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What is Tadalafil? How to Treat with Generic Tadacip.

Drug description:
Tadacip of Generic Tadalafil is a medication designed to help men with erectile dysfunction or various etiology (cause) renew and enjoy their sexual life. The drug is identical to the expensive branded medication. It has almost no contraindications for use and can be used even every day. Find out more information about the drug use, precautions, dosages, and manners of intake from the medication guide below.
Brand name:
Generic name:
- Effective Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction;
- Tadalafil is known for its long-lasting effects, which can last up to 36 hours, providing a more extended period for sexual activity compared to some other ED medications;
- Typically, Tadalafil starts working within 30 to 60 minutes of ingestion, making it a practical option for planned sexual encounters;
- Treats Symptoms of BPH;
- Successfully managing ED symptoms can lead to improved confidence and reduced anxiety related to sexual performance;
- Tadalafil has properties that can lead to a mild and transient decrease in blood pressure;
- Enhances sensations and pleasure;
- Helps to develop erection;
- Maintain erection;
- Have long lasting sexual intercourse.
Cialis, Megalis.
Tadacip (Tadalafil 20 mg)
Tadacip (Tadalafil 20 mg)
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Generic Tadacip (Tadalafil 20 mg) Medication guide:

More facts about Generic Tadacip (Tadalafil 20 mg):

What is Tadacip?

Tadacip is a trade name of a medication used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. The trade name is owned by the pharmaceutical company Cipla. It is marketed in many countries of the world and can be found under such unofficial names as Generic Cialis or Generic Tadalafil because the drug is identical to the branded drug Cialis and is based on an active substance called Tadalafil. The drug made by Cipla is cheaper than the branded medication for several reasons: the manufacturer didn’t develop the original formula; the company didn’t apply for the approval by the U.S. FDA and chooses not to spend money on wide advertising of the medication. Since the effect of the medications is identical, many people prefer Generic Tadalafil over the brand drug to save a lot of money. However, in most cases, they need to buy the medication online from an online drugstore located abroad because, for example, in the U.S., some of the generics are not registered so they are unavailable at the regular drugstores.

What is Tadalafil?

Tadalafil is an active substance of Tadacip, Cialis, and many other medications used as erection enhancers in men with erectile dysfunction. The substance is a PDE5 inhibitor that suppresses a certain enzyme produced by the body which doesn’t allow an erection in arousal to occur.

Are the branded drugs based on Tadalafil different from the generics?

It doesn’t matter whether you buy Generic Tadalafil or the expensive brand drug – you will experience the same effect. There is no need to pay more money for the medication only because of its advertised and widely known trade name. Moreover, generic drugs come in different forms, for example, soft tabs or jelly that are not available from the branded drug manufacturer. These forms of the medication have their own benefits such as the faster onset of the effect, pleasant taste and the possibility to take the pill without water. If you think that these formulations can be more suitable for you, you can check other medicines from our Men’s health section or consult our pharmacists about which drug will be the best for you.

When to buy Tadalafil?

Mainly, men buy Tadacip or other erection enhancing drugs if they suffer from regular inability to develop and maintain a stable erection during an arousal. However, the drug can be used occasionally in men who do not have these problems to enhance the sensations, last longer (increase stamina), and have multiple sexual intercourses within a short time. These additional benefits that can be useful even for healthy men are due to the medication’s way of providing effect – it causes increased blood flow into the genitalia.

How the drug provides the effect?

Before you order Generic Tadalafil and start taking it, you may want to know how the medication renders its effect. As we have already said, it increases the blood inflow into the genitalia making it more sensitive to stimulation. But how is this effect achieved? Does the medication increase the overall blood pressure in the body? Here is a simplified explanation.

An erection should normally occur in arousal. Arousal contributes to the increased production of a certain enzyme in the male’s body which in its turn affects smooth muscles in the penis, relaxes them and they no longer constrict the blood vessels. Then the blood vessels in the penis expand and are filled in with the blood. It makes the penis erect, i.e. expand in size and become hard. However, there is also another enzyme in the body that depresses the first enzyme. For some reason, in some men, this enzyme is overproduced. In other cases, the problem with erection is the inelastic vessel walls. The medications based on Tadalafil in both cases, actually in many other cases, i.e. when a man is anxious or depressed and cannot achieve an erection because of that, helps. Promoting an “arousal enzyme” through the suppression of PDE5, i.e. depressant of the erection-promoting enzyme, the drug facilitates the blood flow namely in the penis where this enzyme is produced. It can help in all cases of erectile dysfunction because it only facilitates the natural process. It doesn’t influence the overall blood pressure, hormones, and so on. Once the drug is washed out of the body what occurs within 18-36 hours, you won’t have any effect or side effect from the drug use.

How to use the brand or Generic Tadalafil?

