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What is Glucotrol? How to Treat with Generic Glipizide SR.

Drug description:
Generic Glucotrol is basically the same medication as the branded Glucotrol just made by another pharma company. It is a hypoglycemic medication that lowers the level of blood sugar in diabetes type II through the regulation of insulin production in the pancreas. It also prevents the rise of blood sugar after a meal, improves glucose tolerance, and slightly improves the clearance of free liquid. Find out how to use the medication properly to enjoy the best effect from our med guide below.
Brand name:
Generic name:
Glipizide SR
- Lowers Blood Sugar Levels;
- Quick Onset of Action;
- Sustained Release Formula;
- Reduces Risk of Hypoglycemia;
- Typically, Glucotrol SR is taken once a day, which can improve adherence to the treatment regimen;
- Can Be Combined with Other Diabetes Medications;
- Improves Pancreatic Function;
- Unlike some other diabetes medications, Glucotrol does not typically cause weight gain;
- As a generic medication, Glucotrol is relatively inexpensive and widely accessible;
- Lowers the blood sugar through the regulation of insulin production.
Glnase, Glynase, Glynase Xl, Glytop, Glytop Sr.
Glucotrol (Glipizide SR 5 mg)
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Generic Glucotrol (Glipizide SR 5 mg) guide:

More facts about Generic Glucotrol (Glipizide SR 5 mg):

What is Glucotrol?

What is Glucotrol?

Glucotrol is one of the names under which the medication or an active substance Glipizide is sold. This particular trade name belongs to Pfizer pharmaceuticals and cannot be used by other companies yet the same medication can and is produced by other drug makers but under the different names. It is permissible because the composition of the medication was developed more than 30 years ago, in1984. Since then, the privileged right for the production of the medication had already expired which allowed numerous different companies to make the same medicines. These medicines are cheaper so if you want to save, you can buy Generic Glucotrol in substitution for the branded medication.

Generic Glipizide, the active ingredient of the branded and so-called generic medications is hypoglycemic medication, i.e. blood sugar lowering medication prescribed both as mono-drug or combined therapy along with other medications. It belongs to the class of sulfonylurea. The effect of the medication is due to the stimulation of the release of insulin from the functionally active beta cells of the pancreas. It lowers the level of glycosylated hemoglobin and fasting glucose concentration in patients with moderate and severe forms of non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. Besides, it prevents the development of after-meal hyperglycemia (raise of blood sugar), improves glucose tolerance, and slightly improves the clearance of free liquid.

The insulinotropic response of the medication develops within thirty minutes after oral pills intake. The duration of action after a single dosage intake is up to twenty-four hours. The preparation does not affect the lipid profile of blood plasma.

The medication comes in immediate release pills and extended release pills. The quick-acting formulation is quickly and completely absorbed from the intestinal tract. The food intake doesn’t influence the total absorption but delays the maximum concentration achievement by 40%. On an empty stomach, the maximum concentration of the medicine in the blood plasma is achieved within one to three hours.

After the intake of extended-release pill, the active substance can be found in the blood within two to three hours and the maximum concentration of it is achieved within six to twelve hours.

The preparation is metabolized in the liver. Around 80% of it is excreted in a form of metabolites in urine, and 10% is excreted in feces.

It is okay to buy Generic Glucotrol instead of the branded medication?

It is absolutely okay to purchase the generic medication if your doctor prescribes you the branded one as long as the active ingredient, dose per pill, and the release form (extended or immediate) correspond to your doctor’s recommendations.

The Generic version of the medication we offer you to purchase when you look for a way to buy Glucotrol cheap has the formula and ingredients identical to the branded medication. The price of this medication is lower because of several reasons that do not affect the properties and efficiency of the medicine. They are the lack of research costs, the lack of advertising costs and low productions costs since usually generics are made in the developing countries where all production is cheaper than in the developed world.

Do not worry about the effect and safety of generics, at least, when you purchase them from reliable vendors like our online drugstore. We value our reputation and sell only the best quality generic medications at affordable prices. You can always check the reviews left by our customers about our service and the products we sell.

When Glucotrol is prescribed to be used?

When Glucotrol is prescribed to be used?

Your doctor can tell you to buy Glipizide SR or the branded medication if you are diagnosed with diabetes of type II if the low-calorie diet and adequate physical exercises appointed to you do not provide sufficient effects. Besides, the medication is appointed for the treatment of diabetic microangiopathy, i.e. generalized lesion of blood vessels in diabetes mellitus manifested in damage to the walls of the vessels in combination with a violation of homeostasis.

Before you purchase the medication, make sure to discuss the possibility of its use with the healthcare provider who treats you.

