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What is Propecia? How to Treat with Generic Finasteride.

Drug description:
Hair loss is one of the most frequent problems in men’s life. It may start at age 30 and continue to leave bald spots on your scalp more and more intensively. It is normal to lose around 50-100 hairs per day, but if their number is bigger, it is very important to visit the specialist and starts the treatment immediately. The most frequently prescribed drug against hair loss is Finasteride 5mg or its precise copy Generic Propecia 5 mg that is even more popular among patients with this problem. This particular preparation is a synthetic 4-azasteroid compound. It is also known as a specific steroid type II 5 alpha reductase that is an enzyme; this enzyme converts the testosterone into dihydritestosterone. This substance negatively affects hair follicles, making hair fall out intensively. Your doctor should inform you that this effective preparation can be used by men only and is designed specifically to treat male hair loss type that is called androgenetic alopecia. Accomplishing multiple tests and researches, scientists have proven that Finasteride 5 mg is safe and quite effective for men of age 18-40 with moderate hair loss on the head (vertex and mid-scalp area).
Brand name:
Generic name:
- Hair Regrowth;
- Slows Down Hair Loss;
- Increases Hair Density;
- As a pill, Propecia offers a non-invasive alternative to surgical procedures for hair loss;
- Finasteride, the active ingredient, has been extensively studied and proven effective for hair loss treatment in men;
- Propecia works by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone thought to be responsible for androgenetic alopecia in genetically susceptible men;
- Prevents Further Hair Loss.
Frt-1, Soypeica, Soyprcia, Finastid, Finpecia, Proscar, Prostide, Fincar.
Propecia (Finasteride 1 mg)
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Generic Propecia (Finasteride 1 mg) Medication guide:

More facts about Generic Propecia (Finasteride 1 mg):

Prescription Information

Prescription Information

The original purpose of Generic Propecia 5 mg and its original is to treat prostate cancer in men. Although, it has been noticed that this preparation positively affect hair, making it thicker and stronger. It is not recommended for women and children to use this particular medication at any rate. It also may be used for another reasons not mentioned on this medication guide.

The process of hair restoration may take up to few years; it means that the patient should not wait results on the next day after starting the course of treatment. Together with proper care and attitude, taking drugs will slowly eliminate destructive processes in the organism that cause thinning of hair and baldness and promote growth of new healthy hair.

Taking such preparations is one of few options of hair loss treatment together with injections and surgery. All of them take plenty of time, but preparations are the safest way to conquering the problem because surgery may cause pain and infection to enter your body. People who buy Finasteride for some time already report complete safety and effectiveness of the method. Doctors usually apply other methods only in case of personal intolerance or ineffectiveness of the drug.

Usage and Proper Dosage

Usage and Proper Dosage

This particular preparation (either original or generic) should be taken properly, following the detailed instruction from your health care provider or from the recommendation list inside the drug box. Women and children should not hold these tablets because they are rapidly absorbed through skin. The dosage and the period of taking are determined by the specialist only. People who use it do not have to increase the dosage by their own judgment or take the medicine longer than it has been prescribed. The most effective and sufficient dose for an adult male is one 5 mg pill once per day.

Take the preparation once per day at the same time with the full glass of water with food or without it. Try not to miss taking your pill. If you have missed it, immediately correct it. Do not use the double dose if too much time has passed. Taking any pharmaceutical product properly you will save yourself health and nerves and avoid ill effects that may appear. Only regular usage of this medicine will help fighting hair loss. The most frequent period of treatment determined by doctors is three months long. Stopping the course earlier may lead to the loss of hair that the patient has gained during the process.

Possible Side Effects

Possible Side Effects

You must be aware of possible side effects before you decide to buy Finasteride. There are two types of side effects that every pharmaceutical product may call out: mild (moderate) and severe. Mild ill consequences may appear in the period when the organism is getting used to the new substance and vanish after some time. Severe consequences may disturb people for a long time becoming more and more painful or strike them strongly from the beginning.

Less serious and sometimes almost unnoticeable side effects of this preparation are: headache, weakness, dizziness, impotence, swelling of appendages, tenderness in the breast, skin rash and runny nose. In most cases, any of these do not need medical intervention and fade away after some short period.

If you detect one, two or more severe ill effects after taking these pills, immediately call your doctor and seek medical help. They are next: hives, difficult breathing, nipple discharge, pain, breast lumps or any other breast changes. These changes may witness about the development of men breast cancer. Visit your doctor immediately. It may be vital.

It also has a negative impact on sexual life of its consumers. This preparation decreases libido and causes troubles with erection and ejaculation. For older men it may not have a great value, but if you are a young man and these problems disturb your life badly, talk to your doctor to find the perfect solution.

