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What is Zocor? How to Treat with Generic Simcard.

Drug description:
Zocor and its generics which are the same medicines simply sold under other trade names are medicines based on Simvastatin, an active agent able to diminish the level of low-density cholesterol and raise the content of the high-density lipoproteins. The effect of the medication normalizes the lipids content in the blood and allows preventing serious heart-related conditions and vision impairment due to diabetes. Read our complete guide to know how to use the medication safely and properly in different conditions.
Brand name:
Generic name:
- Lowers LDL Cholesterol;
- Reduces Risk of Cardiovascular Events;
- Lowers Triglycerides;
- Increases HDL Cholesterol;
- Slows Plaque Build Up: It can slow the progression of atherosclerosis (the buildup of plaque in arteries), thereby reducing the risk of heart attacks and strokes;
- Improved Overall Heart Health;
- When combined with diet and exercise, Zocor can significantly improve cholesterol levels and overall heart health;
- Zocor is available in various strengths, allowing for flexible dosing tailored to individual patient needs;
- Lowers the level of low density cholesterol and elevates the high density cholesterol levels.
Sam, Simlup, Simvas, Cholestat, Coledis, Colemin, Corolin, Denan, Labistatin, Lipex, Liponorm, Lodales, Medipo, Nivelipol, Pantok, Rendapid, Simovil, Sinvacor, Vasotenal, Vytorin, Zocord.
Zocor (Simcard 20 mg)
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Generic Zocor (Simcard 20 mg) Medication guide:

More facts about Generic Zocor (Simcard 20 mg):

What is the medication you are offered to buy as Zocor?

The history of the medication mostly known in the U.S. and some European countries as Zocor dates back to 1950’s when it was discovered as a natural substance during the research on the synthesis of cholesterol. However, the synthesis of the active ingredient Simvastatin was first successfully made in the 1960s and the medication was first approved in 1970s. Initially, it was produced and marketed by a single pharmaceutical company who owned the exclusive right to use the formula but over time, when the patent expired, other companies also gained the right to make the same medicines but they are obliged to register other trademarks for them. Therefore, the same medication can be also sold as Sam, Simlup, Denan, Labistatin, Lipex, Pantok, Rendapid, Simovil, Sinvacor, Vasotenal, Vytorin, Zocord, and many other names. If your doctor prescribes you to buy Zocor but you don’t want to pay extra money for the advertised brand name, you should look for Generic Simcard instead.

Generic Zocor is the lipid-lowering preparation, obtained artificially from the fermentation of certain fungus. The agent responsible for the medication's action is an inactive lactone; in the body, it undergoes hydrolysis with the formation of a hydroxy-acid derivative. It suppresses HMGCR, an enzyme that drives the reaction of mevalonic acid formation from HMGCR. And as the transformation of HMG-CoA to mevalonic acid is a first stage in the formation of cholesterol, the therapy with the pills do not provoke the accumulation of toxic sterols in the organism. HMG-CoA is successfully metabolized to acetyl-CoA, which plays role in many processes in the organism.

The preparation lessens the content of triglycerides, low-density lipoprotein, very low-density lipoproteins, and the overall level of cholesterol in the blood due to deceleration of cholesterol formation in the liver and augmenting the number of low-density lipoproteins receptors on the cell surface area, which leads to increased capture and dissimilation of low density lipoproteins to simpler substances. The preparation use also raises the concentration of high-density lipoproteins and reduces the ratio of high-density/low-density cholesterol and overall cholesterol/high-density cholesterol. It does not have a mutagenic effect. The onset of action is two weeks following the start of the therapy; the maximum therapeutic effect is developed within four to six weeks. The action is preserved when the treatment is continued; when the therapy is stopped, the cholesterol content returns to the initial level.

The use of the preparation provides a beneficial effect in the diminishing of the cardio and vascular diseases risks and prevention of life-threatening conditions such as stroke, myocardial infarctions, etc.

The medication is well absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. The first place where the active form of the preparation starts its action is the liver. The maximum content of the active substance in the body is observed within one to two hours after the pill intake. Meals intake doesn’t influence the efficiency of the tablets.

What are Generic Zocor pills? Can they be used instead of the branded medical product?

Generic Zocor is a name looking for which you can find basically the same drug as the branded medication Zocor but made by another manufacturer. The formula for the medication creation is no longer protected by the exclusive right to use it by the inventor so it is legal to other companies to make the same meds. These medicines are no way inferior, and of course, they are not counterfeited.

The cheaper price of the generic is only due to the absence of research costs as the formula is already developed and lack of advertising. Other than that, the medications are identical so you can safely buy Zocor and use it instead. But please pay attention to the dosages and expiry date when you order the pills online.

