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What is Avandia? How to Treat with Generic Rosiglitazone.

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Generic Avandia, as well as the branded medication, is based on Rosiglitazone. The medication is used for the treatment of diabetes II in adults and children older than ten years. It can be used both as a single medication and in combination with other antidiabetic medications (but not in children). Find out how to use the preparation for the optimal effect and safety from the complete guide provided below.
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Lowers the level of blood sugar through the improvement of its metabolism
Rezult, Rosicon, Rosiglizole
Avandia (Rosiglitazone 2 mg)
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Generic Avandia (Rosiglitazone 2 mg) guide:

More facts about Generic Avandia (Rosiglitazone 2 mg):

What is Avandia?

The medication best known as Avandia in the U.S. and a few other countries is based on the ingredient Rosiglitazone which is responsible for its antidiabetic effect. The preparation was first introduced into the market in 1999. Since 2012, the exclusive patent of the medication developer expired and nowadays it is also made in a form of generic medicines, i.e. simply produced by other companies.

The preparation is a selective agonist of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors that are located in the main insulin affected target tissues, i.e. in the adipose tissue, skeletal musculature, and the liver. These receptors regulate the transcription of insulin-responsible genes involved in the production, transportation, and utilization of glucose. Besides, they also play role in the metabolism of fatty acids.

Rosiglitazone drops blood sugar levels by boosting the sensitivity of insulin receptors in adipose tissue, skeletal muscle, and the liver. It reduces the level of circulating insulin and suppresses gluconeogenesis in the liver. Your healthcare provider can prescribe you to buy Avandia if another therapy for diabetes II is ineffective or unsuitable for you.

The mechanism of this medication supplements the effects of metformin and sulfonylurea since these substances affect the various stages of the carbohydrate metabolism process, combined use shows an improvement in glycemic control without a significant increase in the doses of active substances and, accordingly, an increase in the risk of adverse events.

During clinical experiments, it was noted that Rosiglitazone retains the functional activity of beta-cells (in the course of the experiment an increase in the total mass of pancreatic islets and the content of insulin in them was detected) and prevents the occurrence of hyperglycemia. The active substance of Avandia tablets reduces the severity of the negative dynamics of renal pathologies and systolic hypertension.

During the treatment with Avandia tablets, in addition to increasing glycemic control, serum insulin and its precursor levels are lowered, which in modern medicine are considered risk factors for the emergence of cardiovascular pathologies. Against the background of Rosiglitazone therapy, a decrease in serum levels of free fatty acids is registered.

Can you buy Generic Avandia instead of the branded medication to save your money?

You can absolutely certainly purchase the generic version of the medication when your doctor prescribes you the branded one since they are identical. The price of the generic medication is lower because it has a less advertised name and its manufacturers got the right to make the medication using someone else’s formula after the patent of the inventor expired without investing in the research. Moreover, in fact, all branded medications are overpriced, i.e. even when their manufacturers got the return on investment in research they still keep the high prices for their medicines to get more profits and perpetuate the idea that the best medications are expensive ones. They also promote their medications through doctors paying them kickbacks when they give prescriptions for namely their meds.

You don’t need to worry that you would need to adjust the dosages when you buy Generic Avandia since the medication comes in the same dosages as the branded one. As for the effectiveness of the medication, the composition of the medicine and the correspondence to the original formula are strictly controlled before the generics hit the pharmacies’ shelves so their effect is the same as the effect of brand-name Avandia.

When are Avandia tablets prescribed?

The medication is used for the therapy of people with diabetes II including as a monotherapy in insufficient effect of physical exercising and curative diet; in a combination with insulin, metformin or sulfonylurea in the case where increased glycemic control is required; combined with both sulfonylurea plus metformin for more effective glycemic control (triple-medication therapy).

If you are diagnosed with this disease, you can buy Rosiglitazone online without a prescription and start taking the pills in accordance to the instruction but we highly advise you to talk about it to your healthcare provider first to be sure that this medication is suitable for you.

When is the medication contraindicated to be used?

The preparation must not be used by people, who do not tolerate the active or additional substances of the pills, people who have severe liver dysfunction, and with cardiac insufficiency of III and IV class according to the New York Heart Association.

