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What is Dramamine? How to Treat with Generic Dimenhydrinate.

Drug description:
Dimenhydrinate and Dramamine are the same medications simply sold under different names because they are made by different producers. The medications are used in sea and air sickness, vestibular apparatus disorders, and nausea caused by medications, radiotherapy, or surgery. The pills can be taken by adults, children aged from two years and older, and during pregnancy if the doctor considers that it has a low risk of causing complications in a baby. Read our full guide to know how to use the pills, what are their possible side effects, and so on.
Brand name:
Generic name:
- Motion Sickness Prevention;
- Vertigo Treatment;
- Nausea and Vomiting Relief;
- Dizziness Reduction: It helps reduce the feeling of dizziness and imbalance that can occur with motion sickness;
- Has sedative properties, which can help in relaxing and calming individuals who experience anxiety due to motion sickness;
- The medication helps to cope with dizziness and nausea in various conditions and can be used in young children.
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Dramamine (Dimenhydrinate 50 mg)
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Generic Dramamine (Dimenhydrinate 50 mg) guide:

More facts about Generic Dramamine (Dimenhydrinate 50 mg):

What is the drug sold as Dramamine?

What is the drug sold as Dramamine?

This name of the medication is registered for an active agent Dramamine used to cope with nausea induced by various factors. The medication was developed a long time ago and therefore the formula can be used by multiple pharmaceutical companies at once. However, they need to name their drugs differently which is why basically the same medication is sold under different names. And if your healthcare provider prescribes you to buy Dramamine, you can purchase a generic version of the product instead to get it cheaper.

How do Dimenhydrinate tablets act?

Generic Dimenhydrinate is the salt of the known antihistamine, diphenhydramine, which blocks the receptors responsible for allergic response and contains approximately fifty-five percents of diphenhydramine and forty-five percents of Dimenhydrinate. The pharmacological effect of the substance is due to its active metabolite, i.e. the substance that the drug transforms into within the body as a result of metabolism, which depresses the central nervous system, has anticholinergic, anti-allergic, and local painkiller activity.

Anticholinergic effect of the drug is induced by the slowing down or oppression of excitation of the non acoustic part of labyrinth in dizziness, sea and air disease. Dimenhydrinate oppresses the induction of the labyrinth for three hours after the pill is taken.

The antiemetic effect is rendered through the oppression of the emetic reflex. The precise principle is not fully studied yet. Dimenhydrinate suppresses the emetic reflex by administration of apomorphine, however, it is ineffective in nausea induced by chemotherapy so you need to check with your doctor what therapy you undergo to be sure that the drug will be suitable for you before you buy Dramamine. In prolonged use, the effectiveness of antiemetics may decrease.

Antihistamine action of the substance is due to a substantial calming/sleepiness causing effect that is manifested due to central M-cholinoblocking action. Depressive impact on the central nervous system develops within a few days of application of Dimenhydrinate.

After oral intake, the active compound is well absorbed in the digestive tract. The antiemetic action occurs approximately after a half of an hour, the duration of action is from three to six hours based on the severity of symptoms. It is distributed all over the body (the central nervous system too). 78% of it is bound to blood plasma proteins.

The active agent of the tablets breaks up in the liver and is excreted mainly in the form of metabolites in a day. The minimum amount of unchanged substance is excreted in the urine. The half-life is approximately three and a half hours.

Can you purchase Generic Dimenhydrinate and enjoy the same effect as from the brand-name pills?

If your healthcare provider tells you to buy Dimenhydrinate, you can always purchase a generic, i.e. cheaper drug with the same composition. To check that you get the medication you are prescribed to take, verify that on the package of pills is indicated the active substance Dimenhydrinate and the dosage per pill are the same as you are prescribed. When you get the medication from an online store, you can also ask the pharmacist to tell you the expiry date so you wouldn’t buy an expired or nearly expired medication. We also advise you to opt for reputable sellers, i.e. drugstores that have positive reviews and are out there for a long time already so you won’t be scammed into paying and receiving inferior drugs, a dummy pill, or expired medication.

Do not be afraid to purchase generic medications instead of the branded ones in case the exclusive right of the drug developer expired as it means that exactly the same formula and ingredients can be used by different drug makers who set the lower prices for literally the same medicines.

When is the drug prescribed?

When is the drug prescribed?

Dimenhydrinate can be appointed for the relieve of symptoms of such conditions as Meniere's disease, for the avoidance of symptoms occurrence and treatment of symptoms of vestibular and labyrinthine disorders (dizziness, nausea, vomiting), sea and air sickness, alternatively, it can be used to cope with nausea provoked by radiotherapy and use of various medications except for chemotherapy, to cope with nausea due to a recent surgery.

