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What is Tricor? How to Treat with Generic Fenofibrate.

Drug description:
Tricor is a brand of the medication based on and used to lower the amount of cholesterol. The generic version of the medication has the same properties but is priced greatly cheaper. The medication is used to prevent vision deterioration due to diabetes, in genetic disorders contributing to the elevated lipids content in the blood, and prevention of life-threatening heart conditions in people from the group risk. The medication is not advised to be used in children but can be used during pregnancy if the expected benefit is greater than the risk.
Brand name:
Generic name:
- Lowers Triglyceride Levels;
- Reduces LDL Cholesterol;
- Increases HDL Cholesterol;
- Reduces Risk of Pancreatitis;
- Improves Overall Lipid Profile;
- Beneficial for Diabetic Patients;
- May Improve Insulin Resistance;
- Reduces Cholesterol Particles;
- Tricor is taken orally, which is convenient and easy for patients to administer;
- It's often used in conjunction with statins for patients who have a combination of high LDL cholesterol and high triglycerides;
- By improving lipid levels, Tricor can contribute to the overall health of the vascular system;
- Lowers the level of cholesterol and the risk of cardiovascular disorders and vision impairment associated with high cholesterol level.
Lipicard, Ankebin, Antara, Elasterin, Fenogal, Fenotard, Lipantil, Lipidex, Lipifen, Lipsin, Luxacor, Secalip, Sedufen, Triglide.
Tricor (Fenofibrate 160 mg)
Tricor (Fenofibrate 160 mg)
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Generic Tricor (Fenofibrate 160 mg) Medication guide:

More facts about Generic Tricor (Fenofibrate 160 mg):

What is the medication sold as Tricor?

The medication mostly known as Tricor in the U.S. and Western Europe was developed in 1974 by the French pharmaceutical company Groupe Fournier. Nowadays, the medications based on the active substance on which Tricor is based, Fenofibrate, are made also by other pharmaceutical concerns but are sold under different names. These medicines can be found if you look for Generic Tricor. You can buy Generic Tricor from our online pharmacy instead of the branded medicine to considerably save on the long-term treatment.

The medication has anti-aggregational (antiplatelet), hypolipidemic, uricosuric effects. It activates the alpha receptors activated by peroxisome proliferator. The fenofibric acid which is the active product of metabolism of the main preparation’s substance enhances the breakdown of lipids and the removal of atherogenic lipoproteins with high triglycerides from the blood by activating the lipoprotein lipase and diminishing the formation of apolipoprotein CIII. The enabling of alpha receptors also leads to the enhanced production of apolipoproteins AI and AII. The described mechanisms cause the diminishing of the quantity of low-density lipoproteins including apolipoprotein B, and a rise in the quantity of the high-density lipoproteins fraction, including apolipoproteins AI and AII.

Via the correction of very low-density lipoproteins synthesis and dissimilation to simpler particles, Fenofibrate elevates the low-density lipoproteins clearance and diminishes the content of dense and small particle size of LDL, which raise is noted in people with atherogenic lipid phenotype (a frequent violation in people with ischemic heart disease risk).

During the clinical trials, it was established that it lowers the level of overall cholesterol by twenty-twenty-five percent, the level of triglycerides by forty to fifty-five percent, and causes the elevation of the level of high-density lipoprotein (“healthy” cholesterol) by ten to thirty percent.

In people with hypercholesterolemia, whose LDL-cholesterol level was diminished by twenty to thirty-five percent, the use of the preparation led to a favorable diminishing in the ratios such as "total cholesterol/high-density cholesterol", "low-density cholesterol/high-density cholesterol" and others, which are the indicators of the risk of atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases development.

Tricor (Fenofibrate) is effective in people who suffer from hypercholesterolemia, either accompanied or not accompanied by hypertriglyceridemia, including secondary hyperlipoproteinemia, including with diabetes type two. Besides, the preparation diminishes the levels of fibrinogen and uric acid in the plasma and in prolonged treatment reduces peripheral deposition of cholesterol.

After oral intake, the active substance is rapidly transformed into its active metabolites. In the plasma, only the main acting metabolite of Fenofibrate is found which is fenofibric acid. The max-content of it in the blood plasma is observed within 2-3 hours after the pill intake.

What is the medication marketed as Generic Tricor?

As we have discussed in the above paragraph, the active ingredient of the branded medication Tricor was developed back in 1974. Since that time, the inventor had already lost its exclusive right to manufacture the medication, i.e. the exclusive patent had expired. It allows other pharmaceutical companies to make the same medicines but sell them under different names. These medicines can be found if you look for Generic Tricor or Fenofibrate.

The production of generics is absolutely legal, i.e. they are not fake or counterfeited medications. Their composition and compliance with the original formula are controlled and no generic is allowed to be sold if it doesn’t correspond to the stated formula and composition. Therefore, you don’t need to worry and if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on the brand name and buy Tricor, you can easily get the same treatment with the generic purchased from a reliable vendor such as our drugstore. We sell two kinds of the medication: one made by USV and another by Ranbaxy. You can find out more about the medicines contacting our pharmacists via chat, toll-free phone, or email.

