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What is Xenical? How to Treat with Generic Orlistat.

Drug description:
Xenical is one of the most known commercial names of the medication Orlistat. It is a substance that is used to lose weight through preventing fats from meals from absorbing into the small intestine. Taking the pills for one year, on average, an individual can lose up to 5% of the initial body weight. Taking the medication for longer periods of time ensures the maintenance of the achieved results. It is advised to use the medication if your BMI is higher than 27 or you have developed weight-related health problems. Find out how and when the medication can be used safely, what negative effects you can expect from its use and many more other useful information from our comprehensive guide below based on the instruction and FAQ.
Brand name:
Generic name:
- Effective Weight Loss Aid;
- Reduces Fat Absorption;
- Alongside weight loss, Xenical can help improve various health markers, including lowering blood pressure, reducing total and LDL cholesterol levels, and improving glycemic control. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals with obesity-related conditions like hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and high cholesterol;
- Encourages Healthier Eating Habits;
- Non Stimulant Weight Loss Solution;
- May Prevent Type 2 Diabetes;
- Supports Long term Weight Management: Xenical can be used for long-term weight management, including after initial weight loss, to help prevent weight regain;
- Accessible Weight Loss Option: Xenical provides an accessible option for individuals seeking medical assistance with weight loss, with the guidance and supervision of a healthcare provider;
- Helps to lose weight substantially by preventing fat absorption from the food.
Vyfat, Orlipastat, Tetrahydrolipstatin.
Xenical (Orlistat 60 mg)
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Generic Xenical (Orlistat 60 mg) Medication guide:

More facts about Generic Xenical (Orlistat 60 mg):

What is the medication sold under the name Xenical?

If you have ever seen the brand Xenical, you should know that it is not an exclusive drug but a brand name for the medication called Orlistat. The same medicine is made and sold by numerous manufacturers under different names such as Vyfat, Orlistat, Tetrahydrolipstatin, and many others.

The medication is used for the purpose of excessive weight loss and acts through the prevention of fats absorption in the intestines. You should not use it if your body mass index is less than 27 as the medication is mainly used for the therapy of people in whom obesity is a problem that causes other health issues such as diabetes, elevated blood pressure, joints inflammation, and so on.

Before you buy Xenical, you need to get properly checked in order to identify that you have or do not have any conditions in which the use of the medication is contraindicated.

When is Xenical contraindicated to be used?

The medication must not be used in people with diagnosed malabsorption syndrome, nephrolithiasis, and hyperoxaluria. Besides, it is contraindicated for people younger than 12 years, women who expect a baby or breastfeed.

If you have previously used Xenical or other medicine with the active substance Orlistat and suffered from severe side effects, you must not buy Generic Xenical as it most likely means that the medication is unsuitable for you as you are hypersensitive to it.

If you have any other serious or chronic conditions, make sure to discuss the safety of the medication use with your doctor. Although the instruction doesn’t provide any other contraindications, knowing your health condition and history your doctor can better assess the situation and decide whether the drug would be safe for you or not.

How does Xenical help to lose extra weight?

The slimming associated with the Xenical-based therapy takes place as a result of the medication’s effect on the prevention of fats absorption from the consumed food.

The medication affects the enzymes in the pancreas and small intestine and the enzyme doesn’t break down fats. When the fats aren’t broken down, they cannot be absorbed and are washed out from the body with feces without contributing to the weight gain.

The clinical tests with the participation of around three thousand volunteers showed that Orlistat helps to lose weight at least by 5% under a condition that a patient tries to maintain a low-calorie diet and in general aims for calorie deficit which is the main mechanism of weight loss.

According to the trials, the main weight loss with the drug use occurs within the first year of the therapy. Continuing using the medications, the tested individuals mainly could easily preserve the lost weight rather than achieve additional dramatic weight loss.

On top of the assistance in weight loss, the drug also helps to minimize the symptoms and severity of obesity-related health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and others. But before you buy Orlistat you need to consult a doctor who knows your health history to know exactly whether this medication is suitable for you or not.

Can you use a generic version of the medication instead of the branded one?