When should I use Zocor/Simcard?

Your healthcare can prescribe you the therapy with Zocor or Simcard if you are suffering from hypercholesterolemia, or mixed dyslipidemia, as an additional remedy for a diet with low fats, when the body's reaction to a diet and other non-medicament means of therapy (e.g. doing physical exercise, excessive body mass loss) is ineffective.

The preparation can be also used for the treatment of homozygous hereditary hypercholesterolemia as an additional treatment accompanying the diet and other lipid-lowering medications or if such methods are not suitable for different reasons.

You can also buy Simcard pills for the prophylaxis of cardiovascular complications if you suffer from ischemic heart disease, for instance, angina, after a myocardial infarction, and so on. The therapy can be also effective in people with diabetes to avoid cardiovascular diseases and vision impairment.

For whom the preparation is contraindicated?

The preparation must not be used if you are developing allergic reactions to its components, suffer from any severe or acute liver condition or the increased transaminases in the serum, regardless of etiology. Besides, the medication is contraindicated to be used by women who expect a baby and children.

If you need to diminish the cholesterol level while you are pregnant or need the therapy for your kids, please consult a doctor and then find an appropriate generic medication from our range of cholesterol-lowering medications.

Contraindicated combinations of substances

You should not buy Generic Simcard pills and use them along with powerful inhibitors of CYP3A4 (e.g., itraconazole, HIV-protease inhibitors, macrolides, and others). Besides, it is crucial to exercise caution when taking less powerful CYP3A4 enzyme inhibitors with the preparations based on Simvastatin as these combinations can cause the risk of myopathy and acute necrosis of muscles.

Avoid simultaneous drinking of grapefruit juice with the pills.

Simvastatin must not be used concurrently by twenty milligrams per day or more with amiodarone or verapamil, except the cases when the clinical advantage exceeds the increased risk of severe muscle disease development.

People who receive coumarin anticoagulants need to monitor their prothrombin time when combining these medicines with the cholesterol-lowering agent.

What adverse reactions can Simvastatin cause?

If you have never used the medication, you cannot know whether it is suitable for you or not. When you buy Simvastatin for the first time, you can start suffering from such unexpected symptoms as headache, lightheadedness, anemia constipation, abdominal pain, flatulence, indigestion, diarrhea, nausea, pancreas dysfunction, hepatitis, yellowing of the skin, rash, itching, alopecia; myopathy, acute necrosis of skeletal muscles, myalgia, muscular spasms of asthenia, and others.

If you have any negative effects after you took a single or several pills, makes sure to notify your doctor and ask for an advice how to diminish the adverse reactions.

How to use Generic Zocor?

The daily dosage appointed for different patients is usually between 5 and 80 mg taken once a day before bedtime. Usually, the therapy is started with the lowest dosage and then, if the effect is insufficient, the dosage can be gradually increased till the max of 80 mg every four weeks. However, people with a severe form of hypercholesterolemia and people with a raised risk of cardiovascular complications should start the treatment with 80 mg a day right away.

The dosages for the therapy of different conditions are different but one thing is in common – the therapy must be accompanied by the low-fat diet for the best results.

Hypercholesterolemia is treated with the starting dosage of 10-20 mg a day before bedtime but if a patient needs a reduction of “bad” cholesterol by 45% and more, the initial dose is from 20 to 40 mg a day.

Homozygous hereditary hypercholesterolemia is advised to be managed with 40 mg a day taken before bedtime or 80 mg a day split into three intakes, i.e. two intakes by 20 mg and 40 mg taken before bedtime. The medication is advised to be an addition to the therapy with other lipid-lowering agents (for example, apheresis) or as a single medication if such treatment is not available.The prophylaxis of cardiovascular diseases with the medication is made by 20-40 mg taken once a day before bedtime in patients with high risks of ischemic heart disease complications.

If the medication is taken along with bile acid sequestrants, it should be used less than two hours before or no sooner than four hours after the intake of bile acid sequestrants.

People with mild to moderate renal dysfunction do not require changes in dosage.

If the use of the preparation is appointed for people with severe renal failure (creatinine clearance<30 ml per minute), it should be used very cautiously especially if the daily doses exceeding 10 mg are used.


The long-time use of the preparation raises the risk of adverse effects development. In case you overdosed, activated carbon should be taken and gastric lavage performed.

Where can you buy Zocor cheap?

You can buy Generic Simvastatin from this webpage which is identical to the branded medication Zocor. This way you can save money both on the pills and the visits to your healthcare provider for a refill.

Zocor shipping

Once you make the order and choose the delivery method, you can rest assured that you will receive your medication wherever you live as we ship worldwide.

Free prescription

Our doctor prescribes Simcard online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging

All orders of Simcard arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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