When are Tricor or Fenofibrate prescribed?

Tricor or its less-advertised analogs are prescribed as an addition to the diet to lower the level of cholesterol in severely manifested hypertriglyceridemia, including low-density lipoprotein cholesterol; mixed hyperlipidemia in cases when the use of statins is prohibited due to contraindications or there is intolerance to statins; mixed hyperlipidemia in people with high cardiovascular life-threatening conditions risk in addition to statin therapy, when the level of triglycerides and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol is not sufficiently balanced.

Besides, the tablets can be also appointed for the slowing down of progression of diabetic vision deterioration in patients with type-two diabetes and existing diabetic retinopathy.

Before you buy Fenofibrate, please consult a qualified specialist as it is not the first medication of choice in certain conditions in which elevated cholesterol is observed. Besides, it is reasonable to start taking cholesterol-lowering medications only if you consistently follow a low-fat diet and exercise and still cannot reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol significantly.

When Tricor or Fenofibrate must not be utilized?

You should not buy Generic Fenofibrate if you are hypersensitive to the medication; suffer from severe liver function impairment (including liver cirrhosis), severe kidney insufficiency with creatinine clearance less than 30 milliliters per minute, diseases of the gallbladder, photosensitization or phototoxicity in the treatment with fibrates or ketoprofen in the anamnesis.

The preparation is also not advised to be administered to children who hadn’t reached eighteen years of age as there is no sufficient data on the safety of the medication in this group of patients.

The preparation is not advised to be used also in adults with hepatic and/or renal failure, hypothyroidism, alcoholism, elderly age, hereditary muscle diseases in history, simultaneous therapy with oral blood thinners and/or inhibitors of HMG-CoA reductase.

The medication can be used during gestation (when expecting a baby) only if a doctor approves and if the expected benefit outweighs the risks.

What interactions should you avoid?

Before you order Tricor or a generic version of the preparation, you must talk to your physician about the medicines that you already use or plan to use with this cholesterol-lowering drug as they can negatively interact and would require adjustments or replacement. Here we list some of the most negative interactions taken from the official instruction for the medication.

Fenofibrate enhances the effect of oral blood thinners and can elevate the risk of bleeding. Thus, the concurrent use should be either avoided or the dosages of the drugs adjusted by a specialist.

The deterioration of the liver function is possible in the simultaneous use of this drug with cyclosporine.

In the simultaneous therapy with Generic Fenofibrate and agents that influence the kidney function, the risk and benefit must be carefully assessed and Fenofibrate administered at the lowest effective dose.

When the medication is taken concurrently with HMGCR inhibitors or other medicines from the class of fibrates the risk of severe muscle disorders and acute kidney failure raises.

Sequestrants of bile acids diminish the absorption of the medication (Fenofibrate is taken one hour prior or four-six hours after they are taken).

Tricor adverse effects that can develop during the therapy

The most frequent undesirable reactions during therapy with the preparation these are digestive tract disorders, i.e. disorders of the stomach or intestines.

Other possible adverse effects include dizziness, headache, fatigue, myalgia, myositis, muscle spasm, acute renal failure, and violation of sexual function, venous thromboembolism (pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis), increased hemoglobin, leukocytosis, muscle weakness, rhabdomyolysis, skin rash, and others.

If you notice any negative symptoms once you order Generic Tricor and start using it, make sure to inform your healthcare provider immediately as these symptoms can be a signs that you need to discontinue using the medication.

How to use Generic Tricor?

If you have the instructions from your doctor, follow them without any changes even when you order Fenofibrate, i.e. a generic version of Tricor.

The pills can be taken at any time of the day regardless of meal time. The pills must not be chewed but swallowed entirely with a glass of water.

The low-fat diet should be started before the therapy with the medication and continued throughout its use.

In individuals with hyperlipidemia who take estrogens or hormonal contraceptives containing estrogens, it is necessary to find out whether hyperlipidemia is primary or secondary since an increase in lipid levels can be caused by estrogens.

During the treatment of hyperlipidemia, the effectiveness of treatment should be controlled by determining the level of lipids in the blood serum. If after, for example, three months a desired effect of the treatment is not achieved, additional or replacement therapeutic methods should be thought-out.

Adults are usually prescribed to take one pill with 145 mg of the active agent once a day. However, in some cases other formulations such as 160 mg or 200 mg pill once a day are prescribed.

Patients of elderly age without liver or renal insufficiency do not require any dosage adjustments.

People with kidney disease with creatinine clearance from 60 to 30 ml per minute are not advised to use the medication.

Where to buy Tricor cheap?

You can order Generic Fenofibrate from this page to save on the therapy a significant amount of money since the generic version of the medication is absolutely the same as the branded one but is less advertised and therefore is priced lower.

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