his instructions correctly. Take the prescribed dose at the same time each day. You may have it with or without food. It is also allowed to chew it or swallow whole. Before using the first tablet, wait for 12 hours to give time for alcohol components to be released from the body. If you miss one dose, take it as soon as possible. If it is about time for the next dose to take, skip the missed one and keep your usual treatment process. Do not take double portion for any rate. It may call out severe side effects.

If taken orally, the dose of Disulfiram per one day should not increase 500 mg. You may order Generic Antabuse 500 mg online or buy it somewhere else. Depending on the situation and health condition of each person, the specialist may suggest dividing the pill into two parts. The implant usually contains 800 mg of the active ingredient that is released gradually. The procedure of implantation may be repeated after 8 months. Only the specialist can decide whether longer application is needed or not. Do nothing about the process of treatment by your personal feelings or opinions.

Side effects

Side effects

As every other preparation or supplement, this one has its possible ill effects that may appear during the process of treatment. They usually show up as a result of improper application of the medication. In most cases, consumers do not report any side effects while using this particular drug.

Side effects may be less disturbing (minor) and severe (major). If you decide to buy Disulfiram, ask your doctor about the full list of negative consequences and the risk of their appearance in your particular case. Minor side effects of this medicine are next: headache, weird taste in mouth (metallic or garlic), or drowsiness. Usually, they vanish in a short period of time, but if they disturb you more than they should, contact your health care provider.

Call for immediate medical help if you recognize any of these severe side effect: allergic reactions (fever, swelling of tongue, lips or appendages, changes in vision, loss of appetite, dark urine, mental problems, mood changes, vomiting, and yellowness of skin or eyes.

This is not the full list of side effects. Ask your doctor for details.



Disulfiram is able to cause drowsiness, and it is not recommended to drive or do any dangerous work right after using it. If you take the pill for the first time, wait few hours to make sure that nothing bad happens. It is important to avoid using alcohol itself or as a part of marinades, sauces and lotions. Anything that contains alcohol must be eliminated from your daily life. The interaction of alcohol and the active ingredient of this medication may have severe unpredictable consequences. Follow the doctor’s instructions about doing tests to monitor your health condition in the process of treatment. Do not use the preparation of you are breast-feeding and talk to your health care provider if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant.

Do not pass your drug to other people even if they have the same problem. Do not use the preparation according to other instructions beside your doctor’s. Always carry the identification card that informs about your usage of Disufiram.


It is important to keep the preparation in cool, dark, and dry place that is out of children’s reach. Do not tear the blister; do not utilize the original package that has information about the shelf life of the drug. You should be able to determine the date of its termination. If the preparation is no longer useful, contact special give back services to get rid of the leftovers. Do not throw them away. Do not freeze the medication. Keep it in the room temperature. Make sure that you do not confuse it with other preparations in your first aid kit that has alike blister.

How to buy Generic Antabuse?

How to buy Generic Antabuse?

After getting the prescription from your health care provider, you may face one serious problem – impossibility to find the preparation in store drugs of your city or town. Especially, if you prefer buying generic version over the original that has better price proposition. Besides, in some countries pharmacists even have never heard about such drugs. The option is obvious – order Disulfiram online. It saves nerves, money and precious time. It will not take you long to find the proper website and to make an order. Online consultants will help you make a choice and fill the form. All you have to do is to pay for the preparation  and be patient waiting for it to arrive. If you choose our respectful and responsible company, you will get it in shortest terms.

Disulfiram shipping by Rxshop

Disulfiram shipping by Rxshop

Shipping is the only part of your order, when you must do nothing. Rxshop will do everything for you. It doesn’t matter where you need your property to travel, we can get it there. For orders across the United States you can choose the USA shipping via USPS proposition. Many people that order pharmaceutical products from the US live in other countries and even continents. For them we have world wide shipping service. You can also try shipping with track option. With this service, everything that you order from our company can be tracked on or another postal services any time you want. The time of delivery depends on the distance and can be discussed during making an order with our consultants. If you have any questions, contact our specialists and they will provide you with all needed help.

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Our doctor prescribes Disulfiram online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

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