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What is Orligal? How to Treat with Generic Orlistat.

Drug description:
Orligal is the commercial name of the medication based on Orlistat and used for weight loss. The medication renders its effect by lowering the absorption of the fats from the consumed meal. It allows reducing the body mass by approximately 5%, and maintain the achieve weight loss along with reducing the level of bad cholesterol and lowering the need for antidiabetic medications. The drug can be used in children older than 12 years and adults but is contraindicated in pregnant and breastfeeding women because its safety in these groups isn’t established. To know more about how the drug acts, when should you use it and what to expect from its use, read our full guide.
Brand name:
Generic name:
- Promotes Weight Loss;
- Prevents Fat Absorption;
- Weight loss associated with Orligal can lead to improved blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and blood sugar control, which are beneficial for people with obesity-related conditions such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and high cholesterol;
- Encourages Healthier Eating Habits;
- Effective as Part of a Comprehensive Weight Management Program;
- Non-Systemic Action: Orligal acts locally in the gastrointestinal tract and is minimally absorbed into the bloodstream, which means it has fewer systemic effects or hormonal changes compared to other weight loss medications;
- May Reduce the Incidence of Type 2 Diabetes;
- Helps with Weight Maintenance;
- No Stimulant Effects: Unlike some weight loss medications, Orligal does not have stimulant properties and does not affect the central nervous system, making it a suitable option for individuals who may be sensitive to stimulants;
- Helps to lose the excess weight, normalize the level of cholesterol and reduce the symptoms of diabetes.
Vyfat, Orlipastat, Tetrahydrolipstatin.
Orligal (Orlistat 60 mg)
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Generic Orligal (Orlistat 60 mg) Medication guide:

More facts about Generic Orligal (Orlistat 60 mg):

What is Orligal? When is it utilized?

The medication mostly known as Orligal in the U.S. and some other countries is in fact called Orlistat. Orlistat is the name of the active substance of the medication that is known worldwide unlike the brand name. The medication’s formula was developed a while ago and it makes it possible for different pharmaceutical firms to use it for their products. It means that if you believe that the brand-name drug is overpriced, you can look for the same medicine made by other manufacturer. To make it easy, you don’t need to look for different names of the same medicine. You can either remember the name of the active substance which is Orlistat and look for it online, or add the word “generic” before the brand name Orligal when you Google for an online pharmacy that sells the drug cheaper. Generic Orligal is something like a “code name” that is used for the medicines with the same composition but with different commercial names. It is not an official or registered name but a name that is commonly known.

Orligal or Orlistat is utilized for weight loss purposes in people diagnosed with obesity. Before you buy Orligal or a generic medication with the same composition, make sure to consult your doctor.

How Orligal renders its effect?

The weight loss that occurs on the basis of the preparation use is due to the lower absorption of lipids from the consumed meal. The medication creates a link between the serine residues of gastric and pancreatic lipases in the cavity of the stomach and small intestine. The enzyme at the same time loses the ability to break down fats, which come with food in a form of triglycerides, to free fatty acids which are absorbed and monoglycerides. As a result of this, the amount of calories entering the body and the actual patient's body weight decreases.

Ina day to two days after the start of the medication use, the concentration of fat in feces increases. After the discontinuation of the therapy, the concentration of fat gets back to the initial level within two to three days.
The medication is poorly absorbed and is contained in the blood plasma in the minimal amounts.

The major part of the medication excreted with feces in an unaltered form. Only 2% of it is excreted in urine.

The studies that included 2800 patients who used Orlistat for two years showed that the average weight loss during the therapy with the maintenance of relatively low-calorie diet is around 5%. In general, during the first year was noted the lowering of the body mass and the maintenance of the achieved results. During the second year, the body mass mainly maintained at the achieved level but in some cases continued to lower. Besides, the drug use as established by the tests contributed to the improvement of obesity-related conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and so on. However, if you suffer from any chronic health conditions, you must consult a doctor before taking the pills to be sure that their use won’t harm you.

Can you use Generic Orligal instead of the branded medication?

There is no reason why you should buy Orlistat under an advertised name and pay more money only for the brand when you can get the same medication simply named differently significantly cheaper.  Once the exclusive patent of the drug developer expires, other companies can make the same medicines and market them but name them differently. Usually, they also price their medications cheaper because they didn’t invest in research and promotion of their medicines. It is quite beneficial for you as you can get the same effect paying much less money for the pills.

When shouldn’t you buy Orlistat?

You should not buy Generic Orligal if the drug is contraindicated for you as it can be harmful for your health if you suffer from malabsorption syndrome, nephrolithiasis and hyperoxaluria, are aged less than twelve years or want to get it for your kids who are under this age.

