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What is Amaryl? How to Treat with Generic Glimepiride.

Drug description:
Amaryl is a brand name of the medication based on Glimepiride. It is also available in a form of generic with the exact same composition but under a different name and at a lower price. The medication is used in the diabetes type II to lower the level of glucose in the blood in the insufficient lowering of it with a special diet and exercising. The effect of the medication is due to two mechanisms that ensure the comprehensive balancing of glucose metabolism. The medication can be used instead of insulin but not in pregnant women as its safety for the fetus isn’t studied sufficiently. Read our guide to find out how and when to use the medication properly.
Brand name:
Generic name:
- Lowers Blood Sugar Levels;
- As a sulfonylurea, Amaryl provides long-acting blood sugar control, which can be beneficial for maintaining stable glucose levels throughout the day;
- Can Be Combined with Other Diabetes Medications;
- Improves Glycemic Control;
- May Help Preserve Beta cell Function;
- Amaryl has a relatively quick onset of action, which helps in managing postprandial after meal blood glucose spikes;
- Improves Fasting Blood Sugar;
- The medication lowers the level of glucose in the blood.
Glinda, Glymuran, Endial, Glimepirida.
Amaryl (Glimepiride 2 mg)
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Generic Amaryl (Glimepiride 2 mg) guide:

More facts about Generic Amaryl (Glimepiride 2 mg):

What is the medication known as Amaryl?

Amaryl is nothing more than one of the names of the medication internationally known as Generic Glimepiride. The medication is produced by numerous pharmaceutical companies and can be found under such names as Glinda, Glymuran, Endial, Glimepirida, and many others. The active substance of the medication has a hypoglycemic effect, i.e. decreases the blood sugar, and therefore is utilized in the treatment of diabetes of type two.

The medication is included in the class of sulfonylureas, which was first developed in 1942. This particular medication was developed much later and is a third-generation sulfonylurea.

Your doctor can tell you to buy Amaryl or its analogs if you suffer from insulin-independent diabetes. The preparation predominantly acts through the stimulation of release of insulin from beta-cells of the pancreas. As in the case of other medicines from this class, this action is due to the amplification of the susceptibility of the pancreas cells to the stimulation of glucose. Besides, the preparations based on Glimepiride also have a pronounced extrapancreatic activity. For instance, it improves the response of the peripheral tissues to insulin and lowers the utilization of insulin by the liver.  The utilization of blood glucose by the peripheral tissues, i.e. muscle and fat tissues is made through the action of certain transport proteins in the cell membranes. The transportation of the glucose in these tissues is limited in speed by the step of glucose utilization. Glimepiride in its turn quickly raises the number of active molecules that transport glucose on the membranes of muscle and fat tissue cells, which leads to stimulation of glucose uptake.

Glimepiride enhances the action of glycosylphosphatidylinositol-specific phospholipase C, which can correlate with acetyl-CoA conversion to fatty acids and glycogen synthesis in muscle and fat cells. But the main mechanism of action of the medication is due to the normalization of the secretion of insulin by closing the ATP-sensitive potassium channel in the membrane of the beta cell of the pancreas.

Closure of the potassium channel causes depolarization of the beta-cell and, as a result of the opening of the calcium channels, leads to an increase in the inflow of calcium into the cell, which leads to the release of insulin by exocytosis.

Generic Glimepiride with a high replacement rate binds to a beta-cell membrane protein bound to an ATP-dependent potassium channel, but the location of its binding site differs from the usual site of binding of sulfonylurea preparations.

Glimepiride inhibits the formation of glucose in the liver by elevating the intracellular concentrations of a certain metabolite, which, in turn, suppresses the generation of glucose from certain non-carbohydrate carbon substrates.

Is it admissible to buy Generic Amaryl when you are prescribed to take the branded drug?

It is absolutely okay to buy Amaryl instead of the branded medicine when your physician prescribes you the medication since they are the same drugs simply made by different manufacturers. However, considering that both generic and branded medicine come in the different dosages of the active substance per pill, it is important to check that the generic version of the medication you buy corresponds to the prescription given by your healthcare provider.

Do not be turned off by the lower price of the generic, it indicates neither a lower quality nor lesser effect. The cheaper price is due to the fact that the makers of these medicines do not invent the drugs but use the formula developed by somebody else when their patent expires or if the authorities oblige the original medication maker to share the formula with other manufacturers.

When should you buy Amaryl or its generic?

The preparation is appointed for the therapy of insulin-independent diabetes II (cells of the body are unable to react to insulin in a right way) if the level of sugar in the blood cannot be adequately maintained only by diet, physical activity, and weight loss.

