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What is DDAVP? How to Treat with Generic Desmopressin.

Drug description:
DDAVP and its generics are medications based on Desmopressin. They are used for diabetes insipidus, nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting), and tests for diabetes and to determine the concentration function of the kidneys. The medication can be used for the tests in children below one year of age but only under a strict control of a pediatric nephrologist. For diabetes treatment and enuresis, the medication can be used in adults and children older than 5 years. Find out when the medication is contraindicated, what dosages are used, and precautions should be taken from our med guide below.
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Substitutes endogenous antidiuretic hormone that causes enuresis and diabetes insipidus
Discontineud, Minirin Spray, Desmopresina
DDAVP (Desmopressin 2.5ml/10 mcg)
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More facts about Generic DDAVP (Desmopressin 2.5ml/10 mcg):

Generic DDAVP (Desmopressin 2.5ml/10 mcg) guide:

What is the preparation sold under the trade name DDAVP?

DDAVP is a commercial name registered by a certain pharmaceutical company for the medication known worldwide as Desmopressin.

The active ingredient of the preparation was first approved in 1978. Since then, the exclusive right to make the medication based on this formula had already expired which means that other manufacturers can make the same medication. However, they are unable to use the trade name DDAVP. If you want to purchase the same medication cheaper, you should buy DDAVP generic version instead.

The medication is appointed for the therapy of diabetes type II and treatment of night enuresis in children.

The active substance of the medication is a synthetic analog of a natural hormone of the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland is arginine-vasopressin (antidiuretic hormone).

Compared with vasopressin, another medication used for diuresis, the medication has less potent effect on smooth muscles of the blood vessels and organs with more pronounced antidiuretic activity. These changes are due to the structural alterations of the Desmopressin molecule that differ it from to the natural vasopressin molecule.

The preparation is also used for the treatment of central diabetes insipidus as a substitute for endogenous antidiuretic hormone (ADH), which is produced inadequately due to a decrease or absence of ADH secretion or production in the posterior lobe of the pituitary or hypothalamus, respectively. It is also used for the diagnosis of non-sugar diabetes to differentiate it from renal diabetes in which this medication is not effective.

After the intake, the preparation is rapidly absorbed. The antidiuretic action develops only thirty minutes after the digestion of the medicine. The use of 10-20 g of the preparation intranasally provides the majority of patients with an antidiuretic effect that lasts for eight to twelve hours.

After the administration of the medicine in the nose, the maximum level of it in the blood is reached within thirty minutes. The bioavailability of the medication, i.e. the amount of the substance effective within the body, is 3-6%.  Metabolism of Desmopressin occurs in the liver by cleavage of the disulfide bridge by the enzyme transhydrogenase. Desmopressin breaks down more slowly than the natural antidiuretic hormone. It is excreted from the body, mainly by the kidneys within three to four hours.

Is Generic DDAVP the same medication as the branded drug? Why is it cheaper?

Although each year more and more people buy generics instead of the branded medicines, many people are still hesitant to purchase less expensive drugs even though it could save them a fortune, especially, if they need to use any meds for long periods of time without interruptions. If you are one of such people, you should reconsider your choice. The branded medications are highly overpriced not because they are better than generics but because their main markets for sale are developed countries where the insurance companies cover the share of the medication cost and the incomes, in general, are higher than in the developing countries. In fact, the actual price of production plus an adequate margin for the manufacturer to get the profit is the price of generic medicines. They are in general cheaper because they are mainly intended for the marketing in the developing countries where the incomes are lower and people do not get compensations for the treatment from the insurance companies. But if you live in the developed country and your insurance doesn’t pay for this medication, you can without any doubts buy Generic DDAVP instead of the branded medication to receive absolutely the same treatment but at a greatly lower price.

When can you buy Generic DDAVP?

Your physician or other medical specialist can prescribe you to buy Desmopressin for the therapy of diabetes insipidus, primary nocturnal enuresis (it is used in patients older than 5 years with normal renal concentration function), and for the test to determine the concentration function of the kidneys.

