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What is Zetia? How to Treat with Generic Ezetimibe.

Drug description:
Zetia and Generic Zetia are the same medicines simply made by different manufacturers. They are both based on Ezetimibe, an agent able to lower the level of unhealthy lipids including low-density cholesterol and elevate the level of “good” lipids such as high-density cholesterol. The medications are used to prevent cardiovascular conditions and their complications such as atherosclerosis, heart attack, and others. The medications can be either used alone or in combination with other medicines for the optimal effect in the most severe cases. However, you must remember that it is still important to follow a low-fat diet while taking the medications to lower cholesterol.
Brand name:
Generic name:
- Lowers LDL Cholesterol;
- Reduces Total Cholesterol;
- Can Be Combined with Statins;
- Alternative for Statin Intolerant Patients;
- Lowers Risk of Cardiovascular Events;
- Zetia is taken once daily, which is convenient and can improve patient compliance;
- Works at the Digestive Tract Level;
- It provides an option for patients looking for non-statin medications to lower cholesterol due to personal preferences or specific medical conditions;
- Potential to Improve Gut Health;
- Zetia is generally well-tolerated by most patients, with a low incidence of severe side effects;
- Lowers the level of unhealthy lipids in the blood and elevates the level of good cholesterol.
Ezentia, Ezze, Zettez, Ezedoc, Vytorin.
Zetia (Ezetimibe 10 mg)
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Generic Zetia (Ezetimibe 10 mg) Medication guide:

More facts about Generic Zetia (Ezetimibe 10 mg):

What is the medication marketed as Zetia?

Zetia is a brand name of the hypolipidemic medication based on Ezetimibe active agent and owned by the pharmaceutical company Merck & Co. The active substance was developed by this pharmaceutical company but it isn’t used by it exclusively. The same medications can be found also under other trademarks such as Ezentia, Ezze, Zettez, Ezedoc, Vytorin, and others. These medicines are collectively called Generic of Zetia or Generic of Ezetimibe.

The preparation selectively staves off the imbibition of cholesterol and certain sterols in the intestine and therefore diminishes the level of cholesterol. Nevertheless, the principle of action of this preparation differs from the principles of action of other medicines utilized to lower the level of cholesterol such as HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors, fibrates, plant styrenes, and others. Generic Ezetimibe is mainly stored in the small intestine and stops the absorption of cholesterol there, which leads to a diminishing in the transportation of cholesterol from the bowel into the liver, thereby reducing its stores in the liver and enhancing its excretion from the body. It does not enhance the excretion of bile acids (as opposed to meds that bind bile acids), does not slow down the synthesis of cholesterol in the liver (as do HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors). In one of the clinical trials in which eighteen patients with hypercholesterolemia participated, Ezetimibe on average slowed the absorption of cholesterol in the small intestine by fifty-four percent compared to placebo. The target for the medication effect is a certain protein-transporter which is responsible for intracellular transportation of cholesterol.

If the levels of cholesterol are critical, it is reasonable to buy Zetia and a compatible medication from the class of statins (HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors) to address the problem from two sides: Generic Zetia will reduce the amount of cholesterol aimed for the liver and statins lower the synthesis of cholesterol in the liver. Through two different principles of action, the preparations of these two classes, when co-administered, provide an additional diminishing in the level of cholesterol.

According to Clinical studies, elevated levels of total cholesterol and low-density cholesterol along with low levels of high-density cholesterol are the main factors for the onset of atherosclerosis. In epidemiological studies, it was found that cardiovascular diseases and deaths from them are directly related to the level of overall cholesterol and low-density cholesterol and are in inverse relationship to the level of high-density cholesterol.

What is Generic Zetia? Is it somehow different from the branded preparation?

The only difference between the expensive branded medication and its less-known generic versions are their prices. The medications are absolutely identical but the branded medication is more expensive because, first of all, it was developed by the brand owner who invested money in the research. Secondly, the branded medication is advertised and promoted to make people believe that it is the only effective and qualitative version of the medication.