Taking into account that the active substance of the drug, Orlistat, was developed a while ago, the formula is no longer know-how and can be used by different manufacturers who didn’t contribute to the development of the drug. They can make exactly the same medicines but sell them under different names.

These medications are collectively named “generics”. If you opt for a reputable seller such as our online pharmacy, you can without any hesitation buy Generic Orlistat at a lower price than the branded medicine and enjoy the same effect without any compromises.

The main idea of generics and their main advantage over the branded drugs is their low prices. All of them are tested for compliance with the original formula of Orlistat and correspondence to the components. However, some unscrupulous drugstores can offer placebo or dummy pills instead of the real generics which is why you must be cautious and check the reputation of the vendor before you order the pills.

How to use Xenical or its analogs?

First of all, you must make sure that the drug will not be harmful to you getting your health checked and consulting a specialist. If you have no contraindications for Orlistat use, you can take 120 mg pills thrice a day right before eating main meals of the day or after them but not later than one hour after you had your meal. If you skip breakfast, lunch or dinner, you should also skip the pill intake as it affects only the fats that come in after the pill intake. The same is with the food that does not contain any fats, i.e. if you eat a salad without dressing you can skip the intake of Xenical.

Make sure not to increase the dose of the medication as it won’t affect its effectiveness but can make you start experiencing unwanted side effects.

The duration of the therapy should be established by a doctor who supervises your weight loss. It mainly depends on the efficiency and tolerability of the drug.

Remember that it’s not enough to order Xenical and take it daily without changing your food habits. Weight loss can happen only if you intake fewer calories than you burn, i.e. spend on physical activities.

What are possible negative effects of Xenical use that you can experience?

The most likely side effects that can occur while you use the medication are fatty discharges with the feces or between the defecations, bloating, urge to go to the toilet, pain in the abdomen, diarrhea, and stool incontinence. These effects can cause a lot of discomfort but usually, they go away within a week or two of the therapy.

If you develop any form of an allergic reaction such as skin rash or swelling, or the described-above symptoms cause a lot of discomfort for you, you should stop the therapy without any delay.

What are possible consequences of an overdose of Xenical?

There is no sufficient data on the overdose of the medication because of the rarity of such cases. However, we can certainly say that overdosing of any drug is potentially dangerous. In case of Xenical, the most probable reaction to overdose is the enhancement of side effects. If they are mild to moderate you can simply wait for them to go away. If they are severe then you should seek medical attention.

Can you take other medicines along with Xenical?

Yes, you can take other prescription and over-the-counter drugs with Xenical and its analogs since there are no significant negative interactions with the drug known to date. However, if you take multivitamins, make sure to take with an interval of two hours after the use of Xenical as some of the vitamins are fat-soluble and the medication can influence their absorption.

Besides, it would be wise to avoid using any other weight loss medicines when you order Generic Xenical and start using it as then your body would feel an additional load and it can cause certain health problems.

Special recommendations for use and regimen

The likelihood of adverse effects caused by Orlistat is raised in the high-fat diet. In order to avoid it, you should make sure that fats make up not more than 30% of your daily ration. In general, you will enjoy fewer side effects and faster weight loss if you strive for a calorie deficit of around 300-500 calories a day which is easily achieved by consuming less fat meals, cutting sugar, and doing even the simplest exercises like walking at a slow pace.

The use of the medication can improve the obesity-related health problems and the adjustment of doses of the medicines used to treat them should be made. Make sure to consult your doctor and get checked during the therapy if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, and so on.

It is not encouraged to use Xenical or its analogs if you suffer from renal or liver dysfunction as the safety of the medication in moderate to severe stages of these conditions hadn’t been studied sufficiently.

If you start suffering from loose stools or stool incontinence during the therapy, consult your doctor whether you can take anti-diarrhea drugs or not to minimize these effects.

Where can you buy Xenical cheap?

As we have already mentioned, if you want to get the same medicine cheaper, you should look for its generic version, i.e. the same drug made by another company that doesn’t advertise it. We offer you the best quality generics, free prescriptions, and fast delivery. Moreover, you can order Orlistat pills without even leaving your home and get a consultation of our pharmacists on how to use the drug safely.

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