Besides, if your doctor prescribes you the preparation and you buy Generic Rosiglitazone while you also suffer from mild to moderate liver dysfunction, moderate kidney insufficiency, as well as cardiac insufficiency of other classes than the mentioned before, and/or proneness to edema (swelling), you should render special caution during the therapy with this medicine.

The medication also must not be used in women who expect a baby as during pregnancy only insulin is considered to be safe to use.

Interactions of Rosiglitazone with other drugs and substances

The level of the medication in the blood plasma is lowered in combination with Gemfibrozil. This combination can cause the raised risk of dose-dependent adverse effects of Rosiglitazone.

There are also other possible negative reactions that can onset as a result of the medication use. Therefore, before you order Avandia and start the therapy, make sure to consult your healthcare provider about the possibility of concurrent use of the pills with other meds.

What adverse reactions can develop as a result of Avandia use?

When you start taking the pills you can develop such adverse reactions as peripheral swelling, lung edema, worsening of heart conditions, anemia, body mass increase, increased appetite, stool violations, liver enzymes levels violation, vision impairment, and others.

The development of swelling usually is associated with high doses and is mildly manifested. The likelihood of them increases in the concurrent use of the medication with insulin or sulfonylurea.

In some patients, the appearance of hypercholesterolemia was associated with the administration of Avandia tablets, probably associated with a change in the number of high and low-density lipoproteins. During the six-week study, the ratio of total cholesterol to high-density lipoproteins did not change.

When tablets are taken, also hypersensitivity reactions may develop in patients, including angioedema, hives and other skin reactions.

If you have any negative experience taking the pills, make sure to inform your doctor immediately.


The data on the overdose of the medication are limited. During the clinical trials, the dosages of 20 mg didn’t lead to the development of any negative reactions.

However, if you overdosed and started suffering from any negative effects, you need to seek medical assistance as your condition must be monitored at the hospital and symptomatic therapy performed.

How to take Generic Avandia tablets?

Here we provide the regular recommendations from the instruction that accompanies the pills but we strongly recommend you to get the instructions on how to use the tablets from your therapist before you order Generic Avandia even though you can do so without having a prescription from our online pharmacy.

The pills are taken orally without chewing regardless of mealtime.

Adult patients are usually prescribed to take 4 mg (one tablet) once a day. After six-eight weeks of the therapy, the dosage can be raised to 8 mg a day if the effect is insufficient. The high doses can be taken either once a day or split into several intakes.

During the therapy, especially if the dosages are increased or additional therapy appointed, the plasma levels of glucose should be monitored constantly.

Dosage recommendations for special groups of patients

People who suffer from heart failure, as well as those who undergo a combination therapy with Avandia plus insulin or sulfonylurea, are recommended to use 4 mg a day. The rise to 8 mg a day is possible only if a doctor approves and is undesirable due to the increase of the heart adverse effects.

Children aged 10-17 years are advised to use the medication only as a monotherapy as the combination therapy with this medicine isn’t studied sufficiently in this group of patients. The medication intake in this group of patients should be made cautiously and in the lowered dosages. The maximum daily dosage is 4 mg.

Senior patients do not require the adjustments of the dosage.

People with moderate kidney dysfunction do not require dosage adjustments. In severe kidney dysfunction, the pills must not be used.

People with mild liver dysfunction do not require dosage adjustments. In severe liver dysfunction, the medication must not be used.


This preparation, as well as other medicines from the class of thiazolidinediones, can cause the retention of liquid in the body what in its turn can cause or worsen the development of congestive heart failure. Therefore, after you order Rosiglitazone, you need to use the medication under the doctor’s supervision to make it possible for him or her to notice the signs of congestive heart failure development or worsening in time. The symptoms that signalize that you need to visit your doctor immediately are rapid body mass gain, shortness of breath and/or edema. If these signs and symptoms start to manifest, the therapy for heart failure should be carried out in accordance with current standards of care. In addition, the termination or reduction of the dose of Rosiglitazone should be considered.

Where to buy Avandia?

The medication is sold with a prescription only in some countries. We sell it over-the-counter since in the country we operate from it is a non-prescription drug. It allows us to offer you the best prices. Therefore, if you want to save while receiving the best treatment, you can order Generic Rosiglitazone from this webpage.

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