Please note that even if you or your child have these conditions, you still cannot simply buy the medication and start using it without prior consulting a specialist who knows your health history and the medications you use when you plan to start taking this medicine.

When Generic DDAVP is contraindicated?

The preparation is contraindicated to be used in any conditions accompanied by reduced plasma osmolality (electrolyte-water imbalance), including psychogenic or congenital polydipsia; decompensated heart failure, and other conditions requiring the use of diuretics; anuria hypersensitivity to the components of the medication.

Make sure to get properly tested before you buy Generic Desmopressin to be sure that you don’t have any conditions in which the use of this medical product is contraindicated.

According to the clinical trials, the medication doesn’t cause any negative effects on a fetus and a baby when used during pregnancy or lactation. It is released in the breast milk but its activity after the absorption in the blood of a newborn is considered unlikely. However, you should consult your doctor before you start taking the medication when you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

How to use DDAVP?

The dosages are selected individually but here we provide the general recommendations for different conditions:
Diabetes insipidus is treated in adults by 20-40 mcg. For children the daily dosage is 10-20 mcg. The dosage can be taken either in one use or split into 2-3 intakes.

Nocturnal enuresis is treated with individually selected dosages in the range from 10 to 40 mcg a day. Usually, the initial daily dosage is 20 mcg or one spraying into each nostril before sleep. If necessary, the daily dosage can be raised to 40 mg or 2 sprayings per nostril. During the therapy, it is advised to limit the water consumption before bedtime.

The test for the renal concentrating function is made in adults with 40 mcg. For the test in children older than twelve months, the dosage is 10-20 mcg. For children younger than twelve months, the dosage is 10 mcg. The urine is collected for the test not sooner than an hour after the medication use within eight hours after its use. The two separate samples should be made at the different times after the medication use. Consult your doctor for more precise instructions.

In the majority of patients, the normal level of osmolality after application of the drug is 800 mOsm per kg. During the test and 4 hours after the end of the test (in total, within 8 hours after the application of the medication), it is necessary to limit the intake of liquid.

In children younger than 12 months the test with the medication is made in only in special cases, because at this age the concentration function of the kidneys is reduced in comparison with that of older children. The tests for the concentration function of the kidneys should be performed by an experienced pediatric nephrologist. The use of high doses in children younger than one year may be accompanied by the development of seizures. In the case of testing of children aged one year, during the time of collection of urine, the intake of liquid should be completely eliminated. If the test shows a decrease in the concentration ability of the kidneys, the test should be repeated.

What side effects can develop during DDAVP use?

The nasal spray formulation is usually well tolerated. In rare cases, people who use the medication start suffering from headaches nausea, pain in the abdomen, runny nose, nasal bleeding, and allergic reactions. Usually, these effects are mildly pronounced and tend to fade when the dosage is lowered.

Besides the above-listed adverse effects, the use of the preparation without limiting the liquids intake can cause water retention and swelling, increased body mass, and a decrease in the level of sodium in the blood plasma.

Overdose of DDAVP

An overdose leads to the water retention in the body and development of hyponatremia. If there is a threat of hyponatremia, you need to stop the treatment immediately and limit fluid intake.

If you developed severe water retention, you need to seek medical assistance as the treatment requires certain procedures performed at the hospital such as administration of isotonic or hypertonic sodium chloride solution and others.

Is it safe to use DDAVP with other medicines?

When you order DDAVP, before you start using the spray, make sure to talk to your doctor about the possibility of use of this medical product with other medicines that you use if you use any.

The concurrent use of the medication along with Indomethacin that causes an increase in the sensitivity of the kidney receptors to the antidiuretic hormone is accompanied by a more pronounced effect.

In the case when the function of the pituitary gland is partially or completely preserved, the antidiuretic effect of the medication can be enhanced by simultaneous use of meds that stimulate the secretion of a natural antidiuretic hormone. These medicines include tricyclic antidepressants, chlorpropamide, Carbamazepine, and clofibrate.

Where to buy DDAVP?

At the regular drugstores you can buy the branded medication and sometimes the generic versions but if you want to save maximally, you should order Generic DDAVP from our online pharmacy.

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