The medication also must not be used by pregnant women as there are no data on its safety for this category of patients. It is not known whether the medication penetrates into the breast milk or not. Therefore, it is not advised to use it while you breastfeed.

How should Orligal be used?

If the medication is not contraindicated for you, you should take one 120 mg pill three times a day with the main meals of the day. The medication must be taken either with food or not later than one hour after food. In case you skip a meal or the meal doesn’t have any fats, you can skip the pill intake for that meal.

The treatment duration is chosen by a nutritionist based on the effectiveness of the drug in a particular case and the tolerance of the drug.

You must not increase the taken doses as it doesn’t enhance the therapeutic effect but can elevate the risk of side effects occurrence.

Note that for the best effect of weight loss it is important to achieve a calorie deficit, i.e. consume less calories than you burn. For this purpose you should follow a low-calorie diet and exercise regularly.

What are possible adverse effects or Orligal pills?

If you buy Generic Orlistat and start using it as provided in the instruction, you can still suffer from some side effects such as oily discharges from the rectum, the release of gases, urges for defecation, steatorrhoea, frequent bowel movements and stool incontinence (usually these occur temporarily in the first 3 months of treatment). The rare adverse effects are pain or discomfort in the abdomen, flatulence, loose stools, pain and discomfort in the rectum.

The possible allergic reactions that the drug use can cause are skin rash, itching, edema (swelling), and others.

In case you suffer from an allergic reaction or other side effects cause significant discomfort to you, you must discontinue using the pills.

Is the overdose of Orlistat dangerous?

There are no data on the overdose of this medication yet an overdose of any medication is dangerous as it can enhance the adverse reactions and threaten life.

If you significantly overdosed and started suffering from severe adverse reactions you should seek medical assistance and get yourself monitored at a hospital for 24 hours.

Does the medication interact with other drugs?

There are no significant interactions with the vital medicines taken for serious health conditions yet Orlistat can lower the effectiveness of absorption of fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, D, E, and K. To avoid it, you should take the vitamins at least two hours after the use of the weight loss medication.

What should you know when you buy Generic Orlistat?

To get the best effect from the medication and avoid the occurrence of negative effects when you order Orligal you need to follow a well-balanced diet with low-calories that contains not more than 30% of fat. In the higher percentage of fats in the diet the risk of side effects from the gastrointestinal tract raises.

If the medication improves the metabolism in a patient who suffers from diabetes type II, they need to consult a doctor about the lowering of the oral antidiabetic medications doses that they take.

The safety and efficiency of the drug use in people with impaired liver or kidney function is not established and therefore the drug is not advised to be used in moderate to severe dysfunction of these organs.

During the clinical trials of the medication that preceded its launch into in the market, there wasn’t established any deficiency of fat-soluble vitamins in people who used Orlistat. However, in order to ensure that the medication doesn’t influence the absorption of the vitamins and supplements that you take, you should use them at least two hours after Orligal or its generic analog or before sleep.

Where can you buy Orligal?

In the most countries the medication is sold over-the-counter. However, the prices can differ dramatically depending on the drug manufacturer and the country it is marketed in. Therefore, if you want to get the medication at a cheaper price than at your local drugstores, you can order Generic Orligal from our online pharmacy instead.

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Orligal (Orlistat) Reviews:
Common drug rating: 5.00 / Total votes: 7
Rating: 5 Aug 27 / 2023 Switzerland, Davos Platz
I combine orligal with a healthy life style and running twice a week. It works great for me !
Is it safe if i have hypertension?
Doctor comment
Aug 27 / 2023 Doctor comment

Orligal is intended to help people with overweight and therefore is associated with management or reduction of the high blood pressure.

Rating: 5 May 24 / 2023 USA, Boonton
My medicine arrives timely, well-packed. I recommend the seller.
Rating: 5 May 1 / 2023 USA,Tampa
The only medication that helped me finally lose weight. I am motivated to continue using this pills from you guys to reach my target weight. How fast does Orligal-Orlistat starts to work?
Doctor comment
May 1 / 2023 Doctor comment

It can take 24 to 48 hours to start working when you first start taking it. You should see the effect of it within a few weeks as long as you take it properly.

Rating: 5 Jan 22 / 2023 USA, Denver
I have question about taking pills. Should I take Orligal after the meal that is low-calorie, for example vegetables?
Doctor comment
Jan 22 / 2023 Doctor comment

Orligal works as a fat binder, what means if you had no fats in your meal there is no need to take the pill.

Rating: 5 May 7 / 2022 USA, Rapid City
Well packaged and item just as described. Thanks !
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