If you know that you suffer from the sea or air sickness (nausea on the ship or airplane), you can buy Generic Dimenhydrinate and use it following the instruction without going to a doctor for a prescription or a consultation. But if you suffer from dizziness or nausea due to other reasons including after the use of other medicines, make sure to consult your physician before you start taking any tablets as you need to find out the reason why you have these symptoms.

Whom is Dramamine contraindicated?

You should not use the medication if you have ever used it and suffered from allergic reactions, if you have narrow-angle glaucoma, increased intracranial pressure, pheochromocytoma, porphyria, prostatic hyperplasia with urinary retention, epilepsy, eclampsia, acute asthma attack, severe hepatic insufficiency, severe renal failure. Dimenhydrinate also must not be used in children younger than two years.

Can the medication be used when you expect a baby?

The drug must not be taken during the first three months of gestation and is sometimes allowed to be used in the second and third trimester if the expected benefit is greater than the potential risk.

With what drugs must not you combine the use of Dramamine?

Here you will find the list of the most notable interworking of Dramamine with other medications and certain substances. If you use any medications at the time you plan to order Dramamine tablets, you need to inform the doctor who treats you about them so he or she would be able to decide whether this combination is safe or not.

The medication can enhance the negative effects of atropine, tricyclic antidepressants, MAO inhibitors, and enhance the depression of central nervous system when combined with barbiturates, sedative drugs, sleeping pills, tranquilizers, antiepileptic medicines, and antidepressants from other groups.

Dramamine enhances the effect of diazepam and lowers the effect of anticoagulants and glucocorticosteroids.

Vision impairment can develop as a result of a combination of Dramamine with preparations of bismuth, anesthetics and psychotropic agents, as well as scopolamine.

It is crucial to combine the substance use with other agents that elongate the QT interval or can cause hypokalemia very carefully.

The medication can hide the negative effects of certain medications when taken along with them, for instance, the negative effects of ototoxic agents, for example, aminoglycosides.

If you plan to do tests for allergy, you need to do them at least three days after you discontinued the therapy with Dramamine.

During the therapy with Dramamine, it is advised not to drink alcohol as it can alter or enhance the effect of the drug.

What are possible adverse effects of Dramamine?

When you order Generic Dramamine, you should know that its use can cause sleepiness, impaired movement coordination, tachycardia, arrhythmia, angina attacks, arterial hypotension, stomach pain, diarrhea, constipation, dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, increased or decreased appetite, weight gain; it can also slow down your reaction, cause a headache, and other adverse effects. Therefore, it is advised to avoid driving or work with mechanisms with an increased risk of traumatism during the use of the pills.

If you have any allergic reactions, stop using the pills.

How to use Generic Dramamine?

The oral tablets can be taken regardless of meals as food doesn’t influence their efficiency. They can be swallowed with a few sips of water.

To avoid or diminish the symptoms of the sea or air sickness, it is advised to take the dosage of 50 mg (for grownups and kids older than twelve years) at least thirty minutes prior to boarding. The tablets can be taken repeatedly every four to six hours by 50-100 mg each time but the max daily dose must not exceed 400 mg.

Kids aged six-twelve years are advised to be administered 25-50 mg. The intake can be repeated every six to eight hours. The daily dosage must not exceed 150 mg.

Children aged from 2 to 6 years are administered 25 mg (a half of a tablet). The intake can be repeated every six to eight hours. The daily dose must not be higher than 75 mg.

Commonly, the max daily dose in pediatric practice must not be higher five mg per one kilogram of the kid’s body weight. If you plan to order Dimenhydrinate for your children, it is advised to consult a pediatrician first.

People older than 65 years should use 25 mg per intake and increase the dose only if the effect is insufficient.

In Meniere's disease and other disorders of the vestibular system, the common dosage for adults is 50-100 mg taken every four to six hours if the symptoms require but the max taken daily dose must not be higher than 400 mg.

The medication must be cautiously used in liver or kidney insufficiency, bradycardia, arterial hypertension, bronchial asthma, hypokalemia, hypomagnesemia, pyloric stenosis, stomach ulcer, intestinal obstruction, congenital syndrome of QT interval prolongation or other clinically significant cardiac disorders (cardiovascular diseases, circulatory disorders, arrhythmias), concomitantly with the administration of other medications , leading to an elongation of the QT interval, or hypokalemia.

In liver insufficiency, the dosage must be cut in two. For people with kidney insufficiency, the dosages are regular.

Where can you buy Dimenhydrinate?

Where can you buy Dimenhydrinate?

In the majority of countries, it is an over-the-counter drug but still, it is more expensive in some countries than in others. If you want to save your money on the tablets, you can order Generic Dimenhydrinate from our online pharmacy at the most attractive price.

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