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What is Avodart? How to Treat with Generic Dutasteride.

Drug description:
Generic Avodart is a cheaper version of the brand-name drug Avodart that has the same composition, dosage per pill and effect. The drug is based on Dutasteride, a substance that inhibits testosterone transformation in dihydrotestosterone, a form of the hormone that causes cell proliferation in prostate and alopecia or pattern hair loss in middle-aged men. The drug can be used off-label for some conditions in women but is contraindicated for pregnant and breastfeeding women. To get comprehensive information about the drug use, contraindications, dosages, mechanism of action, and so on, read the medication guide we prepared for you.
Brand name:
Generic name:
- Reduces Prostate Size;
- Improves Urinary Symptoms;
- Decreases Risk of Acute Urinary Retention;
- Dual Inhibition of 5 Alpha Reductase;
- Avodart is effective for long-term management of BPH symptoms;
- Potential Reduction in Prostate Cancer Risk;
- Although not its primary use, Dutasteride can be effective for male pattern hair loss, due to its ability to inhibit DHT;
- Avodart can be used in combination with other medications, like alpha-blockers, for enhanced treatment efficacy.
Dutas, Veltride, Dutaglider, Duodart, Dutafin.
Avodart (Dutasteride 0.5 mg)
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Generic Avodart (Dutasteride 0.5 mg) Medication guide:

More facts about Generic Avodart (Dutasteride 0.5 mg):

What is Generic Avodart (Dutasteride)? What is the difference between the brand and generic drug?

What is Generic Avodart (Dutasteride)? What is the difference between the brand and generic drug?

Generic Avodart is a phrase used by people who look for cheaper versions of the brand-name medication known in the U.S. and some other countries as Avodart. Generic versions of the drug are literally the same drugs simply made by different manufacturers who have to come up with new names to sell them without violating copyrights.

Both brand and generic medications are based on the active substance called Dutasteride and have the same formula. Therefore, there is no difference in their effects as well as safety level. Different are only the names on the packages and prices. Generics are cheaper because they are not widely advertised, marketed in countries with stricter medication price regulation, and so on.

When should the drug be used?

You can buy Avodart for the treatment of benign enlargement of the prostate, a condition because of which middle aged and elderly men start suffering from painful and troubled urination, and alopecia in men, or baldness caused by the hormonal imbalance. The drug is also proved to be effective against excessive hair growth in women yet this use is considered off-label.

In the U.S., the drug is officially approved only for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia while in other countries it is also prescribed by doctors for alopecia in men. Nevertheless, you can still buy the medication and use it for alopecia but before make sure to undergo necessary tests to be sure that the blandness you are suffering from is caused by the processes that can be stopped or prevented by the mechanism of action of the drug’s active substance, Generic Dutasteride. Also, it would be wise to consult your physician before you start taking the pills so he or she would advise you on the dosage regimen and tell you whether you have or do not have any conditions in which the drug is contraindicated.

How to use Generic Dutasteride?

How to use Generic Dutasteride?

When you buy Generic Avodart instead of the brand medication, you may wonder whether you would need to take the same dosages as if you bought an expensive brand-name drug or not. We cannot say for other online pharmacies, but we sell a standard formulation, 0.5 mg of Dutasteride per pill, which is identical to the brand-name drug. Therefore, you can take the pills in the same manner as if you opted for the brand drug.

The dosage for the main use of the medication is 0.5 mg taken once a day regardless of meal. The instruction doesn’t provide any information on the use for alopecia and other conditions that are called off-label. But considering that the positive effects of the drug were discovered when it was used in a standard dosage, it is safe that if you have no contraindications for the drug use you can take the same dosage of 0.5 mg or one pill a day for alopecia.

What is the mechanism of action of Avodart (Dutasteride)? How does the drug act?

Before you buy Dutasteride, you should know how the drug acts. In this medication guide we explain its action is a simplified manner, so do not expect a detailed explanation of chemical reactions. If you need more professional information, please read the instruction.