You can order Amaryl without a prescription from our online pharmacy but we strongly recommend you to do so only after your doctor approves this medication for your treatment as there is a variety of other medications used for this condition and only a specialist can decide on the correct preparation for you.

When shouldn’t you buy Amaryl?

Glimepiride is not designed for the treatment of insulin-dependent diabetes I (when the pancreas cannot make sufficient amount of insulin), diabetic ketoacidosis, and diabetic coma. It also must not be used in people with severe functional kidney or liver disorders.

The preparation should not be prescribed to people with hypersensitivity to Glimepiride or to any of the auxiliary ingredients included in the product, to sulfonylureas or other sulfonylamide derivatives.

The safety of the medication during pregnancy and breastfeeding is not sufficiently studied. Therefore, it is not encouraged to take the pills in these periods. Moreover, if a woman who uses Generic Amaryl is planning to become pregnant or gets pregnant while using the pills, she should be transferred to insulin therapy right away.

Is it safe to use the pills along with other tablets or other substances?

The concurrent use of the medication with other drugs is possible only if your doctor approves. The thing is that the hypoglycemic effect of the medication can be either reduced or enhanced by other medications and the likelihood of adverse reactions increases. Do not buy Glimepiride before discussing with your doctor the possibility of use of this preparation with other regular medications that you use.

In this section, we provide the most unsuitable combinations of medicines but for the more detailed information you should read the official instruction or even better, consult a healthcare specialist.

Inductors and inhibitors of CYP2C9 cytochrome significantly influence the metabolism of the medication. These medicines include Rifampicin, Voriconazole, Miconazole, Fluconazole, Griseofulvin, barbiturates, and others.

The enhancement of the effect and the likelihood of hypoglycemia (the sugar level in the blood below the norm) can develop in the combination of the medicine with phenylbutazone, oxyphenbutazone, insulin and other antidiabetic drugs, some long-acting sulfanilamides, metformin, tetracyclines, MAO inhibitors, steroids, quinolone antibiotics, Clarithromycin, and others.

H 2 receptor antagonists, beta-blockers, Clonidine, and reserpine can lead to both potentiating and lowering of the effect of the glucose-lowering levels.

The medication is able to both increase and diminish the effect of coumarin derivatives.

The use of alcohol can enhance or lower the effect of the medication in an unpredictable way.

Possible negative reactions developed on the base of Generic Glimepiride use

Before you buy Generic Glimepiride, talk with your doctor about the possible adverse reactions of the medication and how you should act in their occurrence.

The most typical negative symptoms that can develop due to the medication use are the lowering of the blood sugar below norm, vision impairment, lightheadedness, headaches, muscle weakness, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, abdominal pain, diarrhea, elevated liver transaminases, cholestasis, jaundice, hyponatremia, oppression of bone marrow hematopoiesis, hemolytic anemia, allergic reactions, and others.

How to take the medication?

If you have the appointment and precise instructions from your healthcare provider follow them. It doesn’t matter whether you order Generic Amaryl or the branded medicine – the dosages should not be changed.

The pills are taken without chewing with sufficient amount of water before an abundant breakfast.

The treatment is usually started with one pill taken once a day. If the sufficient blood sugar lowering effect is not achieved, the dosage can be increased every one-two weeks to 2, 3 or 4 mg a day. The dosages over 4 mg a day are used in very rare cases and only under a doctor’s supervision. The maximum daily dosage is 6 mg. Once the therapeutic effect is achieved, the recommended maintenance dosage is 1 mg once a day.

The therapy with the medication is usually a long-term one with regular monitoring of glucose level in the blood and urine.

Overdose of Generic Amaryl signs and treatment

The signs of an overdose are symptoms of low blood sugar and are manifested in hunger, nausea, vomiting, apathy, drowsiness, depression, sleep disorders, severe fatigue, anxiety, decreased ability to focus, speech and vision violation, tremor, paresis, sensation, dizziness, convulsions, shallow breathing, and others. If any of these symptoms occur, it is crucial to take any carbohydrates or, if a person lost consciousness, seek emergency help. If you realized that you overdosed before any symptoms occurred, your goal is to prevent absorption: induce vomiting, and then drink water with activated charcoal and a laxative. If the symptoms still develop, seek medical assistance immediately.

At a hospital usually, are made injections of dextrose and glucagon. It is important to get the person’s condition monitored within at least 24-48 hours after an overdose.

Where to buy Amaryl?

If you have a prescription, you can get the medication at any regular nearby drugstore but if you want to save on the therapy, order Glimepiride from our online pharmacy and you will save both on prescription and the pills themselves.

Amaryl shipping options

We ship internationally via standard and express mail. Choose the most convenient method and wait for your pills with a peace of mind.

Free prescription

Our doctor prescribes Glimepiride online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

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All orders of Glimepiride arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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