Ask your doctor to tell you more about side effects of Finasteride and the danger it may contain for you personally. Also, you may visit the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) website for more information and to report about your unpleasant feeling if there are any.

Contradictions and keeping

Contradictions and keeping

If you decided to order Generic Propecia online or buy it in the regular drug store, take to notice next contradictions first:
- tell your doctor about any problems with liver that you suffer from or if you have abnormal enzyme tests;
- list all other preparations that you use at the moment; they may come into reaction with the described medication and cause unpredictable consequences;
- report to your health care provider next health issues if you have them: a bladder muscle disorder, allergic reaction to a similar preparations, troubles with urination, stricture of the urethra; taking this original or generic medicine may change the flow of these disease more painful and worse.


Taking this original or generic medicine may increase the risk to get prostate cancer. Doctor’s check-up and consultation together with detailed instructions are very important before starting to use it. Also, consider going through proper check-ups every half of year or every three months (as your doctor will decide).

Proper keeping of the preparation is another thing that patients must know if they decide to order Finasteride online. Choose the correct place for it that is dry, cool and dark. In the hot, damp stop exposed to sunrays the product will spoil and become dangerous for using. Also, remember that pregnant women and children are not allowed even to touch the drug if it is without covering because it is quickly absorbed through skin right into the blood and may cause damage to the embryo or small children. If it have still happened, if a pregnant woman or a child have touched or held crushed pill in their arms, they must wash their arms with water and soap immediately.

Where to buy Generic Propecia 5 mg online?

Where to buy Generic Propecia 5 mg online?

It is not a secret nowadays that the best way to purchase any goods including Generic Propecia are online stores and websites. Millions of people around the world had already tried and tasted it and reported their experience in their blogs and forums. Online shopping saves the most precious thing we all have – our time. Sitting at home or in the office with the cup of coffee you have an opportunity to monitor different online drug stores for the most suitable price and shipping service and make your choice in some ten-fifteen minutes. Online consultants will answer all your questions if any appear.

Many people do not use Internet for shopping because they do not understand the mechanism of action of online stores and are afraid of frauds. If you have the same thoughts, just find the original website of the company that produces the preparation and read information about their partners.

Generic Propecia 5 mg Shipping by Rxshop

Generic Propecia 5 mg Shipping by Rxshop

Getting their order safe and sound after paying for it is another frequently asked question of people who try online shopping for the first time. Customers of the RXShopMD do not ask it anymore; they know that this is a reliable and responsible service that provides world wide shipping together with the USA shipping via USPS. Wherever you are, our company will bring your order right to your door. By means of shipping with track service, every package can be tracked on or other postal services.

The process of forming of order will not take a lot of time; you feel the form, we do the rest. Your information used for other purposes than delivering your property to your house. Any non-forbidden by the government product you can reship by our company.

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Our doctor prescribes Finasteride online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

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All orders of Finasteride arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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Propecia (Finasteride) Reviews:
Common drug rating: 4.88 / Total votes: 17
Rating: 5 May 16 / 2024 USA, Menlo Park
Can Propecia regrow hair on a completely bald scalp?
Doctor comment
May 17 / 2024 Doctor comment

Propecia is most effective at preventing further hair loss and promoting the regrowth of hair in areas where hair follicles are still active. It may not be as effective in regrowing hair on a completely bald scalp where hair follicles have become dormant or inactive. However, individual responses to the medication can vary, and some users may experience regrowth even in areas of significant hair loss.

Rating: 5 Jan 25 / 2024 USA, Kennewick
Can you send some free test pills?
Doctor comment
Jan 26 / 2024 Doctor comment

Unfortunately we do not offer sample shipments, we can recommend you to order a small amount of 60 pills to try.

Rating: 5 Jan 5 / 2024 U.S, Spring Valley
Best medication for treatment of baldness!
Thank you RXshop!
Rating: 5 Aug 11 / 2023 Australia,New South Wales
At my 43 year old i started to lose my hair, purchased this drug and i can see in only couple of weeks the improvement.
I got a question for you.How long should the treatment take with finasteride?
Doctor comment
Aug 11 / 2023 Doctor comment

You will see the results in 3 to 4 months of use, with final results from treatment with our medication taking approximately one year to two years.

Rating: 5 Jul 18 / 2023 USA, BATON ROUGE
I want to try this medicine. Do you offer free samples?
Doctor comment
Jul 18 / 2023 Doctor comment

Unfortunately, we do not offer free samples. You can order minimum amount of 60 pills to try the medicine. We have good feedback from our customers about the medication.

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