You can order Tadacip and use it in the same manner as you would use a branded drug because they are identical. However, pay attention to the dosage per pill. If you have any chronic conditions or are older than 60 years, you need to consult your doctor about what dosage of Tadalafil will be safe for you. Moreover, the drug is contraindicated to be taken with certain medications. Please also check if you use any of them before starting the use of this erection enhancing drug.

The starting dosage of the medication in generally healthy men is 10 mg a day. The pill, or a half of 20 mg pill that is sold on this web page, should be taken one hour before the sexual intercourse. If the effect occurs sooner than within an hour, the next dosage can be taken 20-30 minutes before the planned intimacy. If no sufficient effect was achieved and you haven’t experienced any side effects, the next dosage can be increased to 20 mg. But remember not to take more than a single dosage a day. If 10 mg dosage was more than enough for you, or you experienced mild to moderate side effects, you can use 5 mg pill instead.

Another way of using the drug to be able to have sex at any time any day is to take 2.5 mg pill every day at the same time. In this case, you would not need to wait 30-60 minutes after the pill intake to engage in a sexual activity. The dosage for the daily use can be increased to 5 mg if the effect is insufficient and you don’t suffer from any side effects of the medicine.

Dosage adjustments

Elderly patients and people with moderate liver/kidney insufficiency or hypertension are advised to start using the medication from the dosage of 5 mg a day.

Contraindications for the medicine use

Do not buy Tadacip or Generic Tadalafil if you have a severe heart condition, suffered a stroke, infarction, and so on within the last year. In these conditions it is in general not recommended to lead an active sexual life so you have to seek advice of your cardiologist first. You should not use the medication also if you are allergic to its components. You can find it out either if you have already used any drug with the same active substance and had allergy or if after the first pill you suffer from rash, skin itching, swelling, and other typical allergic reactions.

Adverse reactions of Tadacip use

The adverse reactions from the use of Generic Tadalafil occur rarely. But you can experience some of them such as a headache, back pain, stuffy nose, and others. If you have any heart-related symptoms or sharply elevated blood pressure, you should seek medical assistance as you may be suffering from a heart condition exacerbation on the basis of an active sexual intercourse.

What drugs not to take with Tadacip?

Before you buy Generic Tadalafil, make sure to check with your doctor that you are not using - Guanylate cyclase stimulators, nitrates, antihypertensive medications, and PDE5 or CYP3A4 inhibitors. These drug combinations are the most dangerous ones. Other drugs can delay the drug’s effect onset or prolong its effect.

Symptoms and treatment of the overdose with Generic Tadalafil

The symptoms of the overdose are not different from the regular possible adverse reactions the medication use can cause. However, they can be more intense. If you have any heart-related symptoms or a painful lasting erection, you should seek immediate medical assistance. If the symptoms are mild and are manifested in muscle pain, nasal congestion, and so on, you don’t need a specific treatment and simply have to wait for them to be gone.

Where to buy Generic Tadalafil?

The best place to purchase the drug is our online pharmacy. First of all, we sell the medication without a prescription so you won’t need to go to your doctor every time you need a refill. Secondly, our prices are lower than at the regular drugstores for several reasons: lower commercial spaces rent expenses, warehouses located outside the U.S., and so on.

Tadacip shipping

Order Tadacip pills without any worries - we will ship your order wherever you are. We ship worldwide both via express or standard mail.

Free prescription

Our doctor prescribes Tadalafil online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging

All orders of Tadalafil arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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Tadacip (Tadalafil) Reviews:
Common drug rating: 4.96 / Total votes: 23
Rating: 5 May 16 / 2024 UK, Jarrow
Is Tadalafil safe for men with underlying health conditions?
Doctor comment
May 17 / 2024 Doctor comment

Tadalafil can be used by men with certain underlying health conditions, but it's essential to discuss your medical history with your healthcare provider before starting treatment. Conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and liver or kidney problems may require special consideration or dosage adjustments when using Tadalafil. Your doctor can help determine if Tadalafil is safe for you based on your individual health profile.

Rating: 5 Feb 15 / 2024 USA, Kennewick
I recommend the seller. I placed 2 orders with the company and had no issues.
Rating: 5 Jan 15 / 2024 USA, Waxhaw
What is the expiry date of the pills you ship?
Doctor comment
Jan 16 / 2024 Doctor comment

The storage life of the medicine we ship is not less than 2 years.

Rating: 5 Jan 2 / 2024 USA, Hazleton
Tadalafil helps quite good. Thank you for reliable supply and reasonable prices.
Rating: 5 Nov 30 / 2023 USA, Austin
Can you deliver the medicine overnight to Austin?
Doctor comment
Nov 30 / 2023 Doctor comment

Unfortunately, we do not offer overnight shipment. The fastest delivery time is 14 days with Fast air mail.

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