When Glucotrol must not be used?

You must not buy Generic Glipizide SR if you are allergic to the medication’s ingredients, if you suffer from diabetic ketoacidosis, diabetic coma, juvenile diabetes mellitus type 1, fever, trauma, or are appointed to have a surgery.

The medication is also contraindicated for pregnant and breastfeeding women. In exceptional cases, it can be prescribed for pregnant women but the use of the medication must be stopped one month before the labor and the woman must be transferred to the therapy with insulin.

The medications on the basis of Glipizide are advised to be carefully used in any disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, liver or kidney dysfunction (constant monitoring of blood sugar is required), and in children as the effectiveness and safety in children is not studied sufficiently to date.

What negative effects can you expect from the use of Generic Glucotrol?

The medication can be a cause of the development of such negative effects as headache, dyspepsia (digestive disorders), allergic reactions (itching, dermatitis/skin inflammation), leukopenia (lowering of leukocyte count in the blood), thrombocytopenia (decrease in the number of platelets in the blood), and impaired liver function. In the occurrence of hypoglycemia (blood sugar reduced below the norm), the dosages of the medication must be reduced.

If when you order Glucotrol and start the therapy you develop any of these or not listed here adverse reactions, do not hesitate to inform your doctor about them.

What combinations of medications you should avoid while using Glucotrol?

The effect of the medication can be either lowered or amplified by the use of other medical products or substances. Therefore, before combining Glucotrol or its generic along with any other medication, supplement, and so on, make sure to discuss it with the healthcare provider that treats first. On this webpage, you can find information on the most noticeable negative combinations. For the complete information please read the official instruction.

The effectiveness of medicines based on Glipizide is significantly diminished with the concurrent intake of glucocorticoids, amphetamines, anticonvulsants, asparaginase, baclofen, calcium antagonists, carbonic anhydrase inhibitors, oral contraceptives, epinephrine, ethacrynic acid, furosemide, glucagon, salicylates, thiazide diuretics, thyroid hormones, and other medicines that contribute to the blood sugar rise.

The blood sugar-lowering effect is enhanced with the combined use of the medication with anabolic steroids and androgens.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications, chloramphenicol, clofibrate, guanethidine, and some other medications including certain antidepressants and antibiotics, contribute to the elevation of the medication in the blood.

Ketoconazole, miconazole, and sulfinpyrazone block inactivation and increase the blood sugar lowering effect of the medication.

The use of alcohol along with Glucotrol can cause abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and headache.

What should you do if you overdose?

When you order Generic Glucotrol, you should follow your healthcare provider recommendations strictly to avoid overdosing. An overdose is fraught with hypoglycemia, i.e. the lowering of the blood sugar below the healthy norm.

The therapy of an overdose requires the discontinuation of the therapy with the drug, intake of glucose and/or a change in diet with mandatory monitoring of glycemia. Dialysis is ineffective.

In severe hypoglycemia, i.e. pre-coma or epileptic-like seizures immediate hospitalization is required. In the hospital, you can be administered glucose solution intravenously. The monitoring of a patient who overdosed is needed for 1-2 days after the patient goes out of the state of coma.

How to use Generic Glucotrol?

The optimal use in any particular patient is identified by the responsible healthcare provider. In this article, we provide general recommendations that are indicated in the instruction. Still, it is best not to follow them blindly even when you order Glipizide SR without a prescription but rather consult a doctor and follow his or her recommendations even if they differ from the official instruction.

The initial dosage usually is from 2.5 to 5 mg a day or a half of 5 mg pill or a whole pill. The dosage then is increased when a doctor tells to do so by a half or whole pill per increase till the minimum effective dosage is achieved. The maximum daily dosage is 30 mg a day. The low doses are taken in a single intake while doses higher than 15 mg should be split into two-three intakes.

Precautions for medication use

The medication should be very cautiously used by senior, weak or depleted people and patients with adrenal and pituitary insufficiency. In these categories of patients, the initial dosages should be the lowest possible to avoid hypoglycemia, i.e. sharp drop in blood sugar below the norm.

Where can you buy Glucotrol?

Where can you buy Glucotrol?

Like any other medication, naturally, Glucotrol is sold at the regular pharmacies. But it is a known fact that the cheapest prices are offered by the online pharmacies such as ours. We offer you to order Generic Glipizide SR online from this webpage without Rx to save on the tablets and refill Rx.

Shipping of Glucotrol

Our med store ships all medications without exceptions internationally. You can order the pills to any corner of the world and we will deliver them.

Free prescription

Our doctor prescribes Glipizide SR online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging

All orders of Glipizide SR arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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