The makers of the generic didn’t invest in the research, though the price of the research had already paid off and the brand owners are able to lower the prices. But still, less greedy generic makers make the same medicines several times less expensive. It doesn’t mean that they are inferior or less effective. They are made using the same formula and ingredients which is strictly controlled by the World Health Organization that promotes the making of generics to satisfy the need for the medication around the world including the developing countries where people wouldn’t be able to purchase overpriced branded medicines.

If you don’t want to waste your money on the brand names, you can without any doubts buy Generic Zetia made by Lupin Pharmaceuticals Inc. sold at this webpage and enjoy absolutely the same effect as the branded medication would provide.

When is Generic Zetia used?

The medication is appointed for people who suffer from abnormally elevated levels of lipids and/or lipoproteins in the blood. Usually, the medication is prescribed to be used with the inhibitors of HMG-CoA reductase (statins) or as a single-drug therapy in addition to diet to diminish the elevated levels of “bad” lipids and increase the level of “good” cholesterol.

Before you buy Ezetimibe, you need to consult a specialist qualified in this field. Usually, such medications are appointed only if a special curative diet and exercising didn’t bring sufficient results. Besides, there are different medications for the same conditions and only a qualified doctor can choose the right medication for you.

When must not Ezetimibe pills be used?

The pills are contraindicated to be taken if when you use them you suffer from severe adverse reactions as it means that you are hypersensitive to the drug. Besides, it must not be used by people with severe liver diseases or any changes in the liver function indicators without the diagnosed reason.

There are no clinical data on the use of Ezetimibe in pregnant women. In case of pregnancy, the drug use should be discontinued.

On top of that, the medication is contraindicated to be used with other substances including certain medical preparations. Find out more about it from the following section.

Interactions of Generic Zetia with other medical products

Prior to buying this medication, you must consult your physician about the possibility of a combination of it with other preparations that you use. For instance, it is not advised to take cyclosporine with Zetia or its generics at the same time. The safety of use of Zetia with fibrates (other medicines that reduce the level of cholesterol but through other mechanisms) is not sufficiently studied.

When the medication use is combined with coumarin anticoagulants, it is important to monitor prothrombin time.

If you take any birth control medications, it is important to detect whether the level of cholesterol is not increased by their use.

These are not all possible negative interactions. For more detailed information please refer to the instruction or better consult your healthcare provider before you buy Generic Ezetimibe.

Side effects Generic Zetia can cause

The adverse effects that can develop from the use of the medication include headache, pain in the belly, diarrhea, general weakness, constipation, bloating, nausea, angioedema, skin rash, etc.
If you start suffering from any malaise and associate it with the pills use, make sure to inform your physician immediately.

How is the medication taken?

When you order Zetia or its generic version, you must consult your doctor about how to use the pills. Here we provide the general recommendations taken from the official instruction but it is important to follow your doctor recommendations on the use of pills especially if you use them in a combination therapy.

Before starting treatment, you should switch to the appropriate lipid-lowering diet and continue to follow this diet during the entire period of the therapy. The medication is taken orally at any time of the day, regardless of food intake.

The recommended dose is 10 mg once a day.

Doses for combination therapy with statins: 10 mg once a day with statins in compliance with all recommendations for the administration of the prescribed statin.

Doses with concomitant therapy with fatty acid sequestrants: 10 mg once a day two hours before the intake of sequestrants of fatty acids, or no earlier than four hours after their intake.

Overdose of the medication

There are only a few reported cases of overdose of the medication which were not accompanied by any serious adverse effects. However, if you know that you overdosed significantly and started feeling unwell, you should seek medical attention and symptomatic therapy.

Where to buy Zetia cheap?

Since you are visiting this webpage, we assume that you already know that the cheapest way to get the medication without any additional trouble is to order Generic Zetia online from an online drugstore situated in the country where it is an over-the-counter medication. We offer you the best prices and only the most qualitative and certified medications without Rx. You can check our reputation before placing an order and we promise that you won’t be dissatisfied.

Shipping of Zetia

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