The active substance of the medication blocks natural enzymes (5α-reductase enzymes) that are produced by the body and act as catalysts for transformation of the male hormone testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. This transformation is enhanced in men over 50, it can happen earlier in life but in general, the changes that accompany these changes happen in mid 40s and 50s. Dihydrotestosterone, when found in large amounts in the body, causes alopecia or pattern hair loss as well as noncancerous increase in size of the prostate due to the epithelial cell proliferation. The drug prevents the conversion of testosterone into the form that causes these changes and even allows the progresses to reverse, i.e. the proliferation of the cells stops and the volume of the prostate lowers as well as dormant hair follicles start growing hair again.

The main difference of the medication from other drugs from the class is that it reduces the level of dihydrotestosterone much more significantly – it can help get rid of 98% of the total hormone in the body while other medications reduce its level by 60-70%.

Avodart (Dutasteride) dosage adjustments

Avodart (Dutasteride) dosage adjustments

The instruction doesn’t provide recommendation on the dosage adjustments for people with renal function impairment and liver failure. However, it does have a warning that the drug may influence liver function and should be used cautiously in people with liver problems. Take this into account when you buy Generic Dutasteride.

What are contraindications for the medication use?

Do not order Avodart if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or for use in children. The drug can potentially be used in women so the instruction says that it is prohibited only during pregnancy.

The drug is also contraindicated for people with hypersensitivity to its components or to other medications from the class.

It is also important to remember that you cannot donate blood while using the drug and a half of year after the withdrawal.

What adverse reactions can Avodart (Dutasteride) use cause?

What adverse reactions can Avodart (Dutasteride) use cause?

In general, it is reported that the drug practically doesn’t cause any side effects both in men and women. However, as with any other medication, there is a chance that you may suffer from certain adverse reactions such as decreased libido, impotence (inability to get and maintain erection), mood fluctuations, headaches, allergy, indigestion, and others. These side effects are quite rare and are reported by less than 3% of patients.

What happens if you combine Avodart (Dutasteride) with other drugs?

Before you order Dutasteride, make sure to inform your physician or other doctor who treats the condition you are buying the drug for about all drugs, supplements, and even vitamins that you take. The medication can negatively interact with aspirin, vitamins from the B group, Clopidogrel, and many others.

Some combinations are less dangerous while others can contribute to severe side effects occurrence.

What are the measures in the overdose with Avodart (Dutasteride)?

What are the measures in the overdose with Avodart (Dutasteride)?

During the tests of the medication, overdose hadn’t contributed to any dangerous symptoms and health conditions. If you overdosed, you should undergo a symptomatic treatment, i.e. take measures to eliminate the negative symptoms. However, it is not advised to take larger dosages of the medication as it can contribute to the enhancement of the side effects.

How brand and generic are different from each other?

There is no difference between the brand and generic drug as long as the instruction says that it is Dutasteride 0.5 mg per pill. Generics are approved and even promoted by the World Health Organization. These drugs are made by different manufacturers but they are obliged to use the same formula and ingredients so if you buy the brand medication for more money, it doesn’t mean that you get the better drug. You are simply overpaying for an advertised name.

What is the best place buy Generic Dutasteride?

You can get the drug from our online pharmacy much cheaper than at your local drugstores and even without a prescription. The reason is simple – we operate in the country where the prices for the same drugs are cheaper than in the U.S. and the UK. Moreover, in the majority of countries, including ours, the drug is sold over-the-counter which is why we are able to sell it to you without checking if you have a prescription or not. Naturally, if you order Generic Avodart you can save a lot of money on the therapy since the drug should be taken for a long period of time. So the answer is obvious – the best place to buy the drug is our online drugstore.

Avodart (Dutasteride) shipping options

Avodart (Dutasteride) shipping options

We ship internationally and offer two options – standard and express. Standard shipping is less expensive but it can take up to 25 days after we prepare the package for shipping. So if you need the pills sooner, you should opt for express delivery. But you can save and get pills for several months ahead if you order pills for $199 at once. In case of a bulk order, we will ship it for free! You can also enjoy getting bonus pills with your next orders. To find out more, read our FAQ and Pricing sections.

Free prescription

Our doctor prescribes Dutasteride online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging

All orders of Dutasteride arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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I am 56 and periodically I need this kind of medication as preventive measure. Avodart is effective for me. I did not notice side effects.
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